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Suns of God By Charles Edward Harris
eBook (PDF): $8.42
Suns of God A far-future spoof of marketing, advertising, religion and environmentalism that takes you a hundred thousand years into the future when an advertising guru from the 20th Century,... More > resurrected from cryonic suspension, is enlisted by the government to save not only Earth but the entire universe from fading to black in the ultimate entropic cataclysm. Was Jesus an experiment? Are we the first hominids to walk the face of Earth? Where exactly is Heaven? Will humanity pollute other worlds just like we've done to Earth? Where will it all end? You'll see. Have a deep think and a light laugh as you seek the answers among the stars.< Less
Ice Angels By Charles Edward Harris
eBook (PDF): $6.16
A fantasy adventure for children of every age. Toby is a boy who dreams of becoming a graceful and stylish ice-skater but he is held back by a physical disability. He is progressing well until he is... More > cruelly struck down by a drunk driver days before Christmas. Only a miracle can change Toby's future. Unexpected help arrives from the Ice Kingdom, a parallel world that is home to the Ice Angels. Anything is possible if you truly believe in the power of your dreams!< Less

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