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The Waiting Room By Perry Moore
eBook (PDF): $4.38
The Waiting Room explores a theme that has haunted mankind for centuries: life after death. What happens when you or I die? Is that it? Forever? Think about it. Where do we go? Are we judged for... More > deeds we long have forgotten? Are there levels of heaven or hell? What exactly is hell? Fire and pain? Or, perhaps something much more subtle, like, eternal waiting for reincarnation? What would happen if someone who had died was designated to return to life with a message? Would anyone believe them? Would the media make them a star? Would their fame interfere with the ability to say the message? Would they remain happy with their second chance? This is the story of The Waiting Room. Sometimes serious or tragic, sometimes funny or touching. In the story, several people die, all end in The Waiting Room. An old lady, Priscilla, is selected to return to earth for one month full of life with a message. But, will anyone believe her? Will her own son believe her?< Less
Corvair for the Not So Mechanically Inclined By Perry Moore
eBook (PDF): $10.00
(1 Ratings)
A Corvair for Dummies book! If you are under 40, odds are you have never heard or seen a Corvair! Learn how to repair the most common restoration issues for the Chevrolet Corvair, 1965-69. Step by... More > step procedures on critical issues. Learn the history about America's only rear engine, air cooled engine car.< Less
B is for Beatle By Perry Moore
eBook (PDF): $1.07
(1 Ratings)
The first children's book (ages 7-13) on the inspirational rags to riches story of The Beatles from their days as unknown Moondogs to their legendary status. Told in a fairy tale, childlike fashion,... More > it is filled with rare photos, artifacts, and original illustrations. The book is educational as kids learn to read music, new words and geographic locations. Classical music icons such as Beethoven, Bach and Brahms are introduced and compared. The theme is to inspire any child to be the best at whatever they choose to do through practice. Any Beatle fan will like this book for its image content and a visit down memory lane into that "60's Beatle World" ! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!< Less

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