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Unmerciful By Larry Schliessmann
eBook (PDF): $1.95
Ethel Reiser’s Killer sits in Attica, unless PI Marlowe Black insists on meddling and finds proof to free him. The convict's sister, Peggy, convinces Black the near perfect evidence, DNA and... More > all, were fabricated to frame her brother, Reggie Jones. Ethel’s widower, Perry, insists that Black not take the case. When Black refuses to comply, pulls a gun to enforce his demand. Michael “Hacker” McKaybees interrupts Reiser’s enraged confrontation with Black. Abruptly, Reiser turns his silenced pistol on McKaybees. Before he can fire a shot, Black, drills a .45 caliper bullet through Reiser’s chest. Previously, Black tells McKaybees that his decision to help free Jones is based on a gut feeling. McKaybees calls it insanity. However, Perry Reiser’s reaction forces McKaybees to reassess his opinion. He agrees to help his estranged father with an investigation that nearly costs him his life.< Less
Beholden By Larry Schliessmann
eBook (PDF): $7.30
New York City 1950. Finding a stranger's body in his office after a long Fourth of July weekend, private cop Marlowe Black must learn why and what the killer's message is if he wants to stay... More > alive. He hunts the murderer through a twisting maze of government agents, missing Russian gold coins, Nazi SS fugitives, Woodlawn Cemetery, and a family wracked by greed and indecision. Black will need to resolve an old grievance, make a heart-wrenching discovery, and wrestle with decisions whether to adhere to his own ethics and reach beyond love and death.< Less
Templar's Fire, a Gothic Vampire Novel By Larry Schliessmann
eBook (PDF): $6.98
Abandoned in the Egyptian desert to die an infidel's death, mortally wounded Templar Knight Edwin Blutleer is rescued by an inhuman succubus. When his Templar comrades return to collect his corpse,... More > they are stunned to find Blutleer alive, healed, and enraged. They betrayed the Templar Code: never leave a wounded brother behind. And he slaughters them to a man -- except one, who escapes. He is Blutleer's own cousin Pierre DeVeze. For 600 years, the immortal vampire Edwin Blutleer hunts and destroys the survivor's offspring and their heirs. Several generations change surnames and delay Blutleer, but he cannot be stopped.< Less
Templar's Fire By Larry Schliessmann
eBook (PDF): $11.00
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In 1288, Edwin Blutleer’s comrades, abandoned him in the searing heat of an Egyptian battlefield. He was rescued not by any living being, but by an inhuman creature who turned his ruined body... More > into the immortal Vampire Blutleer. Edwin's own cousin, Pierre DeVeze, led the slaughter of Edwin's family to destroy the horrible creature Edwin became. March 23, 1888 in Hellebrea, England, Edwin is ready to exact his revenge by killing the last of the DeVeze bloodline: all surviving Willingtons including to young boys. Edwin entrances the mother of those boys, the beautiful Amanda Penderfield Willington. For the third time in his 600-year existence of living death, Edwin succumbs to love for a Penderfield woman. He remains steadfast in his plan to destroy the Willingtons on Easter Sunday, thereby making a mockery of the faith Edwin lost centuries ago, but will his love for Amanda stop him?< Less
My Calendar By Larry Schliessmann
Calendar: List Price: $22.95 $20.66 | You Save: 10%
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A full year with Scooter. An orange cat impossible to ignore.
Drop Dead Cadillac By Larry Schliessmann
Paperback: List Price: $18.98 $17.08 | You Save: 10%
Prints in 3-5 business days
One red 1951 Cadillac half underwater, bodies of a man and woman drowned in the trunk, one rapist, a reporter and his sister, a mobster and his father-in-law who's a Brooklyn Don, all tied together... More > by one crime.< Less
Drop Dead Cadillac: A Marlowe Black Mystery By Larry Schliessmann
eBook (ePub): $3.98
One red 1951 Cadillac half underwater, bodies of a man and woman drowned in the trunk, one rapist, a reporter and his sister, a mobster and his father-in-law who's a Brooklyn Don, all tied together... More > by one crime. Add to that the return of the man who killed PI Marlowe Black's fiancée. And of course, some women. Oh, and a world famous writer who hires Marlowe to unravel, and tie up the loose ends, by discovering who killed the two in the trunk and why, after the writer witnesses their death throes late one night. Did I mention a dancer who only eats food cited in the titles of popular songs? Oh, and a man who loves his dog more than he loves his wife even during their divorce, which happens after the dog died? Before he discovers the answers, Marlowe Black makes a couple of new friends, but needs to shoot his way through a few new and old enemies first.< Less
Sunset Orange Water - A Marlowe Black Mystery By Larry Schliessmann
eBook (ePub): $3.98
A private investigator with principles honed during WWII, struggles to stop a serial killer who pushes him to where he must decide if he's willing to violate his own code of honor to end the killing... More > spree. * * * She sat naked in the chair with her hands folded neatly on her lap holding a small black pistol like the one Dunbar handed me the day he came by my office to tell me the news about her death. The connection might have been tenuous, but felt like an unwelcome snake uncoiling in my head that locked onto and twisted through my feelings for her. Her beautiful flesh showed no signs of a struggle. Blood had run from the corner of her mouth, but I saw no visible bruising. I wondered what he had told her to effect her submission. However, Lois’ eyes looked wide with the horror she must have felt by his presence as she stared at the person behind the camera. Her eyes told me that she knew her attacker, or the photographer, and hadn’t anticipated the behavior he exhibited.< Less
My Calendar By Larry Schliessmann
Calendar: $13.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
2015 calendar of the world's favorite orange cat! Get yours in time for Christmas!
Wilson Families of Westchester County, New York in 1850 By Larry Schliessmann
eBook (PDF): $4.95
Genealogy guide to understanding and using the 1850 U.S. Federal Census for family history research. This was completed using the Wilson family living in Westchester County, New York at the time of... More > the 1850 census. Included are simple to understand explanations that are informative for those new to family history research. The same techniques may be used with any family producing excellent results to move your research forward.< Less