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Do We Live Again? By Edwina Reizer
Paperback: $8.95
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Do we live again? That question has been asked over and again by people from all walks of life from all over the world. In some Eastern countries more people believe in reincarnation than in the... More > Western countries. The story I’m going to tell you about has convinced me, a woman from the United States, that we do live again.< Less
IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE By Edwina Reizer
eBook (PDF): $5.00
"It's All About Love" is an important collection of poems that pays tribute to one of the most important emotions that a human being experiences during the course of a lifetime.
The Journey By Edwina Reizer
eBook (PDF): $9.95
As we travel through our years And look back we can see That all we did and where we’ve been We never could foresee All of the paths our lives would lead And so we just kept pace And found... More > ourselves living lives Never in one place. We zigzagged here and zigzagged there Never in a straight line. But, as you look back on it all There never was a sign Saying, “Go this way or take this road.” We just made a choice. Sometimes right, sometimes wrong And then inside a voice Questioned you, asked you why You went where you went? The answer of course is the journey. It’s where you were sent.< Less
The Perplexity Of My Poet's Mind By Edwina Reizer
eBook (PDF): $7.00
“The Perplexity of My Poet’s Mind” is a reflection of the various images that often come to me as I go through my days. They encompass moods and feelings that come to me and say put... More > me down in words and whatever you do don’t let them get away. Although I am not always completely aware of what I am always going to write, I take the pen within my hand and the words come into sight. As you read this collection of my poetry I hope that you will find that some of these thoughts are also in your mind and that you will resonate with some of them and more importantly you will enjoy them! Edwina Reizer< Less
eBook (PDF): $11.00
This book features a collection of poems that expresses the author's thoughts about life, death and all of what occurs in between.
Reflections On Living - Book Two By Edwina Reizer
eBook (PDF): $7.95
Edwina Reizer's "Reflections On Living - Book 2" continues with her thoughts and images as she sees them in the world today. It is her hope to inspire a new interest in poetry through verse... More > and rhyme.< Less
A Flicker In The Dark By Edwina Reizer
eBook (PDF): $9.25
A flicker in the dark Or just a tiny spark Can start a flame inside of you That will make its mark. This mark will keep you burning And help to keep you yearning To know the reason you were... More > born. That reason is for learning. Why else would we dare enter? A place that at its center Is filled with too much sorrow in its core. Thus, I am a dissenter. I reject mainstream philosophy And the principles of theocracy. My ruler has always been my brain. Which never brings hypocrisy.< Less
Reflections On Living By Edwina Reizer
eBook (PDF): $6.95
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"Reflections On Living" is a unique collection of poems that will challenge and inspire readers to take a fresh look at how they perceive reality and the world around them.
The Unfolding Beauty Of Poetry By Edwina Reizer
eBook (PDF): $7.00
THE UNFOLDING BEAUTY OF POETRY Poetry rolls off the tongue with ease, Spoken with images the poet sees. It’s for the young. It’s for the old And all of those in between. Touching the... More > innermost part of thee, Bringing to you a part of me. As these were written, I thought of you And unfolded my silver screen.< Less
Poetry For The Soul By Edwina Reizer
eBook (PDF): $13.00
“Poetry for the Soul” is a book devoted to the idea that each individual experiences some form of eternity and therefore is subconsciously always in search of perfecting itself to become... More > one with the Creator. The soul thirsts for all humans to live with love as their guiding force and these poems were written with that in mind.< Less

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