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The Perky Polka-Dotted Poodle By Harry Highstreet
eBook (PDF): $2.19
Test how you pronounce the letter 'p' on this journey with a playful poodle and his pot-pourris of plentiful partners. This is a P-word book in the Read Aloud Series.
Pepe the Puppet from Paree By Harry Highstreet
eBook (PDF): $2.50
Pepe is on his way to an exciting career on the marionette stage where he will meet others in the cast of players, and enjoy the applause of chldren. But he doesn't know that all his dreams are... More > suddenly subject to a grave error. Find out how he manages to overcome the obstacles.< Less
The Peculiar Hobby of Sir Harold Horace Handley By Harry Highstreet
eBook (PDF): $2.31
Sir Harold Horace Handley has a very peculiar hobby. He collects things. But they have to be very special. Whenever an object in his possession is missing, for whatever reason, he must go out to... More > find a new special item to fill the vacancy in his collection. His adventure begins on the day of his discovery that an object is missing.< Less
The Skimble-Scamble Soiree of the Skua and the Skink By Harry Highstreet
eBook (PDF): $2.19
Skimble-scamble may be defined, among other things, as nonsensical. A soiree (pronounced swaa-ree)is a social gathering, usually with a purpose in mind. A skua is a predatory gull, growing as long as... More > two feet. A skink may be defined as a harmless, usually smooth-scaled lizard, about six inches long. Because this story involves a rather nonsensical encounter between a large, hungry gull and a small, timid lizard, it is thus described as The Skimble-Scamble Soiree of the Skua and the Skink.< Less
Artie the Artistic Aardvark By Harry Highstreet
eBook (PDF): $2.50
Artie is an Aardvark with three problems. He doesn't like ants. He is an artist without a studio. And, oil paints will not stick to his tongue. This is an A-word book in the Read Aloud Series.
The Wise Old Owl By Harry Highstreet
eBook (PDF): $2.19
What makes an old owl wise? Is it the size? Or, maybe the eyes? Enter the world of this wise old owl and maybe you'll find out about the owl's claim to fame.
Korky Koala's Karma By Harry Highstreet
eBook (PDF): $4.38
Koalas on Kangaroo Island knuckle down to keep knockabouts from kicking Koalas off the island creating a kidnapping caper a kookaburra would find crazy.
Luigi Lamb Loves Lasagna By Harry Highstreet
eBook (PDF): $3.75
Luigi Lamb loves lasagna longing for each lush lunch it provides. Not like lazy lambs laying on the landscape, Luigi leaps into action when lobo launches lunches by stealing a little lamb.
Mister Toop's Toupee By Harry Highstreet
eBook (PDF): $2.19
Mister Toop loses his toupee but in a desperate attempt to capture it, his failure leads to something which he finds out to be much nicer. This is a Read Aloud Series book.
Eddie Elephant's Education By Harry Highstreet
eBook (PDF): $2.50
What do you do when you discover you are a White Elephant and nobody wants you? Eddie Elephant has that very problem and sets out to find some solution. Eddie elects education as an essential... More > element in his search for edification. This is the E-Letter book in the Read Aloud Series.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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Bootstrap Student Workbook Bootstrap Student... By Emmanuel Schanzer et al.
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