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Finding missing persons isn’t always as tame as Lyn Farelli would like it to be. She has just turned forty and is beginning to crave something out of the ordinary to add a little verve to her... More > life, but not so much it would be life threatening or turn her community into a killing ground for an unholy alliance between a corrupt sheriff and an international drug lord. Is it just the thought of growing older that has caused her to suspect her longtime friend and lover, Jack, has begun to stray? Although Lyn resists the idea of marriage and the expectations associated with that state, she is not ready to relinquish her man to a younger woman and waffles between letting him go and fighting to keep him. This is the fifth book of Lyn Farelli’s life and times as a trace detective in Carleton, TN. .< Less
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Lyn Farelli is a young, female detective who specializes in tracing missing persons. When a close friend is attacked, she seeks justice and, in the process, unravels a huge conspiracy. Smart,... More > loyal, and a crack pistol shot, Lyn handles whatever comes her way from good-old-boy bigots to vicious killers....but don't let her near a kitchen if you value your stomach.< Less
Coffee Joe By R. K. Glover
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Caught up in the fervor of war with England Joe runs away to sea. He soon regrets his hasty decision but it is too late. A British navy ship captures his and he narrowly escapes to North Carolina... More > where he is semi adopted by a kindly family who incidentally has a lovely daughter his own age. Frustrated by hormones and restlessness, he joins the army to battle the British in New Orleans. Joe is unable to take part in the post war treatment of civilians and takes his leave. From there he begins an odyssey that will take him across the south and far into the unknown west, a trek that exposes him to many acts of human goodness as well as despicable evils. After four years of searching, he learns there is more to life than adventure for personal pleasure. There is also love and a sense of purpose.< Less
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Birds of Prey By R. K. Glover
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Rick Clymer, a young scientist, finds himself caught up in a moral dilemma that quickly escalates into a fight for his life and that of the woman he loves. Rick had never given much thought to the... More > moral implications of his countries' foreign policies assuming, as most loyal Americans, that those in power knew what they were doing.; but did they? As Rick lost control of his own life he began to wonder if the so-called world leaders were really in charge or were they also outsourcing their moral decisions .< Less
INUVIK III, Coming of Age By R. K. Glover
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Volume III of the Inuvik Saga Inuvik is once again attacked by a white army from the United States only this time it is quite small and independently raised by a former General and hero of the US war... More > with itself in 1861 to 1864. Although the there is little immediate danger posed by the small force itself, the political ramifications are great and a larger war must be averted if at all possible. With the new coast to coast railroad the Inuvikan council realizes that the US can now have many thousands of soldiers at their door in days rather than months. The danger to their people and sovereignty had increased exponentially. In the companion story Noona is sent on an undercover mission to determine if a US presidential candidate has ties with a Ukrainian war lord and why. She is exposed and nearly captured but not before she learns disturbing information about the small country of Greenland. Although the scheme is the product of psychotic personality he is a rich one and many lives are at risk.< Less
INUVIK, The Beginning By R. K. Glover
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Robert Connor O’Day is captured in 1779 by the inhabitants of a hitherto unexplored northwest region of continental North America. Imbued with a natural sense of justice, and uncommonly... More > intuitive teaching skills, Connor opens a window to the world among the native children. Childish curiosity quickly becomes an unquenchable thirst for knowledge that unites and bonds the many scattered tribal units into a single republic of people both proud of their native heritage and willing to make great sacrifices for a place in the world’s community of nations. This is the first volume of their story. “He who writes the history books controls history.”< Less
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This is volume two of the Inuvik Saga. It is a story of a country formed by Native Americans in the northwest of North America before the great white expansion of white people east of the... More > Mississippi River began to flood into the west. By chance a young Scotsman is abandoned by his ship and is taken in by a native tribe. After the language barrier is conquered he realizes the people there are just as intelligent as any of his countrymen and begins to teach the children to read and write. The children, and many of the adults as well, are endlessly curious and knowledge spreads like wildfire. It is not long before their territory is coveted by white settlers and an army is sent to pacify them. War ensues and the Inuvikans manage a narrow victory, but more conflict is on the way and they now realize their future will be hard won with blood and sacrifice. This book continues that story.< Less
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A collection of short stories ranging in subjects including end of life, sacrificing for the good of others, and finding a purpose among the ruins of plans and dreams. A short novel that explores how... More > the best and the worst of human nature can coexist in spite of insurmountable odds.< Less
SUB-ROSA By R. K. Glover & R. K. Glover
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Third in the series of Lyn Farelli, Trace Detective novels.

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
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