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Ferdinand Frog Hops (Counting Adventure) By Chris Morningforest & Rebecca Raymond
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Ferdinand Frog loves to hop. In this simple book, he hops in and out of the pond - counting to three. Come hop with Ferdinand. Look for the rest of our books on this site - keep coming back. ... More > Huckleberry Happy Books® - Creating a Happy world of stories for kids everywhere.< Less
Books to Write - Treasure in the Swamp By Chris Morningforest & Rebecca Raymond
eBook (PDF): $2.00
In this "Books to Write" book, Naturalists Nate and Naomi find a treasure map and go to the Swamp to seek the treasure. You write the story as you follow the illustrations over water and... More > land... there's even a Pigs' Mud Hole Playground! You'll be surprised at what the treasure is and we know that you will have fun writing your own story. Come join the adventure.< Less
Huckleberry Happy's Houseboat Home By Chris Morningforest & Rebecca Raymond
eBook (PDF): $2.00
As Huckleberry Happy, Hargrave Hen, and Hetty Horse head for the Hollow and a day of fun with Harry Halibut and Ferdinand Frog, something TERRIBLE happens! But rescue comes from the sky, the day is... More > saved, and they are off once again. Treat your little one to this, the first HuckleberryHappyBooks™ story ever written by Rebecca Raymond & Chris Morningforest. Turn the pages and giggle at the antics of Hargrave Hen, who hides on every page except one. Read the Happy, Happy News and experiment with things that float. Children ages 2-8 are delighted by the Happys and will want to return many times to take the houseboat journey down Crab Creek to the Hollow.< Less
The Great Surprise By Chris Morningforest & Rebecca Raymond
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Years ago, author Rebecca Raymond, Becky, and her horse, Bandit, rode out across the hills on adventures that only a little girl and her horse could have. In this story, the Happy Friends plan a... More > special birthday party for them both. After the party, they sit around the campfire and Becky tells her story. Come join the fun in this song that became a story and meet the real Becky and Bandit as they are today. HuckleberryHappyBooks® brings you this delightful story and many others as well. See them all on BarnesAndNoble as 99¢ eBooks and at as free or $2 printable downloads or $10-16 paperbacks. Search Chris Morningforest or Rebecca Raymond on both sites.< Less
Alpaca Pals Get Haircuts-Fun & Adventure By Chris Morningforest & Rebecca Raymond
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Alpaca Pals romp across the pages of this colorful book for young readers. They are about to get hair cuts and they are not sure they want to. Meanwhile, down at the pond, the tiny meadow creatures... More > plan a trip to the barn to gather scraps. They will make hammocks and vests and all sorts of wonderful things from leftover alpaca hair. Join in the fun with Ma and Pa and Little Chester. Ms. Bean, their large mama cat, shows up on almost every page. You also get to meet her kittens. Look for Little Chester's toad, too. And whatever you do, HUCKLEBERRYHAPPYBOOKS™ says, "Have fun!"< Less
Kit and Flit - A Level One Phonics Reader By Chris Morningforest & Rebecca Raymond
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Kit, the cat, and Flit, the butterfly, romp through flowers and balls of yarn in this Level One Phonics Reader. The words are simple, the pictures endearing. Young readers enjoy learning their... More > letter sounds and some new words. There are pages at the end where kids get to match images and words and do some counting. The Look, Listen and Think page has questions which help reinforce what the story told them. Come join other young readers around the world as they use our Phonics Series to reinforce their reading skills. Find them all on this site and keep coming back. We are prolific writers with more ideas than we could possible create in this lifetime, but we sure are expressing many of them!< Less
Kim and Pig - Level One Phonics Reader By Chris Morningforest & Rebecca Raymond
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Kim begins to dig a hole in the hill. Pig comes to help and all the piglets watch. Why is he digging a hole? Young readers will soon find out. Simple, colorful illustrations and short sentences... More > will soon have your child reading. Children look for the hen on every page and at the end they get to answer questions about the story, look for the egg that matches the hen, and much more. The Look, Listen, and Think page has thought provoking questions for the young reader. This is one in our series of phonics books, written by Chris to help a first grade student master reading. We are now creating more of them for beginning readers. Keep watching for them on many internet sites. Search: Chris Morningforest. We have been Creating a Happy World of Stories for Kids Everywhere since 1996.< Less
Funny Fairy Fantasy (Alphabet Book) By Chris Morningforest & Rebecca Raymond
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Funny Fairy Fantasy is a wonderful kids' book focusing on the letter "F". Join the fairies as they frolic and fling flowers, feed frosting to fire flies and have a fun and funny time. ... More > Happy Kids love our books with colorful illustrations and wonderful new words. Look for them all on and keep coming back.< Less
Twenty Minus Four-A Cat Tale (Fun & Adventure) By Chris Morningforest & Rebecca Raymond
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Twenty Minus Four - A Cat Tale takes young readers on an adventure of cats. Join author, Rebecca Raymond, as she tells the tale of all of her cats. Happy kids will delight in the antics of the cats... More > as they play together and hide in unusual places. The last page is a seek and find. Kids are asked to find cats, numbers and bugs. Come join the fun with all these cute kitties.< Less
Books to Write - The Great Cookie Contest By Chris Morningforest & Rebecca Raymond
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Another "Kids Write" book from Huckleberry Happy Books®. We draw the pictures and you write the story. Available to download and print on your own printer or to buy as a... More > "hard" copy, this book will give you and your young reader hours of creative fun. In The Great Cookie Contest, the Happy friends decide to enter a contest at the Fair and some of their cookies win! Have fun writing their story.< Less

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