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100 Conspirators By James Desborough
eBook (PDF): $9.34
A companion volume to 100 Conspiracies detailing the powers behind the various plots and schemes in that book.
Agents of S.W.I.N.G. Hardcover Edition By James Desborough
eBook (PDF): $10.36
Agents of SWING is a FATE-powered Spy-Fi adventure game in which you take on the part of secret agents, working throughout the world in the 1960s and 70s to avert catastrophe, punish evildoers and... More > stop the two superpowers from annihilating each other. A slimmed down and sped up version of FATE, derived from Cubicle 7's Starblazer Adventures, SWING simplifies the system and lets you get right into the action. There are rules for agents, villains, henchmen and goons. There are rules for coming up with nefarious organisations, hints and tips on how to run the game (including a 'plot stress' adventure structure) and a ton of starting level PCs so that you can pick up and play right out of the book. A hit during playtesting at UK conventions, now you can finally get your hands on Agents of SWING and start laying into the enemies of humanity. Just do it with STYLE.< Less
Blood!: The Roleplaying Game of Modern Horror - HARDBACK EDITION By James Desborough
eBook (PDF): $11.66
A gratuitous and visceral horror RPG for modern roleplaying. HARDBACK EDITION
Ace of Hearts By James Desborough
eBook (PDF): $2.04
Ol' Rose is dyin' of the consumption. Rose's House, the finest - and only - cathouse in the town of Jezebel is up for grabs. It's every girl for herself and only one can earn the deed to the house... More > and Rose's stash of gold all to herself. A rootin', tootin', moochin', adversarial story game for 2+ players. No GM. Pack of cards needed. Poker chips or beads needed.< Less
100 Fantasy Kingdoms By James Desborough
eBook (PDF): $7.78
100 ideas for countries and locations for fantasy games, perfect for world building or for the GM who is stuck.
100 Dark Places By James Desborough
eBook (PDF): $9.34
Following on from 100 Planets, 100 Dark Places details a hundred different horror locations, the terrible things that dwell within each one of them and a handful of adventure seeds to get the... More > Gamesmaster's mind ticking over. Just what you need to kickstart your imagination or to come up with an adventure or campaign for modern horror on short notice.< Less
Lady Bexington's Home for Wayward Zombies By James Desborough
Paperback: $9.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
A cooperative boardgame of zombie herding and capture for 1-6 players. Can you recapture the undead while retaining a due sense of Victorian decorum and etiquette? We shall see...
Invaderz By James Desborough
eBook (PDF): $4.68
Greetings Jerkian warrior elite! Know this, that your very existence is down to the orders of our Portly Potentate and that without him, you would not exist. Your very conception, in the clone tanks... More > of Clonius, is ordained by his Obese Omnipotence and from very that moment you owe him your life, your servitude and your loyalty. To be a soldier in the glorious army of the Jerkian Empire is perhaps the best fate that can befall lowly matter in this universe. The Jerkian Empire is all-conquering, all powerful, has the best uniforms, the most advanced weaponry and the greatest leader the galaxy has ever known. Nothing can stand in our way and you, even as lowly as you are, can die knowing you are serving a far greater cause and a far superior people to any other in the universe!< Less
Colony: Moon By James Desborough
Paperback: $10.33
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
A cooperative (or competetive) story game about founding a Moon colony, making it succeed and opening up the way to the rest of the solar system. Players take on the parts of 'The Board' and make... More > decisions about the future of the colony, expending political capital and gaining prestige when their plans work.< Less
Blood!: The Roleplaying Game of Modern Horror By James Desborough
Paperback: $23.45
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
A gratuitous and visceral horror RPG for modern roleplaying.

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