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The Christmas Eve Ghost By Molly Cutpurse
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A phantasmagorical ghost story. In Victorian London, two elderly spinster sisters who have not spoken to each other for fifty years because of a youthful tragedy, share a house that once belonged to... More > their parents. The reason for their bitter feud remains unknown even to their closest friends. But on Christmas Eve, 1881, the past returns to offer them one last chance to redeem themselves, and show that Christmas really is a magical time of year.< Less
The Soul In The Machine By Molly Cutpurse
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The future: The ability to map the human cortex neurone by neurone has been perfected by way of scanning. While people live, it is now possible to place a copy of a person's personality into data... More > storage. A Similarity. The main reason is so the bereaved can communicate with them after death. Geolog is a world leader in this technology. For two middle-aged sisters, Mia and Emma, living on an isolated farm on the periphery of Hastings, this technology divides them. When Mia’s husband is murdered in Hong Kong and she uses his Similarity online, a family secret is revealed forcing them to ask some profound questions about life and the continuance of the human soul. And all the time, Geolog, the technology giant, is monitoring them.< Less
Supertranny By Molly Cutpurse
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Supertranny lives in the heart of a great nation. Born with unimaginable gifts, she lives in the hearts and souls of those she helps. She is imaginative, humorous and spectacularly beautiful.... More > Moreover, she has a wardrobe to die for as well! An ordinary soul, mostly doing any job she can, but a supertranny when she hears that cry for help with her super hearing. Only three people know her masculine identity and they have vowed never to reveal it. Day and night night, people go about their business soundly, knowing that there is someone here on earth who is unbreakable and who has unimpeachable moral fibre and character. She protects the innocent and saves the stupid and unworthy. Her name has become legion. Her acts, supernatural, for she is…Supertranny! But from out of the earth rises a savagely fierce and ancient monster, intent on subduing the population. His presence takes Supertranny to the edge of her capabilities.< Less
Escape By Molly Cutpurse
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Harry Whittle is a sixteen year old son of an emotionally frustrated butler working in London. He fails in his attempt to join the army in 1916 because of his age. As a punishment for his... More > recklessness, Harry is sent to work on a wealthy estate in Devon where he befriends the owner’s sixteen year old daughter, Blanche who is slightly deranged due to her younger brothers abruptly disappearing five years previously. While walking in the woods, miserable and homesick, Harry and Blanche are unaccountably and instantaneously catapulted into the unsolved misadventure of what happened to Blanche’s brothers. Henceforth, they are forced to endure a fantastic and inexplicable agenda of unimaginable circumstances, so scarcely credible that madness threatens to engulf them as they hope to return to normality.< Less
Alien Queens 2 By Molly Cutpurse
Paperback: $12.79
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A scrumptious sequel to Alien Queens 1, the fantastic and complicated time-travel comedy. This is also a farcical, complex and profoundly irreverent, madcap comedy primarily intended for the older... More > teenager and those in their twenties. Like its predecessor, it is a gentle, tongue-in-cheek, fantasy that never takes itself seriously. Well, how can it when John Fowles, Oscar Wilde, Douglas Adams, Agatha Christie, Brooklyn Beckham, Shakespeare, The Spice Girls and HG Wells come into it?< Less
Alien Queens 1 By Molly Cutpurse
Paperback: $10.08
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Lord Glayva is a vicious and unforgiving aristocratic who has the means of travelling across the centuries. After betraying him once too many times, his sulky and vindictive lady assistant, Velvet,... More > assisted by the plucky and occasionally funny, Anne Boleyn and her apoplectic mother, Elizabeth the First become friends with two men from modern day London. It’s a recipe for the most ludicrous of wacky adventures as they attempt to stay one step ahead of the psychopathic Lord. Alien Queens is a fantastic time-travel comedy that takes ‘The Grandfather Paradox’, and mocks it relentlessly before wringing its neck and throwing its dead body on a heap!< Less
Alien Queens 3 By Molly Cutpurse
Paperback: $11.42
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Four years on from crazily jumping about the centuries after putting right half a dozen wrongs is a long time. Long enough for the seasoned time-travelling duo, Stewart and Frankie to marry and... More > become respectable... Until a sharp lady journalist threatens them with exposure because of a tiny, tiny error that the jocular Frankie once made near the Tower of London. Intimidated and coerced into submission if they do not comply to her one abnormal request, with the help of their friends Anne Boleyn and the beautiful alien, Velvet, Stewart and Frankie begin another wild and surreal adventure moving through time and other realities. Naturally, Molly Flaguline, their narrator is on hand to tell you of their travels, and also to explain how her penmanship has improved and why Frankie and Stewart are not the same gay ridiculing couple as they used to be.< Less
Misplaced By Molly Cutpurse
Paperback: $8.40
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On a warm and late summer evening in 2015, after her boyfriend dumps her, Essex girl, Donna Rigg drunkenly smashes her car into a pillar box. She is taken to hospital where she is diagnosed with... More > concussion. Over the next few weeks, her perception changes, for she begins to see the world as it was fifty-five years previously in 1960. On a follow-up visit for an MRI, she becomes frightened and argues with staff. Becoming aggressive and overhearing she could be sectioned, she runs from the hospital and vanishes in the grounds as 1960 actually becomes her reality... Misplaced was written (optimistically) as literary fiction and as a first person narration. It is focused more on theme than on plot. As Donna describes her adventure, it certainly risks losing its way with no simplistic logical ending.< Less
The Chemist's Son By Molly Cutpurse
Paperback: $8.26
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London 1963 A physiologically disturbing account of an imaginary or real event. Mr William Mills is a widower and pharmacist whose shop is near St Paul's Cathedral. When his twin children, John and... More > Jane discover an abandoned Roman ruin under the shop’s cellar, it leads them to series of disturbing events. Nonetheless, many years later, when John writes about their experience, is he writing the truth or hiding something malevolent?< Less
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