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Self Defense for Modern Times By William Durbin
Paperback: $20.00
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William Durbin has written a self defense book which will help readers develop an understanding of real self defense. The book helps a person learn awareness, avoidance, escape, and then actual... More > skills of self defense for those times when a person has no choice but to fight for their life or wellbeing. Most of all this is from a spiritual perspective. It is for people who want to know how to defend themselves but who are basically non violent.< Less
The Enlightenment of Exercise By William Durbin
eBook (PDF): $9.16
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Kempo has always had a form of warm up and cool down that assists in overall health and fitness. This book presents the Taiso, exercises used in Kiyojute Ryu Kempo Bugei, to build strength,... More > flexibility, and endurance. It also presents a way that exercise can assist a person in developing enlightenment and a closer relationship with God.< Less
The Tradition of Soke By William Durbin
eBook (PDF): $9.08
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This book describes in detail how the tradition of the Ryu was created, how the title Soke came to be used for the headmaster of martial arts systems, and what the real requirements really are of... More > becoming a Soke and founding a Ryu.< Less
Okuden By William Durbin
eBook (PDF): $7.75
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Okuden the inner most tradition of Ryu since their beginning in Japan. What many call the secrets of the arts were founded upon spiritual teachings and specialized forms of movement. William... More > Durbin, Soke of Kiyojute Ryu Kempo Bugei, presents in this book the Okuden of his style. Based upon the teachings of Odori, the physical aspect of the Okuden are gentle, flowing, and filled with Ki. The spiritual Okuden is based upon the ‘meditative way of Christ’, from Durbin’s own Tenshin Sho. It allows the Kempoka to harmonize their Ki with that of the Universal Ki, God. In this book are the real secrets of the martial arts, presented for modern martial arts.< Less
Kagekiyo no Shinwa By William Durbin
eBook (PDF): $9.36
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Kagekiyo no Shinwa is an explanation of real Ninjutsu and contains an example of a true mission, showing how Ninjutsu was actually applied in feudal Japan.
An Anecdotal History of Kiyojute Ryu Kempo Bugei By William Durbin
eBook (PDF): $6.49
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This is a history of the founding headmaster of Kiyojute Ryu Kempo Bugei. It tells stories of his life that influenced the development of the system. A must for all Kiyojute Ryu Kempo practitioners... More > and an interesting read for anyone training in the martial arts.< Less
Kempo: Master Lists By William Durbin
eBook (PDF): $9.00
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Kempo: Master Lists gives instructions for developing the 300 list of techniques required for the many arts represented in Kiyojute Ryu Kempo Bugei. More it instructs in the meaning of the 300 as... More > well as the spiritual aspects that allows a person to approach mastery of the martial arts as required in Kiyojute Ryu.< Less
Tsung Shih Tai Chi Chuan By William Durbin
eBook (PDF): $6.27
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Tsung Shih Tai Chi Chuan is the perfect style of Tai Chi for modern times. With an emphasis on ancient training methods and the use of free style form, anyone of any age can practice and master the... More > wondrous Chinese art of Tai Chi Chuan. This book contains history, philosophy, basic movements, and self defense application of the grand Chinese martial art.< Less
The Teachings of Moses Smith By William Durbin
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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This work of historical fiction deals with Moses Smith a former slave who learns an ancient form of Chinese martial arts. He deals with prejudice and adversity in his adventure from slave to... More > blacksmith to lawman.< Less
Kempo Master By William Durbin
eBook (PDF): $6.65
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William Durbin in a conversation with his first martial arts instructor's first instructor, Ramon Lono Ancho, discovered just how much his father had contributed to his martial arts instruction... More > during the first self defense lesson William Sr. gave him after a severe beating. This book reveals the accumulative lessons Durbin learned from his father, Richard Stone, Rod Sacharnoski, and Bill Wallace. It also notes the continuity of real martial arts training, when it is geared towards self defense.< Less