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(Based upon true events of author's life) Ashita was Adtiya’s soul, who left him for another man due to religious reasons and pressure from her family. A woman like Ashita came once every... More > hundred years thought Aditya. She made him the man he was today; but Ashita’s life was now in gods hands, and no one could do anything about it. But when Aditya finds out about her, he challenges god and his will. But what can Aditya do? He’s just an ordinary man.< Less
KYIRUX II: The Hidden History By KAPIEL RAAJ
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KYIRUX II The Hidden History - It’s the sequel to Kyirux: The message of Pascal novel. The sequel holds the secrets of Anunnaki, the great pyramids, and the most important secret of them all,... More > an intelligent, yet complex signal which was sent from Jupiter, and was caught by Kyirux the computer in the first part, and startled the scientists beyond their expectations, but, what is that signal? And who sent it? The humans, through the technology given by Kyirux, built a ship named 'SEMA', to be taken in the void of space, especially to Jupiter.< Less
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This book is a combination of PART I AND PART II together of Kyirux novel series. It's a book that reveals the existence of human on this planet, and perhaps beyond. It answers the question of who we... More > are, where we came from, and who actually created us. In part 1, a strange device is discovered from deep beneath the surface of our planet, which reveals the existence of humans on planet earth. In Part II, man finally takes the journey to outer planets, and, is, stunned.< Less