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Dead Inside By Dario Lisiero
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Monaxicos (later Nikos) was a happy child. As soon as he became an orphan a pessimistic view obscured his soul. In his teenage years two opposing ideologies created a split personality. As a college... More > student he focused on social and political realities uncovering hypocrisy and scandals. As a teaching assistant he tried hard to create a critical mentality in his students.In his role of political advisor he strived to build a more just society, Finally, as a man deprived of his freedom and brutally tortured, he kept his principles and dignity.< Less
Bedtime Stories By Dario Lisiero
Paperback: $19.52
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is a collection of short fictional stories, written with the only purpose of entertaining and stimulating our human curious imagination. If at bedtime it helps to sleep, that is surely an... More > added bonus.< Less
Justice Unfinished By Dario Lisiero
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Heloise, a young lawyer from Washington, D.C., deeply shocked by her best friend’s untimely death, vows to uncover the truth. In her spare time, she becomes private detective. Underestimating... More > the dangers of that profession, she faces, along the way, unimaginable perils, and painful surprises. That horrific odyssey of misfortunes, not only changes the course of her entire life, but also subverts her scale of values and world view.< Less
Papal Apology By Dario Lisiero
Paperback: $19.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
According to Pope Francis, the conduct of the Church in regard to the Waldenses has been not only non-Christian, but also non-human; in other words inhumane. For this reason he feels it necessary and... More > urgent to apologize from the bottom of his heart. In so doing, however, he is creating a huge rift (with his Church past) and a double antagonistic effect (with his Church past and present), because while trying to befriend the Waldenses, he antagonizes and infuriates his predecessors—starting with Innocent III (one of those responsible for the Waldenses’ excommunication) to Pius IX excommunicating the entire modern world, not to mention his own founder, St. Ignatius of Loyola, whose principal aim in founding the Jesuit Order was to combat the Protestant Reformation.< Less
The Inscrutable God By Dario Lisiero
Paperback: $21.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is the story of the Inscrutable God that becomes scrutable, of the Omnipresent that is Absent, of the All-powerful and Almighty that ends up being Powerless and a Loser. The history of... More > salvation that goes from Abraham to Jesus, passing through Moses and King David and will last until the Judgment Day is a testament to numerous changes and transformations. In the name of the supreme value “love in freedom” God does not disdain to assume all human weaknesses, except sin, to gain back the total trust and affection of his rebellious creature. In the history of humankind there is no love story so tender and moving that can be compared to this. The Inscrutable God by sacrificing his Son in order to save his servant becomes the ultimate paradigm of any human love and the only example to follow.< Less
Fragmentos de una lucha By Dario Lisiero
eBook (PDF): $6.49
Esta publicación contiene tres documentos de hace casi medio siglo: dos de profundización de ideas y el tercero de narración de hechos y de análisis de los mismos.
Faith and Science - Christian Insanity By Dario Lisiero
Paperback: $19.52
Prints in 3-5 business days
Jesus came to this earth to offer an alternative lifestyle, in total contrast and opposition with the mundane lifestyle predominant in our societies. He did this through his living example and his... More > inspired teaching. While Jesus invites people to choose the narrow path, he warns of terrible danger confronting those who follow the wide and easy road that leads to perdition. His restricted path, embraced by few, is strewed with sufferings, persecutions, lack of material possessions, and all the miseries known to mankind. On the contrary, the highway to perdition, taken by many, offers considerable amount of pleasures, riches, and satisfactions. By opposing the basic human tendencies, Jesus offers the bitter medicine of service, poverty, and abstinence instead of power, riches, and sex. This radical opposition to the corrupt human nature is topped with a brand of faith unknown to the world and revolutionary to many that subverts all the fundamental categories of human knowledge.< Less
The Ultimate Encounter By Dario Lisiero
Paperback: $19.48
Prints in 3-5 business days
The general title “Ultimate Encounter” refers to man’s inevitable and unique experience of meeting with God, first after his death (end of his time on earth) and second at the... More > Universal Judgment after the Great Tribulation and the End of Times. Finally the human creature will face his Maker. As man was born alone, and died alone, so he will interact for the first time alone with the most awesome Personality ever. No one could ever capture the feelings and atmosphere of similar encounter, because nobody was ever allowed to come back from the grave and tell the story. This private and personal encounter (particular judgment), according to Christian doctrine, will determine his eternal destiny, which consists of either eternal salvation or eternal damnation. In conclusion, this is the meager knowledge we possess of the most defining moment in the existence of a human being.< Less
The Winner By Dario Lisiero
Paperback: $15.98
Prints in 3-5 business days
Trump, the winner of the presidential election (2016), boosting his success as the greatest achievement in politics, is in reality a looser not only in regards to the real numbers (three millions... More > votes less than Hilary Clinton), but mainly in regards to the values he is flaunting around and the image of America he is imposing at home and abroad. In this quagmire, where uncertainty, instability and untrustworthiness reign supreme, one thing is sure, when it comes to Trump it can always get worse. The closest definition of this man cannot be other than “Fake President” and certified psychopath. Which parent would tolerate a Trump like behavior (erratic, unreliable, untrustworthy, mendacious, dishonest, narcissistic and self-centered…) in his son or daughter? However, a whole nation is putting up daily with such damaging and destructive behavior. How can this be possible? How can this be tolerable? Have we all gone insane?< Less
El Vicario Apostolico Jacinto Vera, Lustro Definitorio en la Historia del Uruguay (1859-1863), Primera Parte By Dario Lisiero
eBook (PDF): $2.50
En la mitad del siglo XIX, se desencadenó en el Uruguay una lucha descomunal entre la corriente liberal masónica y la corriente ultramontana jesuítica. La primera representada en... More > el gobierno de Bernardo P. Berro, y la segunda en el jefe de la Iglesia Católica, el vicario apostólico Jacinto Vera.< Less

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