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Over the Edge By Mike Crowson
eBook (PDF): $1.19
The body of Veronic Dobson was was found, murdered and dumped near Grazalema in Spain ... her father in law Nathanial Dobson was found in an unlikely suicide at Witchmoor Edge, near Bradford in... More > Yorkshire, the next day. Veronica's husband disappeared and her nephew Mark was the last one to see either of them alive - except the killer, if it wasn't Mark. DI. Millicent Hampshire follows her instincts to Spain and, aided by her team, her highly psychic friend Tobias N'Dibe, Louis Hortez of the Spanish Guardia Civil and her own psychic abilities, untangles a complex web of people smuggling, drugs, money laundering and murder to finally drive the guilty ... 'Over the Edge"< Less
Deadlier Than The Male By Mike Crowson
Paperback: List Price: $9.02 $7.22 | You Save: 20%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Deadlier Than The Male Thirteen more short stories that launched 11 novels and another collection of shorts, about the mixed race Detective Inspector Millicent Hampshire and the Witchmore Edge CID.... More > The stories had their roots in a family competition to think up mystery stories with all the clues for solving them. The reader still has all the clues and may be able to guess the solutions … or not! A man drowned in a locked bathroom; a serial killer where every murder looked like an accident; a carefully planned illusion; a perfect robbery with a tiny flaw; two slightly less than perfect alibis and two women scorned – are all part of a collection of lightweight but entertaining mysteries about a female detective much deadlier than the male of the species.< Less
Leading Edge By Mike Crowson
eBook (PDF): $1.19
Where there's a will there's a motive! And an apparently wealthy man offers to leave everything to his live-in lover - but only if she agrees to marry him. No sooner are they married and the will... More > signed than BOTH are killed in a suspicious car crash. Chief Inspector Cooke is off and DS Lucy Turner is acting up a rank, so she's concerned to solve the puzzle of who killed them and why. Ulla was fiddling her husband/boss and he was a crook anyway ... but who wanted both of them dead? Those with access had no motive and the suspects all had alibis. A complicated and fast moving story starts in Witchmoor Edge, involves DI Millicent Hamsphire and her psychic friend Tobias N'Dibe and ends with more murder and a wild chase across the Swedish Winter.< Less
Edgeways On By Mike Crowson
eBook (PDF): $3.14
What is the connection between the unidentified corpse of a north African on a forestry trail up a mountainside in a Spanish National Park, a birdwatcher on horseback, a red motorbike, 2 missing... More > British tourists, and a shoot-out at a filling station? Sergeant Luis Hortez of the Guardia Civil in Grazalema thinks things out and examines a puzzle from every angle, including 'Edgeways On'. On this occasion he refuses to be put off by a rather pompous stand-in chief who thinks he has the answer and finds ways to follow up alternative leads.< Less
Only the Darkness By Mike Crowson
eBook (PDF): $1.58
Only the Darkness Gill has a safe way of exploring past lives ... but when Concha tries it she experiences an excerpt from the life of the woman who will be her daughter, living in a world of... More > worsening environmental conditions, she tries to change the future by getting her friend Eugene to undertake some genetic engineering for his doctorate. When Concha experiences a glimpse of her great granddaughter Ana’s life nothing has changed - why not? What has happened to Eugene’s project? The question is whether Concha saw ‘the’ future or just ‘a’ future or whether she caused the future she saw. Duplicity and double dealing, greed and lust for wealth and riches at the expense of the world at large may make an exciting story and certainly demand all Gill and Steve’s resourcefulness - breaking into the university genetics department and passing information to an environmental organisation.< Less
Cat Burglar By Mike Crowson
Paperback: List Price: $9.88 $7.90 | You Save: 20%
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
When 15 year old Tanya Grant reports a burglary to the police and claims the two youths are missing, the little old lady who answers the door with dozens of cats says there hasn't been a break in... More > … but several other undesirable delinquents have disappeared in the same area. The police are quite independently investigating an apparently motiveless murder and the strange re-appearance of a business woman who has lost her memory and a lucrative IT contact during an inexplicable three week absence. What do these event have in common? Neither DCI Millicent Hampshire nor DI Lucy Turner can see a connection, but the very psychic 16 year old Chelsey Bradon, her mongrel dog Scruffy and her 'uncle' Toby – the occultist Tobias N'Dibe – can. A fire, a runaway truck, several deaths and a couple of explosions later, Millicent and Lucy can too!< Less
The Female of the Species By Mike Crowson
eBook (PDF): $1.19
16 Short stories involving the psychic, mixed race detective Millicent Hampshire from Witchmoor Edge in the north of England ... the woman who turns up alive when her husband is doing time for her... More > murder ... the man found dead in a wood with no sign of how he got there ... a suicide that turned out to be murder and a 'murder' that turned out to be suicide.< Less
Terminal Download By Mike Crowson
Paperback: List Price: $11.26 $10.13 | You Save: 10%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Lieutenant Luis Hortez of the Spanish police is faced with 3 dead Brits in an execution-style killing in southern Spain and another Brit missing! There's no obvious motive, but investigation shows... More > that he's both an IT specialist and known G8, G20 and anti-capitalist protester. It also shows the missing woman was using the identity of an IT security specialist with a firm of investment bankers. A teenage hacker working for the Guardia Civil in Spain and a Superintendent from the UK's Serious Fraud Office both suggest that something big will happen soon ... but what and when? The race is on. The hunt is on and it ends as it started - with violence.< Less
Witchmoor Edge By Mike Crowson
eBook (PDF): $0.99
The Body of Simon Hunter is dragged from the canal after a warehouse fire - but he didn't drown. Someone had smashed his skull with a blunt object - but he was already dead from a morphine... More > overdose! Hunter was a charmng but unpleasant crook who beat up his wife ... who was a nurse. He cheaterd a colleague out of £1000s ... and the colleague's wife was a doctor. He exploited an IT specialist in a merchant bank to get inside information, had an affair with her and got her hooked on drugs ... and her brother is a hospital pharmacist. Formidavle mixed-race D.I. Millicent Hampshire has a lot of motive, a lot of opportunity and some dodgy alibis, so who did kill Simon Hunter and why? It's a good thing she's psychic and has the help of her even more psychic friend, Tobias N'Dibe,< Less
On Edge By Mike Crowson
eBook (PDF): $0.99
D.I. Millicent Hampshire is a formidable, part Afro-Caribbean and very pyschic detective from Witchmoor Edge CID, haunted by a nightmare of the ETA car bomb that killed her Spanish policeman husband... More > years ago. This time it's triggered by her assignment to discover who planted the bomb in a tunnel a women's peace camp was building beneath Menwith Hill US anti-missile base in northern England. Millicent's own psi skills and those of her even more psychic friend Tobias N'Dibe, help her to close in on the bombers - but they turn on her. In a frantic last minute race against, Millicent is fortunate to have friends like Tobias N'Dibe, FBI Agent Wes Donnelly and her sidekick, D.S. Lucy Turner.< Less

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