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Why Christians Believe By Dave Powers
eBook (PDF): $11.50
Why Christians Believe takes a look at the core belief’s of the Christian Faith; God, The Bible, Jesus, Prayer and addresses the question, “Why?” On what basis have so many people,... More > from so many walks of life and so many different cultural backgrounds, chosen to accept the claims and teachings of this carpenter’s son from Nazareth? Why Christians Believe is a concise, quick moving scan of the reasons upon which people have built their trust and hope in the person of Jesus Christ. It’s overview of the foundations of the Christian faith are designed for the reader who is looking for a better understanding of Why Christians Believe.< Less
Before We Tie The Knot By Dave Powers
eBook (PDF): $10.95
In 2006, a million couples stood before a pastor, or a justice of the peace and committed themselves to each other in matrimony. Studies show there are two-million additional couples planning on... More > doing the same. For the vast majority, their wedding day has been given a lot of thought and preparation. Their hope is that their wedding day would fulfill all the hopes and expectations they hold for that day. Before We Tie The Knot addresses a few of the issues that couples tend to overlook, things that may have gone unnoticed. The intention of the author is to help couples get everything out of their wedding day they had hoped for, and more. And to share just a little insight from the thirty-seven years as a pastor, conducting wedding ceremonies and some of the good and not so good decisions couples have made along the way. So get a cup of coffee, find a comfortable chair, get a note pad and sit down with a pastor that loves to talk with couples about marriage and making the most of their wedding day.< Less
Finding The Strength By Dave Powers
eBook (PDF): $10.95
If you have ever experienced a loss, if you have ever faced overwhleming circumstances, if you have ever felt you just don't have the strength to go on, Finding The Strength is worth reading. The... More > author takes us on a journey with Job, a man familiar with suffering and reveals the way out of the wilderness of bitterness and resentment. Finding The Strength is a book worth sharing.< Less
7 Secrets To Answered Prayer By Dave Powers
eBook (PDF): $9.00
America is a praying nation, we pray in various forms and for various reasons. 7 Secrets To Answered Prayer is a journey in exploring the conditions God has set for answering prayer. If there has... More > ever been a time when you felt your prayers are just bouncing off the ceiling, 7 Secrets is worth reading. With an unique approach to scripture, the author reveals seven principles which are just part of the abundance of teaching Jesus shared on prayer. At the heart of this insightful book is a desire to equip anyone who is seeking to develop a meaningful prayer life and to discover, God does in fact, hear and answer prayer.< Less
Important Documents In American History By Dave Powers
eBook (PDF): $7.99
Even before our country was formed, we were being shaped by the decisions of people. From the Magna Carta; to the Declaration of Independence; to the Algiers Accord ending the Iran-Hostage stalmate,... More > Important Documents In American History puts to the readiness any who choose to read again the documents which have had such an influence to make this country the greatness it is today.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
Paperback: $19.00