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Hang on a Second! Hardback By Francis Kerr Young
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Hijinks on the high seas. The year is 1961 and a double murder occurs aboard an old passenger liner. The only one who can identify the murderer is a young Scottish marine engineer on his very first... More > voyage. Two Scotland Yard detectives board the vessel in the Port of New York and the ship sails for the Bahamas. The murderer roams the ship at will, first as a passenger and later as a stowaway. Older women show a penchant for this young fellow and his erotic adventures carry the story along. This novel is a must-read for folk that lived through that distant era.< Less
Cruise Ship By Francis Kerr Young
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Atlantic passenger liner, RMS Queen of Dalriada, embarks on a short cruise out of Southampton to Lisbon, Las Palmas on Gran Canaria, and Funchal, Madeira. The voyage goes well, if one can discount a... More > bomb threat and a hit man stalking his victim, until the vessel departs from Funchal when an entity from Earth’s distant past imbues a young Scottish engineer’s mind. The consciousness of this Sasquatch or Bigfoot is displeased by the way Man has mismanaged our world. But our globe’s environment in January 1962 is too cold for the creature to set things to right - both with nature and the human race. Sixty years must pass before it will rise like a phoenix out of Saline Bay in the Bailiwick of Guernsey when a former engineroom rating recalls certain happenings on that ill-fated voyage. This novel, a sequel to Hang on a Second!, gives the reader an insight to life aboard merchant ships during the early sixties. Ribald humour, romance, murder, and excitement carry this story along to its conclusion< Less
Hang on a Second! By Francis Kerr Young
eBook (PDF): $11.96
A double murder occurs aboard TSTS Queen of Dalriada and the main suspect supposedly commits suicide. A young engineer on his first sea voyage can identity the murderer. Two detectives from Scotland... More > Yard board the ship in New York and pursue their inquiries on three Bahamian cruises. The murderer roams the ship at will - first as a passenger - and later as a stowaway. The engineer is a magnet for older women, including a female policewoman who falls for him after he accidentally becomes naked during an interview. In another scene a ship's nurse, whose best before date has long since past, leads him astray. A Canadian shows him the ropes but he is handicapped with a thick Scottish brogue, making it difficult for him to be understood. He, in turn, must adapt to various English dialects. Sex, ribald humour, horror, and tragedy keeps readers interested in this tale of yesteryear. RMS Queen Mary’s original interior is a backdrop to this hilarious novel about life below decks on an old passenger liner.< Less
The Legend Of The Mary Celeste and Other Poems By Francis Kerr Young
eBook (PDF): $5.46
(2 Ratings)
Ill-luck that follows a sailing vessel right from the time she was launched in Nova Scotia, until madness drove her captain and crew to abandon her in the mid-Atlantic some twelve years later. This... More > 4500-word narrative poem tells of an entity aboard the Mary Celeste which causes the captain, his wife, their young daughter, two officers, and four crewmembers, to perish horribly at sea. This anthology is a unique collection of award winning sonnets, ballads, ballades, villanelles, rondeaux, and other rhyming forms. The themes and poetry styles are varied and interesting. For instance, Songs of Guernsey gives a poetic insight on that beautiful island. Chapters reflect the state of West Virginia, seafaring, the poet’s Scottish heritage and other works.< Less
eBook (PDF): $12.63
Round About Christmas – a tale aboard a Canadian corvette in December 1940 Without Malus - how an illiterate man became a millionaire in Hamilton, Ontario, Look At It This Way - dyslexia... More > becomes the nemesis for a drug pusher in Labrador City It’s how you say it! - a speech impediment can be deadly Before Your Very Eyes! - a customs officer is hoodwinked by a beautiful smuggler Pearlie - the biography of a brave Scottish patriot Malus In Wonderland - a curious tale in Hamilton, Ontario The Educated Ball! - a Canadian golf pro finds himself playing against a Scottish rogue with a remote controlled golf ball Oops! - an oblique look at teleporting in Vienna, Austria The Hangman - strange sense of justice in this tale of the Old West The Ghost - A happening in Hamilton, Ontario< Less
Wing-Ding! By Francis Kerr Young
eBook (PDF): $5.24
An illustrated poem about a boy who finds an injured seagull and nurses it back to health. An ideal lesson on road safety for pre-school, kindergarden and Grade 1 to 3 boys and girls
Pixies, Tiddlywinks and Bumblebee Bread By Francis Kerr Young
eBook (PDF): $6.49
Two sisters visit Guernsey with their grandparents. On their tour of the island the family come upon a ring of stones called a fairy circle. Their grandmother finds an unusual rock which has magical... More > properties. In the Fairies’ Cave, which truly exists on the west coast of Guernsey, the girls discover that the enchanted stone is the key to admittance into the fairies’ secret sanctuary. A delightful children’s story.< Less

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