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Eclipse II, The Libram Incarna Hardcover By Paul Melroy
Hardcover: $32.00
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Eclipse II is an expansion and how-to-use-it guide for Eclipse and the d20 Open Game License. 24 Standard races broken down for Eclipse. 40 New races, with more than a hundred variants. 20 Magical... More > Birthrights. 10 Personal Templates, including Narrative Powers. 25 Fantasy Archetypes. 16 Science Fiction Archetypes. 70 Relics, from the trivial to the earthshattering. 54 Martial Arts. 36 Sample Builds, with more than 40 variations. 13 Level-by-Level breakdowns of the SRD base classes for easy customization. 5 Party Templates, with rules on how to create them. Power Packages for Artificers, Cyberware, Cinematic Talents, Psychic Pilots, Taskmasters, Reserve Feats, Weapon Specialists, Incarnum, the Spirit-Touched and those Touched by Death. Guides on designing Spellcasters and Psychics, Lerandor’s Rule, the Fair Folk, and more. Use Eclipse to take full control of your game and world. Build races, templates, classes, and magic system to fit your vision, rather than to fit the rules.< Less
Legends of High Fantasy By Paul Melroy
Paperback: $22.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Is the story of “How the characters became rich and powerful” really enough? Legends focuses on the foundation of any game - the tales of the characters who inhabit it. Legends... More > includes: Motivations and Backgrounds. 400 Spellweaves, to be used and combined in unlimited ways. To tailor magic to your game the system includes options for Augmentation, Backlash, and Elemental Constructs, allowing the easy introduction of suborders, restricted magics, and forbidden lore. Monotheistic Clergy, with their exclusive domains. Make faith be more then a power base! Traditions. Why should monks be stamped out of a common mold? The Cemarian Ranger, who communes with the spirits of the land. The Social Rogue - because sometimes a cutting remark is more effective then a broadsword. 50 Feats - including “Starter” Feats designed to shape your character’s tale. Can you control your legacy?< Less

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