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REImagining Education (for Public Schools) By Jerry Goebel
eBook (PDF): $10.00
REImagining Education; What We Teach, How We Teach and The Systems In Which We Teach. Creating intergenerational schools of intentional courtesy. For all participants in our education system,... More > administrators, teachers, parents and teachers. Creating a common language and vision for re-imagining education.< Less
Significant Conversations: Helping Young People Live Meaningful Lives By Jerry Goebel
eBook (PDF): $8.72
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This book assists a parent, mentor, or teacher in sharing the 14 most important conversations you could have with a young person before they graduate from high school. The book is written in such a... More > way as to explain to the adult the importance of the topics, to help the young person expand their emotional vocabulary, and to assist them in thinking deeply about the topic through strength-based, open-ended questions.< Less
REImagining Education (for Catholic Faith-Based Education) By Jerry Goebel
eBook (PDF): $6.25
ReImagine Education. What we teach, how we teach and the systems in which we teach. This book is for all stakeholders in education and particularly Catholic education. It offers solutions to... More > reinvigorate education and motivate students. The author examines: 1) The SYSTEM of education identifying the need for authoritative communities that are intergenerational. 2) He looks at the CLASSROOM and how to obtain rigorous standards by increasing the relevance of each topic to students through relationships and "significant conversations." 3) The author examines our CURRICULUM identifying the importance of empowring conceptual thinking and empowering "microtransformation." The author has spent years teaching incarcerated youth and working with literally thousands of public and private schools all over the world.< Less
Luke: The Integrated Gospel By Jerry Goebel
Hardcover: $49.36
Prints in 3-5 business days
Luke was the original "renaissance man," he was an author, historian, physician, artist, but above all else, he was one of Paul's closest friends. Many believe this Gospel to be a court... More > briefing for Paul's defense in Nero's Rome. Luke's continual focus is to create an integrated painting of the life of Jesus.< Less
Radical Hospitality: Jesus Defines Church By Jerry Goebel
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Jesus only takes a paragraph to define "church" to his followers. He defines church as a place of radical hospitality and goes on to define the role of each member of the church. In his... More > definition, there are no commentators or spectators. You are either on the streets or in the church offering radical hospitality.< Less
Mark: The Immediate Gospel By Jerry Goebel
eBook (PDF): $5.99
A GOSPEL of Immediacy What do you do when you have the most amazing news in the world? You share it! When do you share it? Immediately! With whom do you share it? With everyone! Where do you share... More > it? Everywhere! Immediately [G2117 Euthus]! Mark uses that word forty times. Everyone [G3956 Pas] surfaces five times and is used not only for all people, but also all kinds of people. Rich and poor, Jew and Gentile, sick and well -- all people, all kinds of people. Everywhere [G3840 Pantothen], found three times, means Jesus not only goes to all places but he also speaks to all sides Immediately, everyone, everywhere. This amazing news must travel to everyone, everywhere. To all people and all kinds of people, to all places and all sides; and it must do so with immediacy. That is the essence of the Gospel of Peter as told by his beloved pupil, Mark.< Less
Hurry Bunny Learns Courtesy By Jerry Goebel
eBook (PDF): $3.13
Hurry Bunny Learns Courtesy is part 1 of The Great Protector Series. This series is designed to teach children about critical values such as courtesy, fairness, building trust, learning, and living a... More > meaningful (instead of just successful) life. The series uses native lore through animals such as Hurry Bunny, Worry Squirrel, Wise Owl, Elder Turtle, Trickster Coyote, Courage Bear, and the Great Protector Wolf.< Less
Is There Hope For Me Now? By Jerry Goebel
eBook (PDF): $3.30
Are you going through a particularly hard time, perhaps pressured by peers or feeling isolated and somewhat lost? This book will help you examine the focus of your life and give you a whole new... More > enthusiasm for living. Use this book to journal through some of the feelings you are experiencing and to shape an exciting future for yourself that begins today.< Less
Relevant Faith, Significant Conversations By Jerry Goebel
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Christianity is at a crossroads today. In our world, radical fundamentalism has hijacked many religions and turned them into political ideologies. Meanwhile, other churches are turning Christianity... More > into a self-focused form of emotionalism. In that focus, worship becomes akin to a Hollywood production masking a cult of consumerism. This book seeks to cut through those deceptions with the Jesus that invites us into personal relationship AND communal restoration. It cuts through the Jesus our culture prefers and looks at the Jesus our culture rejects. The purpose of this book is to provide readers with enough information to have “Significant Conversations” about Christianity. Not a faith that makes us feel comfortable, but a faith that challenges us to the soul. The purpose of this book is no less than the to turn comfortable members into relevant disciples who purposely live out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in the real world.< Less
The 3E's of a Meaningful Life (for Faith Based Groups) By Jerry Goebel
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Help young people live meaningful lives. This book is the curriculum that accompanies Jerry's faith based retreats for middle school and high school youth. There are 14 conversations and activities... More > following the theme of "The 3E's of a Meaningful Life." Each section also includes a goal worksheet and a weekly planner to help participants "grow their values."< Less

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