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Absolution: Sanctuary Book 3 By PJ O'Brien
eBook (ePub): $2.75
In Book 3, the last of the prosecutions relating to the coup attempt are winding down. Civil liberties are restored and there is a renewed movement to end mandatory marriage and to abolish the... More > monarchy. Master Tehv, the son of the assassinated king, leaves the palace ostensibly to assist at his uncle’s training camp for the kinetically uncoordinated. His real reason is to avoid his Little Parents, whose political machinations he blames for his father’s death. His cousin, Prince Nor, goes to work in a transportation company after his younger brother is crowned instead of him. He busies himself tracking a mysterious stranger, who is described alternately as a champion for justice and a coldblooded terrorist. Meanwhile, a convicted mass murderer plots one last series of hits from his deathbed. As the palace-born cousins look for love and a new life in the commoner world, a war breaks out in neighboring countries that spills over into Sanctuary.< Less
Grave-climbing: Sanctuary Series Book 2 By PJ O'Brien
eBook (ePub): $2.75
As Book 2 begins, the mastermind behind decades of extortion and murder is finally imprisoned, and the citizens of Sanctuary go back to their normal lives. There is a growing movement for social... More > reform, including the relaxation of laws regulating marriage and assets ownership. Traditionalists fear this will lead to their society’s disintegration and counter with greater restrictions. As tensions rise, a university professor is suspected of destroying historical records, a father is pressured to cut ties to a beloved daughter who has eloped, and an otherwise rational young man worries that his new wife’s seizures are of a diabolic origin. Violence erupts once again in a land that has forbidden it. A bloody coup attempt at the palace is put down, but more insidious threats remain as shadowy organizations take root.< Less
Waterloo Sunset: Sanctuary 4 By PJ O'Brien
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Tehv, the son of the assassinated king, has survived a potentially fatal car crash and is determined more than ever to foil the political plans of his relatives and control his own life. For a start,... More > he wants to find a real job and marry someone he likes. It won't be easy. Tehv's Little Mother is suspected of poisoning girls she disapproves of and the country is facing an economic meltdown. An exiled uncle has taken control of a large section of a neighboring country, but promises that he won't try to bomb them again. Tehv's occasionally reliable cousin, Prince Bahd, has problems of his own but insists on helping him in his pursuit of happiness. In this fourth and final book of the Sanctuary series, the cousins investigate the death of a young woman, cross international borders to rescue family members, and try to convince the women they love not to annoy them, but not to leave them either.< Less
Surviving Sanctuary By PJ O'Brien
eBook (ePub): $2.50
On a spring evening in 1982, a thousand people are killed in Sanctuary, a country founded by genocide survivors and devoted to pacifism. Shock and grief cause deep-seated tensions to erupt,... More > especially after an official pronouncement that the deaths are the result of a mass suicide pact by an unpopular rural sect. As the few remaining members of the sect go into hiding to protect themselves, six people are thrown together by chance and competing romantic interest. United by a belief in the victims' innocence, they risk everything to defend the survivors and discover the truth. Decades later, Brian, a congenial and underemployed American, goes to Sanctuary to look for Jenny, the sister of a former girlfriend who disappeared while visiting there. As he looks for clues and tries not to marry anyone accidentally, he learns that he may also be a target. To determine why, and whether his guards are there to protect him or kill him, he must find out what really happened in 1982.< Less

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