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The Murder of Vincent van Gogh By KA Shott
eBook (PDF): $0.00
The Murder of Vincent van Gogh There is one incontrovertible fact, Vincent van Gogh (the famous and infamous 19th century painter) was shot and died. Was Vincent van Gogh murdered? That question can... More > only be answered with logical supposition: when it is impossible to prove the truth or untruth of a thing then truth matters little. Therefore, what is known as the truth could be a lie and, contrary-wise, what is believed a lie may prove Truth. Let us begin this tale where all good murders begin: a body. Not Vincent van Gogh’s, but a woman’s. The Year: 1879. The place: Le Chat Noir...< Less
The Cr6 Terrorist By KA Shott
eBook (PDF): $0.00
The Cr6 Terrorist What if you knew something was a poison knew that the government knew the same something was a poison but adamantly denied that it was so. Would you be a terrorist if... More > you put that certain something in the government officials' drinking water? Can one be a terrorist with a substance the government says is harmless? The Cr6 Terrorist is a complex imperative in an unconventional telling. The style of this writing is, if one considers its synthesis of physical structures (letters/words/paragraphs) with artistic license, an embarkation on the novel genre. Most importantly, The Cr6 Terrorist is an expose' on the industrial pollutant hexavalent chromium (Cr6 or CrVI) that literally tells its story from the inside...out. Author/Poet/Artist: Native born Oregonian, K.A. Shott, now lives in Southern Iowa with her husband and two sons. Samples of her work can be viewed at< Less
Hysterical Orgasm~Medical Murder By KA Shott
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Set in the late 1800s, this historical fiction addresses the relatively well known issue of medical murder (physicians procuring bodies for medical research through questionable means) and exposes... More > the carefully guarded historical fact of hysterical orgasm (that women diagnosed with hysteria were treated with orgasm or “paroxysm,” achieved via vibratory therapy, water jet massage, and/or manual stimulation). Iowa and Oregon provide the settings for the chronicles of a young physician and a serial killer whose paths are hopelessly and tragically linked. Tristan Andersen becomes a doctor in spite of hopes of him working his family’s Iowa farm. Roy, who at first is seen as merely providing physicians with corpses, is too adept at murder for it to be coincidence. He is, in fact, a serial killer. Perhaps, even, the icon of the infamous White Chapel secret society. This story includes intertextual references to: Van Gogh, Jack the Ripper, The Schoolhouse Blizzard, and more.< Less
Offerings By KA Shott
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Offerings, by native Oregonian, KA Shott emphasizes a need for reliance on Christian Faith in all aspects of life. This poetry chapbook is meant as an offering in thanks for God's blessings in all... More > things. To explore the author's work further, visit< Less
The Meat Murderers By KA Shott
eBook (PDF): $0.00
The Meat Murderers is a collection of poems exploring "flesh" with diversification of specificity ranging topics often broached {death/birth/war} and those often considered taboo... More > [cannibalism...anorexia] with many falling between these extremes. One example is the poem, "President Meat Man." When pondering the image of three dead soldiers lying prostrate on a beach the poem compares war to cannibalism: "Will those next three be one of mine? Will they be served up for wars made of bologna and peanut butter in a world whose stomach prefers meals of what's been ground down "No bones, please. No teeth. Pass the meat through the grinder again, make it soft enough to eat," while we feed our children to the Sausage-Maker who encases them in the uniforms of --the intestines of- 3 dead soldiers lying on a beach..." K.A. Shott (author, poet,artist) currently lives in Southern Iowa with her husband and two sons.< Less
Art in Parkinson's Disease: Laments & Praise By KA Shott
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This poetry chapbook by native Oregonian, KA Shott, was born from her personal and family struggles and triumphs surrounding her husband's diagnosis with early onset Parkinson's Disease and Multiple... More > Sclerosis. The collected poems offer the reader a chance to share a refreshingly strong reliance on Faith. This powerful work displays a unique talent across varied forms of the poetic genre. Other examples of the author's extraordinary gift can be seen at< Less
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This poetry chapbook is the newest addition to the portfolio of native Oregonian author, KA Shott. To explore her work further please visit,

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