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Miriam’s Silver Years Part Two By Molly Cutpurse
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The fifth story about Miriam B takes place between the turbulent year of 1955 and the stimulating one of 1963. During this crucial time, a previously unknown family member shockingly makes himself... More > known, she enjoys the holiday of a lifetime, the hub of her close family falls apart and she makes a final decision whether to stay in the East End or live out her years by the coast. The Second World War and her time in Holloway Prison is now a distant memory. However, apart from the changes in her family, particularly as the decade of the, ’swinging sixties’ arrive, she retains the love of her loyal husband, Roy, and still enjoys her enduring friendship with Rafa. Miriam is now a dutiful grandmother, an extraordinarily fabulous aunt of an ever-increasingly large family, a servant of the community, and as a woman proudly moving from middle age into the remaining years of her life, a matriarchal force to be reckoned with.< Less
A Year In Holloway By Molly Cutpurse
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1938. Mrs Miriam Baxter, an ordinary housewife and mother of two small children, committed a misdemeanour in the form of theft. Her punishment was to be imprisoned in the infamous woman's gaol,... More > Holloway, House of Correction, North London. Placed with the type of women, with whom she had never been in contact, Miriam has to learn to survive in a harsh environment that took away her freedom, her family and everything she had ever known. Written with the help of authentic documents of the period, A Year In Holloway, details exactly what it would have been like to suffer imprisonment in a woman's prison just before the beginning of the Second World War.< Less
The Indian Boy's Madness By Molly Cutpurse
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A physiologically disturbing account of an imaginary or real event. Mr Balkaran Chadha is a widower and pharmacist whose shop is near St Paul's Cathedral in London. In 1963 when his two children,... More > Kirandeep and Jasmeet discover an abandoned Roman ruin under their cellar, it leads them to discover the bones of Fundanus, a Roman priest and the bricked up body of Rachel O’toole, who seventeen hundred years later foolishly imagined she could control, Gon-i-ith, a Roman God of Time. Travelling back one hundred years to 1863, the Indian children meet the previous owners of the shop; a compelling, monstrous and repellent family who will do anything for money. But when Kirandeep eventually puts his experiences on paper, is he writing the truth, or what he imagined happened?< Less
Miriam's Golden Years By Molly Cutpurse
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Miriam’s Golden Years takes us from 1963 until the nineteen nineties. A period when she bore the many deaths of her family and friends with dignity, but is more than pleased to welcome the... More > beginning of her grandchildren, great grandchildren and great nephews and nieces, despite all their singular problems. Equally remarkable, as the rest of her life had been, Miriam finds herself wrestling with the problems of social and political violence, the rise of female emancipation, decimalisation and the acceptance of becoming elderly while still caring deeply for her extended family and her beloved husband, Roy. She has now gone beyond a matriarchal figure. She is host to memories long forgotten, a contributor to a decent way of life fast disappearing and part of a proud East End dynasty that her descendants will never forget.< Less
The Angel From The Sea By Molly Cutpurse
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The Angel From The Sea is a supernatural story and describes the events which occur after an Edwardian young lady called Clara pleads for assistance against a member of her family who is brutal... More > towards her. Whereupon, one of the oldest feminine forces in the world appears as the uncontrollable Moganna. However, having demanded the presence of this ungovernable intelligence, Clara and her heinous family find themselves at the mercy of Moganna’s ruthlessness and inhumanity. Moganna refers to herself as an angel, but as the innocent Clare soon discovers, a better name for the power she has unleashed is, a Cacodaemon.< Less
Dark Man By Molly Cutpurse
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When purity is not enough. North London 1936. Father Forrest is an inherently decent priest consumed by impure corporal thoughts. He has little possibility of ethical growth. When his secretary's... More > young daughter dies, the tragedy stimulates a series of events which contribute to obsession, misfortune and blackmail. It will take a chance meeting with an unscrupulous young woman, the sudden reasonless death of his demented mother, a fortuitous brush with an elderly ex woman prisoner and combating an evil and vicious thug before he is able to come to terms with his moral struggle. This is a character-driven novel. You won’t get any cute Hollywood endings here!< Less
Miriam's Early Years By Molly Cutpurse
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Miriam’s Early Years tells the beginnings of her Edwardian, East London family. From her welcome birth to her newly married parents in the summer of 1907, we follow her through her early... More > childhood, her schooling, the Great War, and the births of her three sisters, Emily, Sarah and Penelope. Upon reaching the gay twenties, she meets, Ray, her first husband, and gives birth to Peter. Then, with World War Two approaching, darkness settles over her once happy life. When the electrical accident occurs, her life disintegrates until the fateful Saturday when two policemen knock at her door...< Less
Obsessions By Molly Cutpurse
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Obsessions is an irregular glimpse into the pennilessness life of Miss Hester Martin-Compter, the only child of a once wealthy banking family, destined by a deranged mind to live amongst the poverty... More > of the Whitechapel area of London during the interwar years, World War Two and the nineteen fifties. A bewildering, self-obsessed passion, infatuations by others and a tenuous, bizarre connection with Whitechapel’s most infamous murderer, Jack the Ripper shapes her life and destiny as she and her mother, Cecelia learns to live amongst the impoverished residents about which the child previously had no knowledge. At first, living a hand-to-mouth existence, and becoming friends with a variety of idiosyncratic local characters, as decades pass, Hester’s introverted self disappears as through marriage and friendships gained, she learns to trust herself as she embraces the opportunities of the middle of the twentieth century.< Less
Lies, Secrets and Infidelity. By Molly Cutpurse
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When a London private investigator arrives in Torquay in 1955, he allows people to believe that he is a tourist. Brought in privately to investigate the death of an elderly woman who was almost... More > buried alive, one by one he exposes the sordid and complex family secrets of its most respectable town members.< Less
The Christmas Eve Ghost By Molly Cutpurse
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A phantasmagorical ghost story. In Victorian London, two elderly spinster sisters who have not spoken to each other for fifty years because of a youthful tragedy, share a house that once belonged to... More > their parents. The reason for their bitter feud remains unknown even to their closest friends. But on Christmas Eve, 1881, the past returns to offer them one last chance to redeem themselves, and show that Christmas really is a magical time of year.< Less