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"Coaching Kids: If Fun Is #1, What Are Numbers 2, 3, ...?" By Keith Michalke
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This is not a typical 'coaching my way' book. In this book, Keith Michalke looks at the purposes of organized sport programs in terms of the wants, needs, and values of kids, parents, and... More > administrators. Studies involving thousands of kids indicate their motivations for participating in organized sports as well as their expectations of coaches. Situations coaches deal with every day are used to illustrate how to put research and theory to practical use. The big question: "Where does 'winning' fit into a sport program?" is answered by kids and leading professionals in the field of sport psychology. This book shows coaches how to put it all together to write a coaching philosophy, a purpose statement for a program, and objectives that put them into action. Simply put: When you understand why kids are participating you will be more effective at how you teach what you teach.< Less
'When'/'Then' Basketball: Simplify Decisions In A Structured Offense By Keith Michalke
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This offense is a players' offense and a coaches' offense. It is easy to teach and learn, fun to play, and gets all players involved. Players with a limited understanding of how to play the game can... More > know what they are trying to accomplish. The basic structure is a patterned continuity that can be repeated without having to reset. It is equally effective versus man-to-man and zones saving coaches time not teaching multiple offenses or unrelated plays. It is adaptable to situations common to the game: in-bounds, quick hitters, delay, etc. Players have more time - and are motivated - to develop individual skills more fully than when learning a play-based offense. This book differs from many books on offensive basketabll in that each chapter explains in simple terms the why not just the what. When players understand what a defense attempts to take away and how the defense will do it, they will be able to anticipate what it will give up and are more likely to react in effective ways.< Less
'When'/'Then' Basketball: Designed Counters In A Structured Offense By Keith Michalke
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Counters are essential in basketball. The Triangle and Post counters make the New Shuffle offense even more effective when defenders anticipate player and ball movement. Players can read/react with... More > the counters or coaches can make strategic decisions about when to use them. They create multiple lay-ups, post-ups, and Hi-Lows as well as mid-range and 3-point looks. When shots aren't open, players can flow back into the NSO without having to “set it up”. These counters can be used with other offenses when there are connections with the player/ball movements in the offense. These counters are great time-savers. The concepts can be transfered to in-bounds situations, quick hitters, delay, last possession, etc. Time saved teaching these counters makes more time available to develop players' skills and gives coaches time to teach players how to play the game!< Less

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