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Our Canine Companions: Featuring Whiskers By Donald H Sullivan
Paperback: $8.19
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is all about dogs, featuring "Whiskers," a full length novella, plus exciting short fiction, engrossing true stories, and fascinating facts.
Turnbull's Slaves: A Minorcan Story By Donald H Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Turnbull's Slaves: A Minorcan a historical adventure/romance of white slavery, based on the ill-fated British colony at New Smyrna Florida, taking place in the 18th century. The colony was... More > made up of 1200 Minorcan slaves to a wealthy British landowner.Over half the Minorcans died from horrible conditions during the ten year existence of the colony.The British landowner kept the Minorcans in bondage, and living under horrific conditions, even worse than many African slaves in the colonies to the north. They signed on as indentured servants before departing from Minorca, but were forced into slavery after arriving in Florida. The story centers around the adventures of a young Minorcan man and his sweetheart.< Less
Pickles' Great Adventure By Donald H Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Contains two stories, the title story plus "A K9 Valentine" In the title story,Pickles often gazed through his chain link fence imagining the wonderful, exciting world out there. Then one... More > day the opportunity arose for him to escape. Pickles wandered out into that wonderful world and found much, much more excitement than he ever imagined. In "A K9 Valentine" it's Valentine's Day and Susan's class is making valentines and giving them to classmates. Susan hands her valentines out, but she is devastated when she does not receive a single valentine.< Less
Whiskers By Donald H Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $1.75
A small dog is abandoned by his owner, joins a pack of strays, is picked up by animal control. He is adopted by a kindly retired couple and bonds with them. He is thrown from a car in a highway... More > accident and wanders off in a daze. He ends up going on a four thousand mile trek filled with adventure and danger. On his journey he makes many human and animal friends, but also meets many dangerous enemies--also both human and animal. All the while he is trying to return home to the couple he loves. If you liked Lassie or Lady and the Tramp, you'll like Whiskers.< Less
The Spirit of Drusilla Plus Sanctuary By Donald H Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Contains two stories: 1. A witch is executed in the 17th century and revives in the 21st century. Being only a spirit, she needs a body to possess. She finds it in a young girl hiking alone in the... More > woods. 2. A waitress in a truck stop cafe finishes her shift at midnight. On a lonely stretch of country road, she runs off the road to avoid an animal and gets stuck. She is caught in a thunderstorm while walking back to the cafe and seeks shelter in an old deserted house. Only it's not deserted.< Less
The Soul Hunters By Donald H Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $1.79
Mark Rollins, Private Investigator, is shot and killed during a robbery. He finds himself on the "other side," but it is nothing like he had ever imagined. To him, and others like him, it... More > is extremely dangerous, for they must always be on the alert for The Soul Hunters. Mark searches for a way to resist the evil beings, but there is seemingly no way to stop them.< Less
Mistress of Magic Plus Ghost of a Psycho By Donald H Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Contains two stories. Mistress of Magic: A popular TV Illusionist comes into a real magic wand that belonged to Merlin. The wand leads her on a perilous journey to an alternate world. Ghost of a... More > Psycho: A couple buys a house that is said to be haunted. They laugh it off, but find it is not merely a rumor. The house is haunted by the evil ghost of a homicidal maniac.< Less
Raw Deal Plus No Place to Hide By Donald H Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Contains two stories: In "Raw Deal" April has an affair with a fellow employee who is married, resulting in her pregnancy. He threatens to kill her if she doesn't get an abortion. In... More > "No Place to Hide" Recently divorced Mary Spencer is vacationing on a small island off the coast of Florida. In the island's only restaurant she overhears two men in an adjoining booth plotting a murder. She is horrified to learn that the victim is her.< Less
Frankenstein and the Zombies By Donald H Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $1.99
The monster falls into the hands of a voodoo priest who plots to create a zombie army to conquer the world. He revives the Frankenstein monster with voodoo sorcery, planning to use it in his plot. ... More > A young man and his girlfriend discover the plot, and are in grave danger.< Less
Intruder By Donald H Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Contains two stories: Intruder and Engine Trouble. In Intruder, Karen is home alone in a sparsely populated subdivision because her husband is away on a business trip. It is a new house, not yet... More > having a security alarm installed. When getting ready for bed, she hears noises and discovers she has left her cell phone in the car...and that her home phone line has been cut. In addition, she recently lost her beloved dog to a heart ailment. The intruder breaks in, and she finds herself in an extremely perilous situation. In Engine Trouble, Kitty Delaney has car trouble on a lonely stretch of road. She makes it to a service station only to find out that an escaped convict has killed the attendant. He takes her as a hostage.< Less