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Outside Over There By Emma Wilcox
eBook (PDF): $10.00
Catalog to accompany Outside Over There, the Fourth Annual "In the Country of Last Things" exhibition Curated by Emma Wilcox Artists: Keliy Anderson-Staley, Mireille Astore, Martin John... More > Callanan, Karlos Carcamo, Margarida Correia, Susan E. Evans, Judith Hoffman, KH Jeron, Tamara Kostianovsky, Charles Huntley Nelson, Anne Percoco, Dorothy Schultz, Jeff Sims, Peter Tuomey Jr, Tammy Jo Wilson Outside Over There is an exhibition, as well as a food drive and a portrait studio. It is inspired by the signals traveling in the airspace of cities worldwide, and the ability of these signals to penetrate structures, by transmissions, codings and exchanges of ideology and consumer goods, interactions real and imagined, between more and less industrialized nations, including the cargo cult and the syndication of TV programming.< Less
Biological Imperative By Emma Wilcox
eBook (PDF): $10.00
Structured around what the Tissue Culture and Art Project has called “cultural perceptions of life,” Biological Imperative freely mixes ideas of partial personhood, the possibilities of... More > regeneration, multiples, fecundity, the semi-living, and the undead (things that just won’t die.) The exhibition posits linkage between disparate references such as (but not limited to) the undying popularity of the zombie genre, rabbit imagery, pirate radio and bioethical quandaries. Artists: Andrea Aimi, Brandon Ballengée, Michael Betancourt, Ana Black, David Blair, William Brovelli, Charlesworth, Lewandowski & Mann, Elio Caccavale, Sean Capone, Steven Dressler, Eva Drangsholt, Tagny Duff, Aganetha & Richard Dyck, Lucia Fabio, Asha Ganpat, Daphne Gerou, Nora Herting, Verena Kaminiarz, Jennifer Mazza, Jillian McDonald, Stephanie Metz, Lydia Moyer, Roger Sayre, David Sherry, Laura Splan, Brian Spolans, Ajla R. Steinvåg, Naoe Suzuki, Delmira Valladares, Maria Wallace< Less
Our Man In Havana: The Vacuum Cleaner in Art By Emma Wilcox
eBook (PDF): $10.00
Illustrated full color catalog sponsored by Newark Art Supply, to accompany exhibition curated by Emma Wilcox at Gallery Aferro Merav Ezer, Eliza Gagnon, Asha Ganpat, Ganzblum, Richard Herzog,... More > Jessica Lagunas, Valeri Larko, Maria Adelaida Lopez, Karen Margolis, James Morgan + John Bruneau, Toni Pepe, MaryJo Rosania, Karen Zalamea, Bobby Zokaites One of the various definitions of the word vacuum is “a partially exhausted space.” But as in forensics, where a milligram of dust can contain a complex narrative, 14 artists have made visible the hidden significances of a minor player in mostly domestic dramas: the vacuum cleaner. For the artists, this significance may be political, scientific, nostalgic or simply perverse.< Less
In the Country of Last Refuge By Evonne M. Davis & Emma Wilcox
eBook (PDF): $10.00
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The third annual In the Country of Last Things exhibition. Themes in exploration this year are geography, communication and violence. The artists: Bami Adedoyin, Becca Albee, Scott Andresen, AWG,... More > Ryan Barone, Michael Paul Britto, Lori Brown, Alexander Conner, Patricia Dahlman, Peter Feigenbaum, Asha Ganpat, Dana Hanmer, Travis Hanmer, Michael Itkoff, Katarina Jerinic, Maureen Kelleher, John Maters, Sarah McCann, Stephen McKenzie, Traci Molloy, Lucas Monaco, Owen Mundy + Joelle Dietrick, Leah Oates, Deborah Orloff, Joan Pamboukes, Mike Pare, Jean-Gabriel Periot, Elisa Pritzker, Sara Ross, Anne Schiffer, Calla Thompson, Joe Waks, Barbara Wallace, Michelle Wilson< Less

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B Inspired B Inspired By Brandon Warren
Paperback: $15.99
19-20: MS V3.0 19-20: MS V3.0 By Liza Cowan
Paperback: $30.00
Mariposa Mariposa By Joseph Huerta
Paperback: $19.95