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Finishing School By David Bruce
Paperback: $13.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
It is March 1944, and while Bomber Command’s campaign of attrition bombing against Germany is at its bloody height, Flight Lieutenant Hugh MacKay is allowed to return to operations after a long... More > interval, having sustained serious injuries in a horrific crash the previous year. His first task; to take command of a sprog crew which has just lost their pilot and to guide these young men through their final stage of training at Lancaster Finishing School. His next task; to bring them through their first operation alive – or perish in the attempt. MacKay, for whom nothing but the operational life now exists, has an outlook as bleak as the war-torn skies over Germany, but the sudden arrival of a woman in his life challenges his simple assumptions. Will fate be the final arbiter as he leads his crew on their first main force operation – the RAF’s ‘Big Chop’ night – the disastrous raid on Nuremberg?< Less
Prototype By David Bruce
Paperback: $17.60
Prints in 3-5 business days
March, 1942. While British forces everywhere in the world are on the retreat, John Wren is completing the construction of the most powerful fighter prototype in existence. But the Ministry seems... More > unimpressed and cancels it. Wren takes his case to the only man in the country who has the power to save his aircraft. Churchill realises that Wren’s aircraft could be turned into the long-range bomber escort he needs to support the allied bombing campaign that is to be a vital part of his ‘Germany first’ policy, but as Wren throws himself into the task the challenges grow. His test pilot brother is injured; high-level opposition emerges mysteriously; and the new test pilot sent by the RAF seems bent on self-destruction. Technical and personal crises abound as Wren pushes his machine through a gruelling test schedule; and towards a critical demonstration. With officialdom and fate dealing him blows at every turn, will Wren ever see his fighter engage the enemy? (See “Assassin” for the sequel)< Less
Assassin By David Bruce
Paperback: $19.42
Prints in 3-5 business days
(The sequel to “Prototype”) December, 1942. The air war is intensifying, but Britain has yet to get a firm grasp of the technology that could make all the difference - the jet-engine. ... More > So, the Prime Minister gives a small aircraft company a challenge: a new jet fighter prototype within a year - or bust. The prototype flies, but has a serious flaw and is threatened with relegation to experimental work. The solution? - banish it to Scotland for intensive operational testing while the politics are sorted out. For test pilot Peter Wren, veteran of the Great War and the Spanish Civil War, the task of leading a team of crack Mosquito crews and a pair of Jive-crazy Mustang pilots would be tough enough without having to cope with their personal problems - and his own feelings for the widow of an American fighter pilot. But the combat worthiness of the fighter is proved in ways that were never anticipated, and when a deadly threat to the USAAF bombing campaign emerges, the “Assassin” is ready...< Less
Falcon By David Bruce
Paperback: $11.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Tirpitz is no longer alone, another warship now threatens the Arctic convoys… When Commander Ian Fleming of the Naval Intelligence Department receives word from the Norwegian resistance... More > that a German auxiliary cruiser has arrived in a northern fjord, he knows that this potential fleet-in-being could mean big trouble for the Arctic convoys. An answer may lie in a complex new weapon, if only he can contrive the necessary political support. It is a challenge that the maverick officer cannot resist. When Flight Lieutenant Hugh MacKay and his bomber crew are posted to RAF Banff, the pressure is on for him and the others in the project team to get the Falcon in a state of readiness for operation “Divine Bitch” as quickly as possible. However, the testing proves far from easy and has not proceeded far before the threat posed by the cruiser becomes real…< Less
Night of the Whirlwind By David Bruce
Paperback: $17.47
Prints in 3-5 business days
June, 1943. Immense German and Russian armies face each other across the fortifications of the Kursk salient. Whoever wins the impending battle will win the war in the east; and the smallest factor... More > could be the one that turns the tide. For the Prime Minister, that small factor could be a German Panzer general visiting France; if he can be eliminated then the Russians might stand a much better chance of winning. But removing a high-ranking enemy officer in too obvious a manner could compromise ULTRA, the highly secret code-breaking operation that revealed the officer’s location in the first place. Churchill has first to convince MI6 that the result will be worth the risk. With the outcome of a war hanging in the balance, what better plan than to give the mission to a handful of intruder pilots flying near obsolete aircraft? (See “Prototype” and “Assassin” for other books by the same author)< Less

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