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eBook (PDF): $2.14
Reading this story makes one feel that every young teenager should have the chance to experience the African wilderness and its savage beauty and excitement. - Set in the Okavango Delta, here is a... More > tale of life and death, the fragile thread that binds us all together. A true rarity , a spell-binding gem of a book to leave children wide-eyed everywhere.< Less
WORM HEAD By Bart Wolffe
eBook (PDF): $3.12
"The idea that the 'insane' and the 'mad' may well have the true insights that the 'sane' do not has a long pedigree (especially when the 'sane' represent the ranks of officialdom). Bart... More > Wolffe's novel features an everyman by the name of John Citizen incarcerated in a Harare lunatic asylum sometime in the 1990's. An alien worm by the name of Varg has invaded John's brain. Varg is the repository of secrets far ahead of our time. As he yields them to John, the latter fears for his sanity. The dim-witted and time-serving beaurocratic representatives of officialdom take him to be insane and commit him to an asylum. As time progresses, John's emotional and psychological delirium clears as he comes to understand his condition. The relationship between parasite and host is transformed into a partnership. In an act of pure altruism, the worm literally turns against its own alien masters and facilitates John's relationship with a psychiatric nurse who provides his redemption. Franco Henwood, for THE ZIMBABWEAN< Less
The Secret of Africa By Bart Wolffe
eBook (PDF): $2.01
Kids, meet Boing and Sproing, the children from Outer-Space and their Robo-cat, "Beeper", always getting them into trouble! The Space twins are visiting Earth and in particular, Africa, in... More > search of adventure and they sure will find it! Here is a journey in 4 books that takes you with our travellers across the length and breadth of the wild continent to solve the mystery of greatest riddle of all time; Mums and Dads with young children - this is the perfect set of four complete books for very-young people all under one cover and especially designed for bedtime-reading. A chapter a time - and you will have them thrilled while waiting for the next cliff-hanging episode each night. Educational and entertaining in extreme and designed especially to be read aloud, a real treasure and treat for youngsters worldwide.< Less
Persona Non Grata By Bart Wolffe
eBook (PDF): $2.99
This collection of stories explores the life of individuals and minorities in an African context. Heightened description of a world of wonder, danger and hidden emotions comes to light at every turn... More > of the page. The white refugee from Mozambique accused of murder, the National Parks Ranger on the run from the ZNA - Zimbabwe National Army, the ex-Rhodesian soldier coming to terms with his past and finding himself crossing the colour barrier of multi-cultural relationships in the process, the Film Professor with an obsession for capturing his victims forever in memory, the alcoholic artist angry with his muse, the young journalist with a personal story that won't make the pages of the daily press: here are several lives that are so much more than characters, fleshed out with passion and individual problems, adjusting to their African context - a lost generation from a white tribe in black Africa, perhaps?< Less
eBook (PDF): $5.41
Well recognised as the leading light in one-man shows in Zimbabwe, here is a collection of the majority of Bart Wolffe's published works for the stage including three two-handers, a thrilling mix of... More > thirteen dramatic pieces with male and female parts that all have a common quality: an intimate exploration of the human condition in the most unique assembly of characters for performance you could possibly ever meet. They are all plays designed to travel, without much fuss, low-cost productions with maximum impact, in comedy and drama, satires and absurdist theatre pieces, physical theatre also; these plays have been performed throughout Southern Africa and in London, Edinburgh and Dublin, used for masterclasses and workshops, for festivals and for main stage venues right through to intimate and private performances in people's homes.< Less
SUNSTROKE By Bart Wolffe
eBook (PDF): $3.32
A radio comedy in the style of a "Faulty Towers" somewhere in Africa, the Mahobohobo Lodge; the Jones Family who manage it, along with their staff, Shumba, Dr Bugs, a stuffed crocodile... More > called "Smiler", Hunters and Greenies, vegetarians and meat-eaters, animals of all kinds, French fashion models and a gay Safari guide, whacky, a walk on the Wild side, wonderfully zany and stupendously silly stuff full of belly-button laughter.< Less
"Rumours in the Wind" By Bart Wolffe
eBook (PDF): $1.56
This enchanting tale of loss of innocence is set in rural Africa. It tells of a young village mute who journeys through hardship and magic to find his voice and his manhood. It is a love story of... More > the most intimate and beautiful kind, a parable of nature and warmth.< Less
FLOTSAM By Bart Wolffe
eBook (PDF): $3.07
An exceptional essay in alienation from the pen of Bart Wolffe, leading playwright, novelist and poet from Zimbabwe, FLOTSAM describes a world of displacement and exile. It invests in a journey to... More > retain identity and contact with a man's roots while attempting to find new reference and hope for the future. Set in London's borough of Camden, we have here an under the skin insight into the struggle facing new emigrants and adjustment to a very different world from a person's original homeland.< Less
FLOTSAM By Bart Wolffe
Paperback: $5.53
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An exceptional essay about displacement and exile, telling of a white African who by force of circumstance, has had to leave his home country, Zimbabwe,behind. Here is an in-depth portrait of the... More > struggle to adjust to a new world completely foreign to his own. Set in London's borough of Camden, here is an insight into the underbelly of society.< Less
Paperback: $8.55
Prints in 3-5 business days
A collection of easily accessible essays from a white African who bears the imprints of the past on his soul and carries his identity into his new life as a voluntary exile from his homeland,... More > Zimbabwe, but remembers the beauty and the unique richness of the land and its people that he left behind. Articles that talk of nature and memory, of politics and beauty, gathered from an alternate travologue to that to which one might be more readily accustomed.< Less