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Heaven's Ridge By David Lewis Paget
Paperback: $14.19
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Three women co-exist uneasily together at Heaven’s Ridge, in the far north of South Australia. The legatees of their Great-Great Grandfather Theodore Schuman, their one pursuit in life is to... More > discover the long lost fortune of their mining forefather. Over 120 years earlier he had gone to South Africa, with a view to dealing in diamonds at the great Kimberley mine. His trip ended badly with his body being returned to South Australia in a barrel of Port, his fortune missing in mysterious circumstances. The arrival of a stranger leads to the unraveling of a series of mysteries that have kept this family in thrall for generations, culminating in murder. David Lewis Paget is a South Australian Poet and Writer who has a number of Narrative Poetry books to his credit, and a previous novel called ‘The Afterdeath’. A student of human nature, his tales are eminently readable, both in Poetry and Prose.< Less
Tales of Wudgi Crossing By David Lewis Paget
Paperback: $12.90
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Beware! Do not read this book unless you are mentally stable and physically fit. The author and publisher accept no responsibility for medical bills relating to ruptured spleens, incontinent bladders... More > or psychiatric disorders arising as a result of ingesting the contents of these pages. This is not a novel, it is a black comedy, a series of stories with a common backdrop, the streets and swamps of Wudgi Crossing. This tiny South Australian town may be searched for unstintingly through the pages of any Gazetteer, the Mobil Series of South Australian Maps, or the murky depths of Arabella Silkenshanks hot nourishing broth. It will not be found. The South Australian Government has always blamed Wudgi Crossing on Victoria, or New South Wales, anyone but the real culprits who were Mick McGurk and his mate Jack Turnip, the latter of whom has a statue to his memory, sitting in a horse trough with a bucket on his head. So you can see what you’re letting yourself in for....< Less
The Afterdeath By David Lewis Paget
Paperback: $14.17
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When James Coverleigh builds a huge mausoleum called 'Valhalla', and attempts to persuade people to give up the burial rite for a permanent place on a shelf, he stimulates the opposition into... More > pursuing their own ideas of new-style burial. Between them they manage to take the dignity out of dying, and turn the state of death into a circus. This is a bizarre foray into the unknown, an irreverent romp through those rituals and institutions we've always taken for granted. Guaranteed to shock, amuse and surprise. A novel of 320 pages.< Less
Dark Harbour By David Lewis Paget
Paperback: $14.32
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Any motorist, stopping for petrol in any South Australian country town, would expect to be welcomed with open arms - WRONG! - Any stranger, in any South Australian country town, could expect full... More > protection from the police - WRONG! - Any woman, visiting a friend at night, in any South Australian country town, could expect to get home again in one piece - WRONG! - Not if that town is DARK HARBOUR! JUST ASK DAMIEN CURTIS! When he pulls in to Dark Harbour late at night, looking for petrol, he meets a drunken driver side on, and watches as his precious possessions float away into the harbour. Forced to stay for the night, he soon discovers that the local inhabitants are more than unfriendly. From the publican to the local cop, he is given to understand that his presence is not welcome there, and in the following days he finds himself subject to all sorts of threats, and these have the effect of making him all the more determined to stay. This decision almost costs him his life.< Less
The Book on the Topmost Shelf By David Lewis Paget
Paperback: $11.60
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Each tale within these pages has unraveled slowly from some tightly rolled secret hoard, stored safely up in the dark locker of an over-active imagination. They descended to pen and keyboard as tiny... More > slivers of plot, character, background, lines, rhymes, imagery and shivery. I was the lucky one chosen to put all those pieces together in some comprehensible and entertaining fashion, that in some future time you, the reader, might pick up this book and read about your own foibles, dreams, schemes, and nightmares. You will meet long-lost friends in these pages, old lovers barely remembered except for the pain of partings, and perhaps darkly forgotten deeds that you had long ago hidden under the pillow of forgetfulness. Whatever you read here, I guarantee that you won’t be bored. 180 pages, 63 Poems, not to be read in the dark.< Less
Taking Root By David Lewis Paget
Paperback: $12.52
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Somewhere out there, in the inky blackness of the stellar night, there is a repository of tales untold, swirling in the darkness, and just waiting to beam down and flow through the ink of a pen onto... More > the page. These are not ordinary tales about ordinary people. Rather they are about an alternative world out there, perhaps hovering on the brink of the improbable, fired by the kinks of a fevered imagination, and driven by events that the laws of time and space would deem to be impossible. Have no expectations of regular outcomes, for the characters involved here don’t live in our well regulated world. Their fate and fortune hangs always by a thread, the vagaries of perversity and chance tipping and tripping them through situations they never imagined could happen to them. Each tale is escapist to some extent, in that you, the reader, may turn your back on the mundane life you live, and lose yourself for a brief moment in these alternative worlds. But at least, you get to come back!< Less
The Mind Catcher By David Lewis Paget
Paperback: $12.62
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The characters in these stories may well haunt your sleeping hours, once you have given yourself up to them, have absorbed their eccentricities and the fables I engineered for them. They do not live... More > as you and I live. Not for them the mundane and repetitive boredom of tiny lives, lived in quiet desperation in the mean streets of our cities. They mainly survive on the edge of their own particular darkness, the bleak forces of nature and unnatural magic creating the circumstances of the horror that defines them. Some do in fact survive, but a crude madness is never very far away, stalking even the best of them.< Less
Pen & Ink By David Lewis Paget
Paperback: $24.37
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This book contains forty years of poetry, from the very earliest beginnings, to the more accomplished work of later years. There was a lot of experimentation in those early years, feeling my way, so... More > to speak. The one constant is rhyme and metre. Even in the very few poems that may look as if they're free form, the metre is there, as is the rhyme. It is the very basis of what I believe poetry to be. At 450 pages, there is an entire life's work laid out here, and in chronological order, so that the reader may himself appreciate the gradual acquisition of skills and confidence. This volume will take you up to, and just short of the Narrative phase I entered from 2006, all of which work is represented in the titles: 'Timepieces', 'At Journey's End', 'The Demon Horse on the Carousel', and recently, 'Poems of Myth & Scare'. Forty years of love, pain, heartache and growth are represented here in 327 richly varied poems. Dip into it and enjoy the journey. David Lewis Paget.< Less
Timepieces - Poems Out of Time & Other Places By David Lewis Paget
Paperback: $11.35
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'Timepieces' is the first volume of Narrative Poetry in a series which began in 2006. This poetry was a departure from the introspective poems contained in 'Pen & Ink'. After 40 years of writing,... More > I decided that I needed a new mountain to climb, and this mountain was the narrative. I had always admired 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' by Coleridge, also 'Kubla Khan' and 'Christabel', unfinished though they were. 'The Raven', by Edgar Allan Poe is one of the greatest in the language, and 'The Highwayman' ranks right up there with it. I realised that most introspective poetry disappeared over time, but the narratives never do. They are welded to our DNA, and will still be read in 100 years. Thus it was that I began to write narratives, and after a very short time realised that I had finally found my niche. 'Timepieces' with 57 poems was the first volume, swiftly followed by 'At Journey's End', 'The Demon Horse on the Carousel', and 'Poems of Myth and Scare'. Let me take you for a ride... David Lewis Paget< Less
At Journey's End By David Lewis Paget
Paperback: $11.09
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Come along on another mind-bending ride with the master of twisted verse, Australian Poet David Lewis Paget. In this continuation of his narrative collection, 'Timepieces', these further tales have... More > lost nothing of the impact of the first collection, and indeed, further explore Gothic, fantasy and humorous themes. Ideal reading for cold winter evenings in darkened rooms. This edition has been extended to 256 pages, 70 poems, and is now available in print form through Lulu for the first time. The author has been likened to Edgar Allan Poe, and with good reason. For a quick thrill or a dark chill, this is the book for you.< Less