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A LONG ROAD TO SURVIVE (MY BED OF ROSES 3rd Publication) By Vickie Gail Miller
Hardcover: $34.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Growing up in the American rural south, in the middle of the century, in the southern state, Texas,roses were far from being offered to the young girl, who grew into womanhood, struggling for a slice... More > of American pie, through years of struggles, hardship, and challenging tests. Far from dismal, yet offered in testament, in the author's (Vickie) memoir, is fortitude, resourcefulness, great saga, and resilence of human spirit, in her struggles to overcome turning points of darkness down her long road of travel.< Less
MY BED OF ROSES (Book IV) By Vickie Gail Miller
Hardcover: $22.40
Prints in 3-5 business days
There she was, arriving to face her greatest nighmare, of survival beyond years of built strength, endurance, shared love, romance, and the greater tyranny, fighting between her and her husband;... More > leaving her in a choice less battle of survival and self defense, where actions in darken moments, moving rapidly in a flick of seconds would bring greater darkness upon her life, after surviving the last of her husband's attacks.< Less
MY BED OF ROSES (Book II) By Vickie Gail Miller
Hardcover: $35.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
Seperation of her parents, and later divorce, was only the beginning of her family's many trials and tribulations, as Vickie travel further in her memoir, past her father, Selvia Miller, moving back... More > home with his mother in Waco, and her mother, Irene, taking her and her siblings to start a life in Midland. Far from simplicity, the young southern girl learns that had catered to her life in Waco and Obrien, as her life travels rapidly into unforetold territories of fortitude and resourcefulness, venturing into a romance,that bring greater challenging changes to her life.Compelling, rich, and full of life, fun times as well as bad, as this memoir continues into book III, "My Bed Of Roses."< Less
Hardcover: $35.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
"Doris Miller, America's negro hero;' a chant moving in the wind along with changing time, and yet in America's protecting bosom remain a great national concern, connected with the legendary... More > World War II hero Doris Miller; that he be awarded America's highest thanks, for his heroic contributions to helping to save America, at Pearl Harbor, on December 7, 1941; Projecting heroism "Above and beyond" his call of duty, being an awakening reminder to all about Doris Miller, in the telling of this story, and as informative as other of the author's stories about her uncle.< Less
THE ROAD THAT WILL NOT EASE (Book I) By Vickie Gail Miller
Hardcover: $15.84
Prints in 3-5 business days
Surviving the most brutal attack she had endured from her husband, Vickie had survived the last of many of his attacks. And though she had survived, pushing him from on top of her, little was she... More > aware of the scar of darkness upon her life,in defending herself, and of greater challenges against injustices that would also tarnish her life, and remain, forever, a test of strength down a longer road of challenges, as she sat in the cold jail cell, wanting desperately to change back the hands of time, giving her nightmarish reality a chance to be fiction, against the darkness of reality.< Less
Hardcover: $14.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
Concern for awardance of the "Congressional Medal of Honor" traveled far in history, for the war hero, recognized by two names; "Doris Miller" and "Dorie Miller;"... More > unmasked by citizen and political outcry,for just awardance of the "Congressional Medal of Honor." Doris was awarded the Navy Cross, and 59 years later,in the year 2001,Doris Miller was being recognized along with Admiral Nimitz, at the opening dedication ceremony of the Admiral Nimitz Museum, in Fredrickberg, Texas. Inspired after attending the ceremony, Doris niece, Vickie Gail Miller, was compelled to write this book as she had written her uncle's biography, "DORIS MILLER A SILENT MEDAL OF HONOR," adding it to her collection of other writings; revealing also on the jacket cover of this book, her invented, "World War II Doris Miller Action Figure Doll," a photo of Doris Miller's mother, Mrs. Henrietta Miller, along with photo of a coin, comemmorating World War II hero, Doris Miller, unmasked in the year 2011, along with "A BOY NAMED DORIS."< Less
SOMEONE WHO CARE By Vickie Gail Miller
Hardcover: $33.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
Irene felt deserted and alone when her mother died, leaving her and her nine surviving brothers and sisters to be reared by their father. Through trials and tribulations in the large family, many... More > spirited and laughable moments spiced their lives as well as constant chaos in Irene's life, and heart-wretching trauma that she felt was attached to her feelings of being abandoned and deserted by her mother. Attached to unexplained tyranny of rebellion against ill feeling connected to absence of her mother's love, strength, and much needed guidance that was phsycologically stalking Irene on into her teen-age years of life, fighting over just about any little thing,and taking from others, in dilemna of the haunting strange cry of desertion, care, and love that had been shown to her by her mother, in her journeys in motherhood, Irene encounter further disillusioned dreams, facing greater obstacles and consequeces, and at a greater time in her, discover greater obstacles she must face.Compelling and full of life.< Less
Hardcover: $34.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
America's advancement of 71 years from 1941 to date, 2012 is not absent of the national concern, stemming from recommendation of the "Mead-Dingell" Bill, introduced to Congress in... More > 1942.Unsilenced in the many years, the national concern, vibrant in it's many namesakes, honors,award ceremonies, remain as vainglorous in informing many about the legendary World War II hero, Doris Miller; as his niece and author, Vickie Gail Miller inform readers in this writing, as in her biography life story about her uncle, titled, "DORIS MILLER A SILENT MEDAL OF HONOR," 1st edition published in 1997; 2nd edition published in 2002, and in her present 3rd edition publication, "DORIS MILLER A SILENT MEDAL OF HONOR," published in 2012.As rewarding to Doris Miller's fame, beyond him being commemorated on a United States postage stamp in 2011,in display on the front cover of this book is "Doris Miller commemorated on a coin."< Less
DORIS MILLER (A SILENT MEDAL OF HONOR) Fourth Edition By Vickie Gail Miller
Hardcover: $34.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Vickie Gail Miller, author of over 40 published books and articles, also being the niece of World War II hero Doris Miller, enlighten the world in this new year, 2013, and 4th edition novel(1st... More > published by Eakin Press in 1997) about America's 1st Black war hero to be awarded the Navy Cross in World War II, as well as being the 1st full-fledged war hero of World War II, and 1st full-fledged Black hero of World War II. A biography life story relayed as well in my (Vickie Gail Miller's) authored 337 screenplay, titled, "A BOY NAME DORIS." Compelling, rich and informative, the story travels from the infant baby's birth in Texas, to his enlistment into the United States Navy with the unforgotten Black American war hero putting forth heroic actions "Above and Beyond" his call of duties to defend America, contributing also to changes in the United States Navy.< Less
A BOY NAMED DORIS (SCREENPLAY) Based on Vickie Gail Miller's authored book, "A SILENT MEDAL OF HONOR" published in 1997 By Vickie Gail Miller
Hardcover: $45.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
Screenplay, in accordance to Vickie Gail Miller's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd edition biography titled books, "DORIS MILLER A SILENT MEDAL OF HONOR," and "DORIS MILLER PEARL HARBOR HERO."... More > Straight forward, compelling, and informative; with concern for awardance of the "Congressional Medal of Honor" being long over due to the boy named Doris, who as a young man in the United States Navy, stepped above and beyond his call of duty to defend< Less

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