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An ungodly quest spawned deep in the Caves of Medmenham in the 18C. - A marriage of Dionysian Dismemberment cults and German Supremist philosophy in emerging 20C offers mass sacrifice on Flanders... More > Killing Fields and by Nazi atrocities to invoke the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to invoke prophesies of the Book of Revelations, The Rapture-The Tribulation-The End Time; create a New World Order ruled over by 'The New Man', the Anti-Christ. A reformed occult sect, Hindenburg Society led by the 'Chosen Man', an octogenarian multi-media mogul planning his Great End Plan. A global descent into the black chaos of extreme terrorism that threatens Third World War, Britain gripped in mass public riots and disorder. Two brothers branded by a family shame, a Great War veteran witness to the Angel of Mons, and an enigmatic investigative journalist with a secret agenda launch a desperate, violent confrontation with the End Timers and the ultimate atrocity, 'HELLFIRE'.< Less
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Ex Detective Chief Inspector 'Sandy' Sanderson may have been gored to death by his own guard dogs, but it was still murder. An unknown marksman, 'The Last Tramp', is compiling a roll call of the... More > dead. Old mysteries and conspiracies have violently resurfaced and threaten former policemen, gangsters and mercenaries, unaware of their part in a history best not told; DI Andy Wallace, a displaced Scotsman of misplaced humour; Edgar Marshall, private soldier, survivor of an Angolan prison from Hell; 'Mad' Lennie Lester, 1960's gangster, torturer, wrongly convicted of the murder of his old Boss, Jack 'Handle' Stein, who's ghost has returned to haunt them. Only the cold-blooded extraction of the 'grisly secrets of gruesome old men' from the Fat American may save them. But a heavy price must be paid as a terrible truth awaits them on a South London sink estate primed to explode with racial tension.< Less
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'The MP, The Madame, And A Dodgy Russian' Kristina Keillor is running for her life from the killer with big hands.Already there is a trail of dead working girls behind her.She is next on the list.But... More > she has a gun. As the casualties mount,big Jerry Keller, a lucky survivor,searches to find and protect her.A promise kept. Naughty goings-on at the 'Knock-Out' club in Mayfair, managed by thuggish ex-World Boxing Champion Frankie Hills, threaten to blast open the closed circle that is the Establishment.Geoffrey Gerrard, alcoholic old Fleet Street hack, sniffs a story that could restore his old glory.Or not. Prime Minister Andrew Booth is struggling to survive - scandal and much worse.Beset by weakness and treachery all around, his fate is in the cold grasp of fugutive oligarch Stanislav Vasiliev with murder and assassination on his hands; who will commit any atrocity to purchase his ticket home to Russia and a peace pact with would-be President Vladimir Putin....At a terrible price London could never afford.< Less
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Victoria Stoner and daughter Samantha, are condemned by callous cruelty to traumatised and broken lives.Plagued by nightmares of such intensity, she fears they are visions of a past, buried deep in... More > her tortured soul. A need to burrow into the surreal confusions of her troubled mind, propels her through a savage blood-line too shocking to believe. Drawn ever closer to a curse that has stalked her family tree, Victoria is led on a precarious path by an aged psychologist, best not underestimated, and an enigmatic, little Wise Woman, who features large in the tumultuous events that now crowd in around her. Her quest to expose her bloody roots entangles with an escalating campaign to resist an invasive, corrupt, commercial enterprise, threatening to steal away what little remains of their former, happy lives. A desperate stand that draws herself and Samantha into a stunning conclusion of merciless confrontation with a malevolent foe, that forges a circle of predetermined fate in the flames of ancient wrath.< Less
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2005:Bodmin Moor,Cornwall,Ewan Hurd was raised an orphan.An unknown twin brother has traced their genealogy.A dark family history of pursuit by the Thief-Taker in a campaign to eradicate their... More > bloodline.Hunted himself for murder, an enigmatic American girl reveals an amazing tale of 'Jack' an 18C ancestor who founded a dynasty, a family tree with roots embedded on both sides of the Atlantic.< Less

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