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Cancun User's Guide By Jules Siegel
eBook (PDF): $6.38
(2 Ratings)
The Cancun User's Guide contains 204 densely packed pages of independent, honest advice, recommendations and cultural information about Cancun and Mexico by an American family living here since 1981.... More > Written in a clear, popular style, and illustrated with photographs, drawings and maps, it will help you save money and have more fun when visiting Cancun. It's also funny and heartwarming, written by celebrated author Jules Siegel, whose works have appeared in Playboy, Rolling Stone, Best American Short Stories and many other publications. The Cancun User's Guide is the only independent locally-produced guide!< Less
Forbidden Dreams [eBook] By Jules Siegel
eBook (PDF): $9.00
A proposal for an illustrated erotic novel, Forbidden Dreams integrates all my short fiction into a single work covering the life of Franklin Cornish, the name which all male protagonists of stories... More > such as "Déjà Vu" (who are really the same person anyway) now bear. As my fans might remember, Franklin is a commercial artist who wants to be a writer. Forbidden Dreams is basically a high class hot novel using the classic spy adventure genre, but with almost no violence. It is written in a clear, easily accessible style and has a very strong conventional plot. I have been working on this book for more than 25 years. If Vermeer could have been a Jewish writer in the middle of the Sexual Revolution, this is how I imagine him depicting his life. Since he's been dead a long time, I'm sure he won't mind this.< Less
Lineland, Mortality and Mercy on the Internet's Pynchon-L@Waste Org Discussion List By Jules Siegel
eBook (PDF): $5.00
(1 Ratings)
Imagine Stuart Gilbert, Gertrude Stein, Hugh Kenner, Edmund Wilson, and a host of lesser lights chatting about the Aeolus chapter of Joyce's Ulysses on the Internet. Siegel attended Cornell with... More > Thomas Pynchon; before he moved to Mexico in the early '70s, he was a successful freelance writer, authoring four books and many magazine articles; most relevantly, a 1977 Playboy article titled "Who Is Thomas Pynchon . . . and Why Did He Take Off with My Wife?" [included in full] Siegel outlines his own history and the Internet's history (for unconnected readers), then explains his discovery that, on the Net, "I am a sub-set of the Thomas Pynchon industry," and gathers dozens of conversations and controversies within that "industry" in which he--and, ultimately, the Siegel ex-wife with whom Pynchon "took off"--participated. So Lineland at once adds facts and commentary to the sparse information about the reclusive Pynchon and demonstrates "virtual community" in action. --Mary Carroll, Booklist< Less
The Human Robot, Understanding the Emotional Effects of Industrialism By Jules Siegel
eBook (PDF): $3.27
(2 Ratings)
In 1973, Dr. James Clark Moloney, an elderly psychiatrist who was my neighbor at La Giralda apartments in Guadalajara, introduced me to the concepts of the human robot. Human robots are people who... More > have become machines, as a result of their conditioning from infancy on. Most of the horrors of our time can be traced to their roots in the ways in which we abuse our children.Denying the breast leads to oral fixations such as alcoholism, smoking and overeating. Abusive toilet training is reflected in constipation, compulsive neatness, miserliness. Keeping children in cribs and nurseries increases anxiety. These distortions increase consumption as well as submissiveness to authority. Forgiving your parents is a crucial step in giving up neurotic patterns. This becomes easier when you see them as ignorant and trusting victims of social and economic forces beyond their ability to perceive or comprehend. This is a book that may change your life for the better, as Dr. Moloney's books changed mine.< Less
Forbidden Dreams paperback color By Jules Siegel & Jules Siegel
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A proposal for an illustrated erotic novel

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