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Spookyman:Bloody Thanksgiving By Tedd Miller
eBook (PDF): $6.25
From artist/writer TEDD HAZARD(then known as TEDD MILLER) comes his 2007 novel chronicling the greatest adventure of his gothic super anti-hero, SPOOKYMAN! After totally messing up a rescue attempt... More > of his female companion Judy Whatsername, Spookyman must travel back in time and battle the evil ressurected spirit of a native american princess in the body of a monster known only as THE SKELLEBORG! In his adventures, he travels to WWII, Captain Anarchy's future, CHEWY villain DR.KAOS'S origin, and, of course, the original time he went back in time from. If you want to get into TEDD HAZARD'S material, or are a fan of his work, YOU MUST OWN THIS!!!< Less
Spookyman #11 By Tedd Miller
eBook (PDF): $2.50
Father Homicide returns, and this time, he’s beaten quicker than the last time he fought Spookyman. Although, right before Homicide escapes, he injects a posion into Spookyman that will... More > manifest throughout his body and kill him within the next 48 hours. Bummer. So now, relizing if Spooky dies he will too via the voodoo curse, Schticky must find some sort of way get the antidote off of Father Homicide before it’s too late. Oh yeah, and there’s a Randy Savage impersonator in this issue, too.< Less
Spookyman #12 By Tedd Miller
eBook (PDF): $2.50
The Magician is back with another evil scheme that probably isn't going to work and makes no sense what so ever! But this time, he's teamed up with none othere then Spookyman's secret love interest... More > and sometimes villain, Below Zero! Not only that, but Pig Thing is back to show Spookyman that nothing can stop him......except maybe for a giant rock or two.....< Less
Spookyman:Spookthology volume 1 By Tedd Miller
eBook (PDF): $12.50
The origins of the mysterious Spookyman are fabled and very much unknown to the common man-unless, of course, that common man has read Spookyman #1, which you can now, as well, with the purchase of... More > this book! This anthology of Spookyman books features issues 1 through 10, now out of print and very rare to find. It includes Spookyman's first 3 mini comics in which he first appeared in Chewy,his first encounter with the villanious Magician, the decent selling Captain Anarchy crossover, his feud with the nefarious Ultra Clerk, and the grand finale of the first series, in which his firey yet ice cold romance with Below Zero is first ignited. This is a must buy for any Tedd Miller fan! Also includes a very long, boring and wordy introduction by Tedd Miller.< Less

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Paperback: $19.00