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Pen Dragon. Ink By Edward Kelley
eBook (PDF): $3.34
This is a sample brochure of prose and poems showcasing the published works of contemporary mystic Edward Kelley.
Songs for Prophets, Poems for Ghost By Edward Kelley
eBook (PDF): $3.98
Finally, after four years of trial and error, three editors and sevral near death expierences, this book has been edited and polished into an near acceptable bookstore quality. A work I am now proud... More > to say that I created for the world to enjoy as I clawed my way up and out of a hellish dark night of the soul. For those who prayed for me, I thank you. This anthology of poetry and song is not only dedicated to the hermit within, but to the human quest for the ascension of spirit. Within these pages are some of my tributes to the worlds spiritual masters, free thinkers and messengers of peace and unity. From the Zen Master T.D Suzuki to the Goddess of mercy Kuan Yin, from the Native American Prophet Black Elk Speaks to John Lennon, each one of these people have had something to offer the world in the name of Love, peace and life. They have done so, selflessly in the light for the only purpose of leading humanity to a higher level of conscious awareness.< Less
Giants, Scary Beast and Rebellious Daughters. By Edward Kelley
eBook (PDF): $6.50
I am just happy to say that this is yet another anthology of poetry scribbled out in the pre-dawn, "wee" morning hours of sleepless mist. With a cup of coffee near by, this was the poetry... More > that came to pass. It all came about as I was compiling the "Confessions of a Caffeine Junkie". Yes, after all the poetry I had written about being bored with poetry I was still scribing, scratching and scribbling away at my nothingness. So, as you can see, out of that nothingness, we ended up with something, in the name of love, light and art. Enjoy< Less
The Tao of Pitch Forking Poets By Edward Kelley
eBook (PDF): $6.20
This book is the tale of my spiritual awakening from 1990 to 2003, chronicled into a form that I call “word art“. In regards to the title, it was during the years of 2002 to 2004, the... More > opposition that I had received from life, while attempting to publish this book of poetry was so overwhelming that I had a nervous break down. I was "pitch forked" by my karma. Since I first published this book in 2004, I have had three strokes rendering me partially blind, a 7.5cm arortic aneurysm over my heart, corrected along with a thoric vavle replacement in August of 2007. To top it all off, I was diagnosed with renal cancer as well... All of this time, I was fighting to live. In these years past I have no regrets within regards to the events that unfolded. I am thankfull that I have had a chance to share this with you. This book is for my family, an anthology of poetry and journal excerpts printed in a lasting format that everybody can enjoy. Peace be.< Less
The Madman from Pendragon Hill By Edward Kelley
eBook (PDF): $3.00
The Madman from Pendragon Hill is an anthology of prose and poetry composed while I was waiting to undergo open heart and renal surgery in the year of 2007. Inspired by the passions and frustrations... More > that my wife and I had experienced while trying to prove to a slue of doubtful doctor’s that I was dying a premature death. This is an excerpt from "The Tao of Pichforking Poets II". A prophetic poem that tells the plight of wrongly persecuted and wounded soul suffering from a broken heart. The soul of a poet who is rescued from Hell and healed with a kiss from The Holy Mother, My Holy Spirit of Conscious Wisdom (if I may. The prophecy can be found in these very words: (A kiss to your tattered eye I shall lend /Your heart I shall mend,/ Wounds, inflictions of mortal flesh/they will find their end/ Love is the continuum for all that live.)< Less
The Confessions of a Caffeine Junkie By Edward Kelley
eBook (PDF): $6.50
Coffee and Art, whatever kind of art that it might be, whatever the medium, the two seem to go hand in hand. So, it seemed only fitting that somebody should dedicate a book to the people that make it... More > all happen. The artist, the music makers, the song writers, the beatniks, and to the bohemians that just refuse to die. This one’s for you. Now, more than ever before, coffee seems to be a popular subject and one just about anybody can relate to. The camaraderie in the warm coffee houses, the comfort from the steaming cup and the aromas found there seem to bring to the soul a sense of relief from life’s challenging and often, lonely road, the same road poets and artists speak of. Over a cup of coffee, people of all nations share in the beauty of their collective dreams. We etch them out with inks, paints and charcoals. With words and images over parchment we make art, colliding in a good place, and we do it for peace.< Less