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Clip Their Little Wings By John Callaghan
Paperback: $21.19
Prints in 3-5 business days
Mired in a world of errant wives, missing persons fleeing mundane bills, businesses pursuing dishonest staff and petty personal transgressions, Glasgow detective Stevie McCabe is suddenly asked to... More > investigate the affairs of a Labour MP. Although he knows his client is lying, the commission gets his attention, especially because his unrequited lust for the owner of a jazz club has somehow turned into an asylum appeal for one of her singers and most especially because an old friend he can barely remember is asking him for a pro-bono investigation of the lurid death of his junkie brother. Through the peeling tower blocks and smart sandstone tenements of the city, from university to squalid bed and breakfast hotels, McCabe pursues the trails of the dead junkie and the questionable MP, knowing that they should be unconnected, yet knowing, too, that the strict limits of coincidence are being bent and broken by the ways in which the stories intertwine. A Stevie McCabe novel from< Less
My Name Is Never Was By John Callaghan
Paperback: $21.46
Prints in 3-5 business days
What is your life worth if you’re nobody famous? What would you give to be somebody…anybody? Britain’s most sensational TV show is under attack from a fanatical religious cult and... More > Stevie McCabe is in a desperate race to discover what the sect is planning, while tracing a stalker whose threatening internet videos are increasingly disturbed. At the heart of the case - a charismatic young woman who embodies the spirit of Marilyn Monroe, a devious fantasist inventing new identities, the sleaziest tabloid reporter on the planet and an ex-magician planning his greatest trick – to fill his pockets with millions. As always, the city of Glasgow is a vivid backdrop for acts of mayhem, corruption and homicidal intent, in a landscape peopled by crooked police, gay brides, dying philosophers, spiritual gurus, teenage thugs and the missing.< Less
Black Wind Blows By John Callaghan
Paperback: $21.56
Prints in 3-5 business days
A case from Stevie McCabe’s past, a world where mobile phones were a luxury and politics were changing in ways that nobody could control. Engaged by a sacked civil servant and his unlikely... More > Asian-American partner, a simple - dull, even - case of unfair dismissal escalates when the former Soviet secret police become involved. But, nothing - including the KGB - is as it seems, which McCabe learns as he uncovers quasi-official conspiracies, false trails leading overseas, the disappearance of huge sums of government money and the strange marital arrangements of the woman who smokes for Scotland. And why is an organisation that acts as a front for the provisional IRA taking such an interest in McCabe’s business? And then there’s he fact that he’s wanted for murder...... Truly, the more he hears, the less he knows.< Less
Every Stone A Story By John Callaghan
Paperback: $21.38
Prints in 3-5 business days
It’s a clusterfuck..... a missing woman, an earl, who also happens to be a Catholic bishop, with his young male companion facing the threat of a murder charge. The missing woman was his... More > girlfriend, and also the daughter of a senior police officer, and the copper himself is out of control. And Stevie McCabe is in the middle of it. McCabe quickly discovers that more - many more - women have been disappearing and he embarks on a harrowing journey through the far reaches of the night, travelling deep into the dark heart of the city, where there are no easy answers and definitely no happy endings. Tangling in the darkness with demons, real and imagined, McCabe wrestles with fate and redemption in places where he seems to be the only honest man left, but doubting even that. Prostitutes, the men who prey on them, gangsters, police, junkies and priests all leave their mark on McCabe as he faces the truth about the city and its victims, finding echoes in his own past everywhere he turns.< Less
No Shadow In The City By John Callaghan
Paperback: $18.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Glasgow’s Southside is scorching in unaccustomed heat and the neighbourhood teeters on the edge, simmering and riot-ready. In the city's docklands, a taxi driver murders his family in a... More > bloody daylight massacre. A bitter dispute between a union and a politically-connected business family escalates into firebomb attacks and violence. Meanwhile, racist gangs organise violent confrontation after a white girl is raped and a Muslim woman attacked with acid in apparent retaliation...police and politicians struggle to prevent the tension turning into war on the streets. And Stevie McCabe isn't a player in any of this. He's four hundred miles away, in London, planning to work for a bank, bird-watching and learning how to play Go. He's four hundred miles away...for now.< Less

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