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BLOODWORKS By Richard Misiano-Genovese
eBook (PDF): $2.98
"The diamond in the viscera cries out and weeps for time unleashed the folly wrought with perfidy whose covenant is broken..." In a flash of aramaic characters transformed into mere... More > alphabet, alpha... beta... words and thoughts alight as a wild brushfire in the darker arena of the limbic region of the brain where dreams take wing; the alchemy of emotion, the turbulent desires that follow. Can it merely be a poem in five cantos?< Less
VATICA SCORPIO redux By Richard Misiano-Genovese
eBook (PDF): $2.00
surrealist digital collage; the exploration of dreams, desires, explorations in image manipulations.
Performances • Dialogues By Richard Misiano-Genovese
eBook (PDF): $2.99
The investigations, perceptions and discussions regarding spontaneous performances and the ramifications that followed.
Black Studio By Richard Misiano-Genovese
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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A series of 124 Black & White photographic images created in the period of 1987-1988. A selection of images exploring the drama play of objects and model, the interaction of the female form and... More > persona with her environment. Utilizing the bleak, stark interior of an old building teetering on the brink of collapse; eliciting emotive responses from various model subjects, with the intent of capturing magically inspired images putting the focus on interest in the principles of Abreaction Therapy, which I have now attempted to apply to what I consider Abreaction Photography.< Less
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Dreamwhite By Richard Misiano-Genovese
eBook (PDF): $11.99
"Dreamwhite" is a series of images selected from a photographic odyssey spanning over four years time. It is a fluid, free-form experience in which the only constant was the abreaction... More > theatre, the drama-play, the silent dialogue between photographer and model. The meaning you find shall be your own. The work speaks for itself.< Less
Excavations By Richard Misiano-Genovese
eBook (PDF): $5.95
Excavations are collages made using a method developed in 1985 by Richard Misiano-Genovese, in which pictures or images are glued together in layers, and then a layer or layers are ripped in places,... More > revealing the underlying image. "One may at first think that Misiano-Genovese invites us to the questionable pleasures of vandalism. But that’s not the case. Or not that much. Because when looking closer, one reaches the evidence that what is violent and destructive in Misiano-Genovese’s art always finally reverses itself in a shimmering of innocence. In the depths of his tearings, how devouring and raging they may be - and are - always the silky shadow of a dawn is passing." P. Petiot< Less
Explications, Methods and Meanderings By Richard Misiano-Genovese
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Various texts and notes over a period spanning 1988-2011... the act of making an inage, whether drawn, painted, assembled, captures by photographic ir any other means, gives the opportunity to... More > present ideas, desires and a look into thought processes in the act of creation, and the aftermath of the resultant imagery.< Less
Masques 1985 By Richard Misiano-Genovese
eBook (PDF): $10.00
"... Concealment, the function with which we associate their use initially, as we imagine donning a masque, yielding to another when we think of the performance of a theatrical masque, which... More > implicates masks in something that transcend’s their ability to hide in the process of transforming them into agents of revelation. Neither an instrument of concealment nor an explicative one, a Misiano-Genovese masque is an implicative phenomenon. " " ... The masque is an oneiric object. As much, it is the objectification not so much of a dream as of what Sigmund Freud called the dream work. It marks the welling up in conciousness of liberative forces that have succeeded in evading inhibitve censorship of the creative impulse." –– JH Matthews< Less