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The 44th Protocol By Andreas Polydorou
Paperback: $18.34
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The 44th Protocol This book is concerned with the efforts of a British male spy working together with a Russian female spy to resolve the big mystery surrounding Protocol 44 in the Argentinian... More > Special Branch. They found that the reason the Argentinians were so secretive was because they made a revolutionary discovery based on a plant in the Aconcagua forest. This plant acquired through a mutation the property of anti-gravity and made it float in air. Utilising this plant the Argentinians built a very powerful aircraft which they used to attack the Falkland Islands. But the British Secret Service and Members of the Government already knew about the Argentinian plans because the British spy discovered the secret plans before the assault on the Falklands. This is a book for the elite reader who enjoys spy fiction and Science fiction at its best. Published by ABC Publications London First published 2013 For comments< Less
Short Stories By Andreas Polydorou
Paperback: $15.63
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A unique mixture of true stories with Fiction, Science Fiction and with Ideas on Principles and Ideologies
Al Qaeda Hits London By Andreas Polydorou
eBook (PDF): $9.95
This is a book about love. This is a book about hate. This is a book about revenge. It contrasts sensitivity and true love with the animal instincts of hate and revenge on other human beings. The... More > love scenes are quite explicit. It is also a presentation of the historical events concerning the Palestinian problem that for the last fifty years has led to the death of tens of thousands of people and at the moment appears as if there is no end to it. It may be argued that this book can be used as a manual for terrorists who want to blow up London due to the extensive research undertaken by the author. However the author believes that any terrorist organisation would do the same kind of research before undertaking such a campaign of terror. It is so easy to do so. Therefore the author argues that this book could be used as a guide to the police to realize the vulnerability of London to terrorism.< Less
Tumultuous Years By Andreas Polydorou
Paperback: $16.10
Prints in 3-5 business days
Events in Cyprus immediately before,, during and after the invasion of Cyprus by Turkey in 1974. The events described in this book are my personal experiences. I found myself in Cyprus one week... More > before the coup d’état and I left Cyprus three months later. I describe here what happened during this period in Cyprus. On two occasions I came close to losing my life in this conflict. I also express my opinion based on my observations as to what actually happened in the background amongst the politicians and especially those responsible for the horrific events of 1974. In many ways “Tumultuous Years” can be regarded as a sequel to “Innocent Years”, the book that describes life and events in Cyprus during the 50’s.< Less
My Party is my Country By Andreas Polydorou
Paperback: $16.83
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Politics in Cyprus during the Seventies and early eighties. This is an "Accuse" against many of the Cypriot Politicians who showed more interest in their parties or individual careers then... More > in the solution of the Cyprus Problem.< Less
Civilisation, Culture, Civility By Andreas Polydorou
Paperback: $5.12
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An exposé of present day Society and a comparison with ancient civilisations. Dr Andreas Polydorou established himself as a thinker over the years through his various sophisticated writings... More > and lectures around the world. This booklet contains the text of a lecture that he has presented on numerous occasions in various countries. It presents a strong challenge to the norm on our thinking concerning our apparently civilised Society. It is certainly a very interesting and fascinating thesis on this subject. Arthur Johnson, Freelance Journalist< Less
Evolution - a Dual Process By Andreas Polydorou
Paperback: $22.63
Prints in 3-5 business days
Review by S. Smith (Author, Scientific Reviewer) ….Scrumptious mind-fodder. Complex scientific theories are dished up in an exemplary easy-to-read manner, both in the language used and in the... More > layout on the page. This is popular science at its best, his hypotheses argued with enthusiasm, his every supportive example being in itself highly informative and entertaining. ….Excellent. Reads like being given a series of talks by one's favourite professor. Not only does the author deliver up, in entertaining and diverting fashion, scientific history, he works into it the narrative of his own journey of discovery, confesses his trepidations when going against accepted opinion, thus involving us in his temerity and gets us willing him on. Where scientific terms are unavoidable he explains them succinctly in layman's terms. And, in acknowledging that much of life is yet a mystery, so open is he about his own doubts that the reader soon learns to trust his every assertion as a genuinely held belief.< Less
Evolution - a Dual Process By Andreas Polydorou
eBook (PDF): $15.23
In this book I present a Hypothesis that Evolution is a dual process: Ordinary Darwinian Evolution plus another process which forms part of my Hypothesis. This is based on a proposed new RNA. This... More > book considers various unexplained observed phenomena associated with Darwinian evolution and presents a new Hypothesis through which these problems are analysed and possible solutions provided. My Hypothesis does not reject Darwinian evolution. In fact I stress the fact that Darwinian evolution is necessary in the creation of new species and I explain in more detail as to how this is achieved. My Hypothesis simply complements Darwinian evolution in trying to resolve the difficulties that are encountered in the further development of a species towards perfection and enhancement of its chances for survival.< Less
Innocent Years By Andreas Polydorou
eBook (PDF): $9.95
The History of Cyprus in the 1950's.

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