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Yellowgrass Hill Slugs Have More Fun By Jason Jones
Paperback: $6.99
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Yellowgrass Hill was a busy little town with streets, houses, restaurants, cafes, and little animals that rode in old-fashioned automobiles. This beautiful town rested deep within a magical forest... More > where animals walked, talked, and occasionally squawked. It was a peaceful place that ran down a long dirt road between stores, carrot crops, and yummy candy shops. There you could find a beaver playing a banjo or a weasel having a cup of tea with a rabbit or even a mouse and a cat who were the best of friends. Well, except for that one time. So sit back and listen to the first tale of what life was like in Yellowgrass Hill.< Less
Merlin & The Easter Bunny By Jason Jones
Hardcover: List Price: $19.99 $13.99 | You Save: 30%
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Merlin's spell book grew grumpy thinking the young wizard wasn't listening to him. “Eh hem, have you been listening, young Merlin? This is a very powerful and important spell? You may... More > need to use it someday,” the annoyed spell book sternly stated. “Yes, yes,” Merlin said, now chasing Will Whitetail around the room. “Well then...would you care to repeat the last line?” the grumpy magical book asked. Merlin laughed when Will whispered something in his ear. “What did that white fuzz ball say?” the spell book asked. “He said you better be nice or he'll leave bunny pellets on you when you’re sleeping,” Merlin laughed. “Humph!” The book narrowed its eyes at them and waited for Merlin to repeat the last line he had read. “And the line please,” the book said. “Take three dragon scales and call me in the morning,” Will Whitetail joked. Merlin laughed. “I wasn't talking to you...gerbil,” the book angrily said then groaned in frustration.< Less