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The Black Biker By Red Jordan Arobateau
Paperback: $20.51
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is the tale of the mysterious black biker who rides in out of the cold, to join her biker sisters in the Outlaw's clubhouse. 4th in the series The Outlaw Chronicles, THE BLACK BIKER focuses on... More > the clubs African-American members. Romance, intrigue; the club goes on Runs; barroom brawls, philosophy, race-talk, SEX, and much much more!< Less
Tranny Biker By Red Jordan Arobateau
eBook (PDF): $8.00
The story of a female to male transexual and his dike biker friends in the Outlaws Biker Gang. His transition, life and loves circa 1998. 8th book in the popular series THE OUTLAW CHRONICLES by... More > Master Artist Red Jordan Arobateau.< Less
Jailhouse Stud By Red Jordan Arobateau
eBook (PDF): $8.00
Jailhouse Stud is a collectors item.—A vintage classic. It is reprinted in document form.
Ho Stroll --Book 1 By Red Jordan Arobateau
eBook (PDF): $8.00
The fiction story of a butch lesbian of Color who goes to the prostitutes of Oakland, California for sex & companionship. This book is preserved in document form, and reissued from archives. Ho... More > Stroll is a collectors item.--A vintage classic It was written in 1973-74 when the author was 30. He originally published it in five parts in1975. Ho Stroll was reviewed in gay/feminist news in America & Europe.< Less
Alexander D'Oro --A Collection Of Stories By Red Jordan Arobateau
Paperback: $20.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
Like it’s companion anthology SUZIE Q & OTHER STORIES, ALEXANDER D’ORO contains 5 shorter gems. It is a black-of-center collection. The title piece, is semi autobiographical; mostly... More > about a fabulous character we first met in FLASH! ON THE HUSTLER! A beautiful black sissy, failed theatrical actor, and hustler extraordinaire. The growing up of two gay teenagers; the author, describes his own early years. We were talking about ideas and the civil rights movement. Us oddballs.” His turf was as wide as the four corners of the world. While most sissies lived and died on Chicago’s South side.”-Next comes THE INVESTIGATOR; 2 African American dikes having a discussion in the femmes living room: “Etta’s ex-husband told the authorities she was a lesbian because he wanted custody of their children: He had taken her to court. “Miss Dandley showed up looking hard. Had on three-piece blue suit, no makeup... “She comes in here in her suits, her hair is short. She looks like a damn bulldyke her own damn self.”< Less
In The Strange Embrace Of A Prodigal By Red Jordan Arobateau
Paperback: $20.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
This novel takes place durring the wind-down of the Viet Nam war, the early 1970's, in mystical San Francisco. Gradually she’d given up houses. Abandon things. Gotten rid of her possessions.... More > She became a traveler. “I keep nothing. Each day is my last, and I’m alive. These are the words of a homeless street woman, a survivor, a sensitive soul. This is an account of her daily plans, routes, survival--and her thoughts, ideas & dreams.< Less
Stories From the Dance of Life Vol. 1. By Red Jordan Arobateau
eBook (PDF): $8.00
7 shorter stories by the Master Artist, republished from their first edition in the 1970’s: A BUTCH IN LOVE; a newly discovered manuscript never before in print, in which a street dike... More > entertains 2 prostitutes on the steps of a ghetto tenement. CATMAN’S CORNER. Wonderful tale of an odd collection of panhandlers proselytizing on a windswept corner, during the Viet Nam war. JULIE, the strange happenings in a gay tavern on Women’s Night. CONFESSIONS OF A NOT-SO-EX-ALCOHOLIC, Red‘s premiere piece on kicking alcohol 30 years ago. WHITER THEN BLACK, on people of mixed race heritage. MEINE THEORY BY KLARE REIGER--A TRILOGY. This is a longer work about a German emigrant, seamstress, and her unique views, after having survived the shattering experiences of World War Two. And CENTER IN THE STORM. A tale which involves a familiar hero, red head butch Stormy. This collection ends with a NOTES section which discusses some fine points and history about the content.< Less
Stories From the Dance of Life Vol. 2. By Red Jordan Arobateau
eBook (PDF): $8.00
7 shorter stories by the Master Artist. Including: THOSE NORTHERN LIGHTS. Two lesbian women spend an evening at the apartment of a strange, alienated man. RESTORATION OF THE LOST, about ‘The... More > Missionary Of The Bars’, red-head butch Stormy. MY SOUL WAS RED; a lesbian contemplates pregnancy while on a gambling spree in Reno. THE INVISIBLE NIGGER, a ghetto player of mixed race heritage. THE TALISMAN; a glimpse of black South Side Chicago circa 1970’s. AT AN EARLY AGE, This is a longer work which takes up about one third of the book--holding the reader spellbound with the accounts of ‘Prince’, a handsome African American stud’s success with ladies so numerous that they spill out of the pages one after another! Plus LA PAN DE LA VIDA, one of Red’s Hispanic works. Poignant; about an elderly Mexican grandmother and her Angla doctor. Followed by a NOTES section which is very informative.< Less
A Soul's Journey --3 By Red Jordan Arobateau
Paperback: $11.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Continuing journal of an old transsexual man living in poverty with his 2 parrots and cat. He is a writer, painter & goes to religious institutions in his spiritual quest. His life & times.... More > Many interesting interactions with fascinating characters. He lives in the queer, arts mecca, San Francisco. He sits in the sun on fire hydrants and ledges of buildings, writing his infameous NOTES, which comprise these journals; he is seeing a male hustler and a dancer at the gay men's strip show.< Less
Blossoming Of Gifts By Red Jordan Arobateau
eBook (PDF): $8.00
The ongoing journal of an old transsexual man, artist-writer, struggling to survive in the big city of San Francisco on Social Security, w/his parrots & cat.

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