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Grading Syllabus By John Burke
eBook (PDF): $21.34
The Official Eikoku Karate-do Keikokai grading syllabus. Everything you need to know to rise through the ranks from White Belt to Black Belt!
Peaceful mind By John Burke
eBook (PDF): $23.34
Have you ever wondered about martial art practices? Why some of those bizarre postures are used? Particularly in regard to the practice of Forms or Kata, there are many parts of Karate practice that... More > are mis-understood. This book looks at the Heian series of kata, taught to coloured belts and black belts the world over, and clarifies the use and application to the movements that are taught. For those who wish to know why they do what they do, and for those who seek a deeper understanding of their karate.< Less
Iron Horseman level one By John Burke
eBook (PDF): $23.31
Shotokan Karate Kata Tekki Shodan - also known as Naihanchi - is shown here complete with applications against realistic types of attack. John Burke sensei, who started training in 1982 here... More > demonstrates why this form is one of the most useful for self defence and why the sport karate fraternity are unable to use most of the techniques found within it - they're too nasty for competition!< Less
A Karate Primer By John Burke
eBook (PDF): $19.50
There are many ways and places to learn Karate. This book provides a background and analysis of the core of Shotokan Karate-do.
Fortress Storming - the minor version Bassai Sho Kata Bunkai By John Burke
eBook (PDF): $23.34
This is the bok that shows what the Bassai Sho Shotokan Karate kata does. It takes movemnts that many show as preposterous for the sake of self defence and applies them to modern situations and... More > needs. Sensei John Burke teaches internationally on courses and seminars, and has produced a series of books and dvds that explain what Karate can really be used for. Forget the fads, Tradition is where it's at.< Less
15 Years of Keikokai By John Burke
Hardcover: $67.02
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is only of interest to the students of Eikoku Karate-do Keikokai. It is a review of the first 15 years that the club was in John Burke's name. It is full of club photos and reports of the... More > awards given each year, from 1999 to 2014. It is by no means complete. It is affected by recollection and fading memories. It's also a huge celebration of what makes Keikokai special.< Less
15 Years of Keikokai S/C By John Burke
Paperback: $42.68
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is only of interest to students of Eikoku Karate-do Keikokai. It contains reports and reviews of the past 15 years of the club based in Devon, UK.
the Pressure Point Guide for Martial Artists By John Burke
eBook (PDF): $31.14
This is John Burke (Karate 4th dan)'s book on Pressure Points. An introductory guide, it de-bunks the myths and clarifies how to use this often talked about but little understood aspect of the... More > martial arts. Suitable for practitioners of any style, there are photo and illustration references to help you to use PPs in your training.< Less
Bunkai Strategies Newsletter 1-50 By John Burke
eBook (PDF): $14.06
John Burke (5th Dan) sensei's Bunkai Strategies Newsletter has the first 50 instalments collected here as one book as the temporary nature of e-mail meant that it was too valuable to lose...
Fortress Storming By John Burke
eBook (PDF): $23.34
New edition of John Burke's seminal work on deciphering the kata code and how to use the moves from Shotokan's Bassai dai for real self defence.

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