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Santa's Last Day - A Short Story By Paul Heisel
eBook (PDF): $0.00
(4 Ratings)
Ever wonder how Santa really came to be? We examine the power of The Guardian and how it allowed Santa to craft the world and its peoples. Come with us on a journey to an alternate time continuum,... More > where Santa, at first, doesn't exist. This is a time continuum where the Winter Devil punishes children for being naughty, a time continuum where parents are helpless to protect their children. An interesting read.< Less
Tale of the Catstaff By Paul Heisel
eBook (PDF): $14.29
(1 Ratings)
Five hundred years have passed since the Coven used the wild magic to banish the last of the Wraiths and their dark army. In that time, the Lands have prospered, yet the races have withdrawn. The... More > Wraiths have returned, seeking vengeance. They hide in the shadows, waiting for the opportune time to strike at the heart of the Coven and destroy all hope for the Lands. The Wraiths have a far more insidious plan, and once in motion, nothing will stop them from dominating the Lands. Hidden deep in the Anis Fens, though, is the Catstaff. A legendary weapon of magic, it is the only hope to destroy the Wraiths.Melkoff the Traveler, a lowly messenger of the Coven, must find the Catstaff before it is too late. The Wraiths are after him, and are far more dangerous than before.With only a handful of companions, Melkoff travels into the most dangerous parts of the Lands to uncover the secrets of the Catstaff and Shadekeep.< Less
Mirror - A Movie Script By Paul Heisel
eBook (PDF): $1.25
(1 Ratings)
This is the adaptation of my short story Mirror. The movie script expands on the short story, giving the reader more insight into this violent future of man. It shows the downfall of the human race... More > from a deadly virus, and then takes you into to the future where our protagonist is trying to understand - who am I? Why am I here? Why are these people helping me? Should I trust them?< Less
Keeper of the Deer - Cherish By Paul Heisel
eBook (PDF): $1.40
(1 Ratings)
From Paul Heisel comes the exciting first book in the Keeper of the Deer series. They thought the Librums were lost forever. Ancient evil has stirred in the valley surrounding the quiet community of... More > Cherish. Undead roam by night, destroying all life. The Wilds of Pehrone have become far too dangerous. The Stairwell, guardians of the kingdoms far and wide, send one of their best to investigate.Heather, Keeper of the Deer, travels to Pehrone to track down the evil. She is apprehensive about what she will discover, and she is certain everything is not what it seems.With her goes Radcliffe von Schule, a thief and member of Leskare - enemies of the Stairwell. He is dark and foreboding, dangerous with his blades. His purpose is a mystery, and Heather must discover why a thief would be sent with her to investigate the Undead.What secrets are contained within Cherish?There is only one way to find out.< Less
Mirror - A Short Story By Paul Heisel
eBook (PDF): $0.00
(1 Ratings)
Samuel wakes and finds that all is not quite what it seems. His body, broken, struggles to remain alive. The hospital he's in isn't quite right. It's confining and far more advanced than he... More > remembers. His caregivers seem more like engineers than doctors. The strangest thing of all is Samuel feels different. His body is new, remade it seems, and he's having violent thoughts. Why does he want to kill all that come near him? Who are his caregivers and why are they taking care of him? What secrets do they possess?< Less
Amazing Arnie - A Short Story By Paul Heisel
eBook (PDF): $0.00
(1 Ratings)
Two brothers who live in Alaska have an adventure with their death defying dog, Arnie, who they think is amazing. Amazing that he's still alive. Amazing Arnie is based on the life experiences of... More > Paul Heisel, the author, who grew up in Alaska.< Less
First Frontier By Paul Heisel
eBook (PDF): $13.53
(1 Ratings)
The year is 2015. The USA is about to put men on Mars. The Frontier Project is nearly complete. Or is it? Moments before lift off, the project is in peril - ripe to be sold to the highest bidder.... More > Private industry will make it to Mars to unlock her secrets. Only the Deputy Director of the Frontier Project, Vicky Hawthorne, can expose the conspiracy. Killers lurk in the shadows, following her every move. They will find her. They will kill her. Time is running out. At NASA Langley Research Center, three scientists make a startling discovery. A computer tape from the Viking Missions indicates a previously discovered – then covered up – piece of data. Before the scientists can begin the analysis of the complex metal, they are silenced. Halfway across the world on the remote island of Pohnpei, an archaeological team uncovers Egyptian artifacts. The ancient City of Nan Madol has more secrets yet to be discovered.Join us for the adventure of a lifetime.< Less

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