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Fundraising : A Christian Perspective By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $7.58
Is Fundraising part of God's Plan? Christian fundraising creates opportunities to involve God's people in God's work. How does this Christian Fundraising work?
Fundraising from Companies and Charitable Trusts/Foundation & Through The Internet By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $9.55
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Guide and reference to fundraising techniques, things to consider, and contacts for new, small, and emerging Groups/ Organisations in the Charity Section seeking to improve their engagement with... More > potential finders in the Corporate and Charitable Trusts/Foundations sectors< Less
Enabling Your Fundraising Strategy By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $9.20
Fundraising Strategy – Training covering the subjects of: Relationship Fundraising : The need for one to one communications; Making the Transition; Insight into the strategic decisions involved... More > in making such a transition; Combining your fundraising strategy with your IT strategy; Process driven examples of personalised multi-channel communications< Less
Fundraising On The Internet Presentation By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $9.06
Guidence on using the Internet as a medium to engage in charitable fundraising for new, small, and emerging voluntary organisations/groups.
Writing your Application | Fundraising By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $6.15
Guidance and key pointers on writing a voluntary sector grant-aid application - things to consider and include from both an organisation applicant and potential grant-aid funder perspective be they a... More > Trust, Foundation, Statutory, or Private Sector. This e-book also gives help in how to mail merge letters, forms, labels, and contacts.< Less
Guidance Notes and Standard Form of Agreement Between a Charity and a Consultant - [Messrs G Owen & Co] By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $4.55
These Guidance Notes and Standard Forms of Agreement between a Fundraising Consultant or a Professional Fundraiser and a Charity have been produced to help safeguard the interests of both parties and... More > to comply with the Charities Act and the Charitable Institutions (Fundraising) Regulations. Consultancy is an important and growing source of expert advice and support to those engaged in raising funds for charities; it is essential that the relationship is mutually satisfactory and founded on clearly understood arrangements. This document aims to help that process. The guidance notes highlight practical questions which a Charity and a Fundraising Consultant/Professional Fundraiser will need to resolve before signing any formal agreement. The standard forms of agreement are as between a Charity and a Consultant /Professional Fundraiser, but could be used (appropriately adapted) by a charitable institution other than a charity.< Less
Commission-Based Fundraising | Pros & Cons - Why Not? By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $1.53
We are frequently asked to take Fundraising assignments on a commission-only basis. Whilst we have undertaken fundraisers assignments on a commission basis in the past with relative success and to... More > mutual benefit the whole concept has fraught with potential problems. There are a decreasing number of fundraisers being prepared to undertake assignments on this basis. This eBook is a discussion on the principles and reasons behind our stance.< Less
Fundraising Presentation By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $9.26
Fundraising Training Material Presentation - Advanced Fundraising
Fundraising Exiting Strategy By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $9.17
This alternative visual version also originally formed part of fundraising training aimed at new, small, and emerging groups who, having achieved funding for a project moved straight to delivering it... More > but towards the end of the funding life cycle omitted to give sufficient advance consideration to renewable funding to sustain the work of new, small, and emerging organisations.. This eBook gives thought and practical consideration to a fundraising Exiting Strategy so as to enable sustainable service delivery, outcomes, and effective continuity of the organisation so as to quantify new grant aid funding from potential grant aid funders. It includes practical ideas and an illustrative example of once area of discipline with identifying potential researched funders, information and url links to begin the process of engaging and looking at applying for their respective currently available funding streams.< Less
Introduction to Fundraising Presentation By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $9.29
Introductory Training Presentation in Fundraising for Voluntary Sector New, Small, and Emerging Organisations/Groups.