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n The image of Man in paleolithic sculpture , his fourth book in the series Shapes in Evolution, Pietro Gaietto introduces his readers to paleolithic anthropomorphic stone... More > sculpture unlocking a world that is not well known because it has been outshined by the beauty of cave paintings which depict animals with color and movement. Pietro Gaietto, an expert in this field of studies, states with passion that paleolithic sculptures are scientifically important because they offer depictions of the heads of extinct humans, including species that are not well known, or not known at all, due to the scarcity of skeletal remains. Presented almost as a teaching manual, with detailed attention to each piece, this study of paleolithic stone sculptures is extremely interesting because Gaietto's discoveries serve to integrate and enlarge studies on the evolution of man's physical traits. Every sculpture is amply illustrated and explained.< Less
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With this book I intend to present a fresh interpretation about man and other living beings such as animals and plants. I have based my observations on the work of intelligent cells and their... More > inventions, implemented in every species, including man, as they fashioned and continue to fashion living organisms. According to the natural sciences man belongs in the animal kingdom.< Less
Dog and Man By Pietro Gaietto
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In this book Pietro Gaietto, archaeologist and artist, documents the life of the domestic dog. He analyzes the many activities in which the dog is used by man for work, including the heaviest tasks.... More > In spite of everything, man's friendship with the dog has never failed, nor has his appreciation for its beauty. In the other half of the world, the dog is also appreciated as a nutritious menu item. The dog is now our close companion and often a pup is castrated to avoid disturbing man with its inconvenient passions!< Less
An Iconography of Western Religions By Pietro Gaietto
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"Offering a great wealth of photographic material, “An Iconography of Western Religions" by Pietro Gaietto reconstructs the origins and iconographic evolution of Western religious... More > images. He has researched the origins and evolution of Paleolithic art which, Gaietto affirms, is the foundation from which Western religious images have evolved. Gaietto’s careful reconstruction allows you to appreciate over time the constant stylistic evolution -- that is, the deformation of images which from time to time has produced a new type of beauty. The thrust of the book concerns three-dimensional art and the evolution of Western religions.< Less
Horse and Wheel By Pietro Gaietto
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Pietro Gaietto is an archaeologist of prehistory and art history. He has documented the horse’s origins from its wild state in the paleolithic when man hunted it for food, to its domestication... More > and friendship with man. he discusses the invention of the wheel, wheeled transport and the splendor of carriages.< Less
Erotism and Religion By Pietro Gaietto
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The author uses works by the greatest artists in the Greco-Roman, Renaissance, and post-Renaissance periods in order to analyze the development of female sexual iconography from an evolutionary and... More > scientific point of view. An interpretation of the erotic aspects of the works is firmly based on analytic and realistic observations of the subject 's depiction by the artist, and principally how movement, body postures, and glances have been rendered.< Less
Phylogensesis of Beauty By Pietro Gaietto
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Phylogenesis of beauty by Pietro Gaietto is a scientific treatise on the origins and general evolutionary outcome of beauty, from the beginning of the world to the present. Beauty has never before... More > been the object of scientific study, nor has its evolution. Gaietto has integrated human products, including art, into the general evolution of beauty in nature, noting that man's object follow the same rules of evolutionary transformation found in organic and inorganic physical forms. Gaietto's hypothesis on the transformation of beauty concerns all the kingdoms of nature as they have appeared in chronological order from the earliest geological ages, and as discovered by geologists, paleontologists, and paletnologists. The book's scientific analysis of beauty in human artifacts excludes questions of quality, even if they exist, as well as the idea of ugliness, because man intentionally produces only beautiful things.< Less
Origin Of Man By Pietro Gaietto
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In this book prehistoric archaeologist Pietro Gaietto reviews 200 years of research on prehistoric man, tracing the two-million year journey from Homo habilis to modern man. Comparing skeletal... More > remains and skulls with Paleolithic stone sculptures helps explain how different human civilizations came about and prevailed, in parallel or in association. The book uses skeletal finds to explain how one human species overlapped with another. In addition, little-known anthropomorphic sculpture from the Paleolithic is presented to illustrate the physical evolution of man and aspects of prehistoric behavior similar to modern man, with a careful consideration of how human intelligence evolved.< Less
Happiness - Life's important moment By Pietro Gaietto
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Pietro Gaietto, archaeologist, artist and essayist, recalled that happiness is repeated many times in people's lives. In his youth, happiness was a consequence of his important discoveries of... More > bifacial anthropomorphic lithic sculpture of the ancient Stone Age (Paleolithic). In another period he found happiness exploring new styles of shapes and colors in his activity as an artist. On other occasions happiness came from making new friends.< Less
La molletta pinzante By Pietro Gaietto
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L’affascinante storia della molletta da bucato, in chiave estetica, partendo dalle prime mollette in legno tipo Lee per proseguire con quelle a molla di acciaio in legno e poi in plastica, tipo... More > Smith. La storia ha inizio negli Stati Uniti d’America e si propaga in tutto il mondo, giungendo a coinvolgere, con la bellezza del design, l’arredamento e l’arte.< Less

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