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The Anatomy Of Motion By Dan Anderson
eBook (PDF): $18.75
The Anatomy Of Motion - Combat Analysis Of Traditional Karate Kata creates a setting by which every student of karate, whether novice or expert, can unlock the secrets contained in traditional karate... More > kata. For decades the exact fighting applications of the katas have been guesswork. Now with this groundbreaking work, the secrets of oriental karate kata begin to unfold. As Prof. Dan Anderson's books on sparring have scientifically explained the art of kumite (free fighting), this book does the same for kata. Regardless of what art you study this book is an invaluable aid to the study of the forms of your discipline. You can reach Prof. Dan Anderson at< Less
Modern Arnis - The Book Of Basics Dan Anderson By Dan Anderson
eBook (PDF): $18.75
Modern Arnis - The Book of Basics by Senior Master Dan Anderson is the fifth in the "Modern Arnis encyclopedia" series and is the most comprehensive book to be written on the subject. ... More > Included in this book are the origins of Modern Arnis in the very words of the founder, Remy A. Presas. This book is over 200 pages and contains more than 1,100 photos. This book details the 12 basic strikes and defenses, disarming techniques, flow drills, cane forms (anyos) 1-4, and much, much more.< Less
Advanced Martial Arts - The Art of Body Management By Dan Anderson
eBook (PDF): $20.99
"When I began karate over 40 years ago i had already heard tales of the mystical martial arts masters who could do wondrous feats." Advanced Martial Arts takes you forward from you martial... More > arts skills into the footsteps of the legendary masters. Chapter after chapter you will learn what made these grandmasters so great in their skills!< Less
Trankada - The Joint Locking Techniques & Tapi-Tapi of Modern Arnis By Dan Anderson
eBook (PDF): $18.75
Trankada: The Ties That Bind - The Joint Locking Techniques & Tapi-Tapi Of Mdoern Arnis is the fourth book in the "Modern Arnis encyclopedia" series and is the first book to be written... More > solely on the locking and binding techniques of Modern Arnis. No other book has addressed so thoroughly the last major development of Grand Master Remy Presas prior to his passing; the Tapi-Tapi. With over 180 pages and more than 1,400 photographs, this book covers topics such as: joint locing using the cane, empty hand, and even the legs; pinning your opponent, Small Circle Jiu Jitsu exercises; the template for the Tapi-Tapi techniques as well as the counters against Tapi-Tapi. This book will answer any question you ever had about joint locking! Prof. Dan Anderson can be reached at< Less
Espada Y Daga - The Sword & Dagger Fighting Art By Dan Anderson
eBook (PDF): $25.00
It is said that the soul of Filipino Martial Arts lies in the blade, the fighting bolo. For anyone to fully know the arts of arnis, eskrima or kali, one must know the art of the blade. Espada Y Daga... More > - The Sword & Dagger Fighting Art is the first book to cover the Modern Arnis 80 applications of espada y daga, the art of the long and short blade. This book contains more than 200 pages and over 800 photographs to fully delineate the how and why of learning this fascinating art. This book is a must for any practitioner of Filipino Martial Arts. With 41 years in the martial arts, Prof. Dan Anderson has written over 10 books including the definitive book on karate sparring ever, "American Freestyle Karate: A Guide To Sparring." He has also produced over 10 DVDs on karate and Filipino martial arts. You can reach him at< Less
Advanced Modern Arnis - A Road To Mastery By Dan Anderson
eBook (PDF): $18.75
The is the second book in Dan Anderson’s Modern Arnis series, Advanced Modern Arnis: A Road to Mastery is an in-depth study of the advanced concepts and underlying principles of Modern Arnis.... More > At 211 pages and over 1,300 photos, this book is jam packed with tons of information. "These principles and concepts have been taught to me by Prof. Presas in my 20 year association with him and are now compiled for all Modern Arnis students as well as Filipino martial artists everywhere to study." - Dan Anderson< Less
Super Dan By Dan Anderson
eBook (PDF): $20.00
"Super Dan" is the memoirs of the first national karate champion to break out and compete with his own eclectic American karate style. Beginning in the small town of Vancouver, Washington,... More > he tells his tale of starting out in karate all the way through winning the world karate championships and becoming a Grand Master in two major martial arts. "As most of you are aware, in 1980, Professor Dan Anderson wrote the best book written to-date on point-sparring, "American Freestyle Karate: A Guide to Sparring." Professor Anderson is now nearing completion of his new book, a personal memoirs. I have had the opportunity to read the final draft. Quite simply, I can state unequivocally that it is, in my humble opinion, the best memoir ever written regarding sport karate. Moreover, it is perhaps the best study of 1970s sport karate ever put to paper." Tom Levak - USA National Karate Federation 17-time world Champion< Less
De-Fanging The Snake - A Guide To Modern Arnis Disarms Dan Anderson By Dan Anderson
eBook (PDF): $18.75
De-Fanging The Snake breaks down over 80 disarming techniques using the single stick, double stick, stick & dagger and empty hand. With neary 200 pages and over 800 photos, this is the most... More > comprehensive manual ever written on the subject. Included in this volume is a complete description of Modern Arnis basics as well as a detailed history of this fascinating art of self defense. This book is must for any serious student of Filipino Martial Arts.< Less
Beyond Kick & Punch - The Complete Fighting Principles Of American Freestyle Karate By Dan Anderson
eBook (PDF): $18.75
Beyond Kick & Punch - The Complete Fighting Principles Of American Freestyle Karate is the third book in the American Freestyle Karate series and is the culmination of nearly 40 years of... More > research. This book strips away the complexities of free-fighting and boils them down to eight fundamental principles. As principles are universal, this book is not just for the karate fighter but can be applied by any kind of fighter; from the striker to the grappler to the mixed martial artist to the weapons practitioner. The information contained in this book is a must for martial artists! This book contains more than 800 photos in over 110 pages. You can reach Prof. Dan Anderson at< Less
Filipino Martial Arts - The Core Basics, Structure & Essentials By Dan Anderson
eBook (PDF): $31.25
This is the most complete work ever to be done on the subject of Filipino stick fighting. This book is over 300 pages, has more than 2,600 photos and is available here at There is an... More > accompanying two DVD set that has over 3 1/2 hours of backup material which is available for purchase at This book contains chapters on: Monitoring (attack recognition), Timing, Alignment, Distancing, Leveraging, The Flow, Duelling & Combat Training and much, much more. Here is Mark Wiley has to say about it: "For the beginner, this book is essential reading. For the long-time practitioner, it is a workbook to be torn apart, analyzed and its material practiced. For the master, it a book worth reading slowly, to see how information you know may be better explained, and perhaps to find better ways of doing things you have done for decades." Mark V. Wiley, author of Filipino Martial Culture & founder of Integrated Eskrima< Less