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The Plaintive Numbers By Gavin Macdonald
eBook (PDF): $5.66
A financier, who is proposing to write his autobiography, is found murdered with a visiting card in his hand. Sergeant Alistair MacRae is astounded when Chief Inspector Ian Forsyth is able to deduce... More > that the hand had originally held a playing card and is able to name the people who placed the cards in the hand. Suspicion for the murder falls on the financier's four university friends, now respectable citizens, whose careers would be blighted if revelations of youthful indiscretions were now revealed. When an attempt is made to steal what exists of the manuscript, Forsyth and MacRae are convinced that the son of the financier knows more about the crime than he is confessing. When the son is murdered in a room where the window is securely fastened and the door under the surveillance of a policeman, all MacRae and the rest of the squad can come up with is that the policeman was bribed. But Forsyth, by the use of logical deduction, is able to arrive at a solution that explains the impossible crime.< Less
Publish and be Dead By Gavin Macdonald
eBook (ePub): $4.98
A detective novel in the tradition of classic whodunnits. An Edinburgh publisher is murdered in an apparently motiveless crime in an office where the window is fastened and the door locked on the... More > inside. Two possible clues are the wrong date on the desk calendar and the piece of plastic found in the dead man's hand. When the firm's accountant is killed at the wake, DCI Ian Forsyth solves the mysteries in masterly fashion by the use of logical deduction. The story is told by Forsyth's put-upon sergeant, Alistair MacRae< Less
The Crime Committee By Gavin Macdonald
eBook (ePub): $4.98
Sergeant MacRae's first case with Chief Inspector Ian Forsyth, explaining their odd relationship and giving a humorous insight into the Scottish university scene. A lecturer is murdered in Inverforth... More > University and MacRae is appalled when Forsyth lets an academic committee loose on the investigation, making a bet with the University's Principal on who will solve the crime. A second murder occurs and MacRae is in despair, fearing for his job, when an academic admits he has solved the mystery and the other two say likewise. But it emerges each has fastened on a clue relevant to his own discipline and they have come to three different solutions. Forsyth again triumphs by using logical deduction to name the killer.< Less
Passport to Perdition By Gavin Macdonald
eBook (ePub): $4.62
An old school friend of Detective Sergeant Alistair MacRae of the Lothian and Borders Police appeals to him for help after he and his girl friend are subjected to a series of harassing incidents. ... More > MacRae is able to ensure that the harassment comes to an end and, in the process of doing so, is led to the identity of the person who can tell him where an infamous fraudster is enjoying his ill-gotten gains. Along with Detective Chief Inspector Ian Forsyth, he goes to arrest the fraudster only to find that the man is dead after apparently being subjcted to violent torture. MacRae and his squad arrive at the name of the man that they think is responsible for that and another death. But Forsyth shows that they have got it wrong and, by the use of logical deduction, is able to arrive at the name of the guilty party.< Less
Bow At a Venture By Gavin Macdonald
eBook (ePub): $4.98
When a body with no identity is found in an Edinburgh hotel, Detective Chief Inspector Ian Forsyth is able to deduce that the body has not been killed in that room and find out the name of the dead... More > man, who was a faith healer. The wife of the healer is then murdered at a function to celebrate the life of the dead man. Finally, another member of the faith healing entourage is murdered by being shot in the back with an arrow during an archery contest and is found with a Xmas light in his hand. D C Collins, and the rest of the murder squad separately, come up with two different solutions. But it is left to Forsyth to arrive, by logical deduction, at the one and only solution that explains all the anomalies, why the last victim was killed in the way that he was and why he had the light bulb in his hand.< Less
Bloody and Invisible Hand By Gavin Macdonald
eBook (ePub): $4.98
While DCI Ian Forsyth is on holiday, DS Alistair MacRae has to lead the squad in an investigation of the murders of three ex-Army personnel from a unit that operated in Northern Ireland during the... More > Troubles. The first murder takes place during a reunion in a student residence in Edinburgh, the second in the ex-captain's house near the city and the third on a common close by. The second and third murders appear to have been committed by an invisible killer. MacRae believes that he can explain the first two murders but is completely baffled by the third. It falls to Forsyth, on his return from holiday, to arrive at a solution to all three murders by the use of logical deduction and to provide tangible evidence that his solution is the correct one.< Less

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