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I'm Dyslexic - It's a great way to be By Robert Jameson
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No doubt there are people with mild dyslexia who can be taught to read and spell. Unfortunately there are others, myself included, who will never have adequate literacy skills. I still get told;... More > “If I really tried to learn to read I could do it!” That makes me really mad. I have completed graduate and post graduate university courses and have four books with a total of 300,000 words in print. And I still cannot read or spell adequately without the aid of a computer. I hear people saying they ‘were’ dyslexic, that they found this or that remedy and the problem was fixed. That is fine for them but I will take my dyslexia to the grave. Thankfully though, text-to-speech technology came along in time for me. It has made it possible for me to research and write my books and to cope with life in a world dominated by the printed word.< Less
Germ-line of the Gods - God Gametes 3 and The Entanglement and Decay of Planet Earth By Robert Jameson
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This work challenges the Darwinian notion that natural selection could drive evolution of complex life forms. The author claims advanced civilisations inhabited earth prior to the rise of our own.... More > His theory holds that life on earth is part of the reproductive system of an external parent species and our human soul is the germ cell of a Father Being. It claims physical life on earth is the “soma”, suggesting it is designed to crash and burn. As a gamete, however, our consciousness has the potential to live on after the death of our bodies and the extinction of our species. We are part of a selective process and our objective should be to develop the qualities of character that will be useful and which will be retained by the “germ-line” of our parent species.< Less
God Gametes and 42 Darwinian Don't Knows By Robert Jameson
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The God Gametes theory argues that we reproduce a parent species from another universe and that earth is their female reproductive system. Charles Darwin called his book On the Origin of Species... More > but natural selection is not about the ‘origin’ of anything. His theory was not about the ‘origin’ of species, nor about the ‘origin’ of life. Natural selection argues the case for how one ‘living’ species might gradually evolve into another ‘living’ species. It has nothing to do with how anything originated. Darwinism cannot explain how the planets and stars originated or how the gravitational force that holds them all together might have originated. And natural selection can certainly not explain how dead matter suddenly acquired the property of life and an ability to reproduce. Supporters of this concept foster the myth that with enough throws of the dice, with enough random coin flips, then blind probability can design complexity. It cannot.< Less
God Gametes Q&A By Robert Jameson
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Normal body cells have two copies of our DNA – one copy inherited from each parent. Gametes are reproductive cells with only one copy of our species DNA. The God Gametes theory claims that male... More > gametes inseminated into the female reproductive tract remain the life of the male that produced them. Yet with only a single copy of our genome they are locked in a lower dimension of space and time and can only perform the function of a reproductive cell. A gamete might fertilise a female egg but most will attempt to join their life entity with another gamete and, with a modified genetic formula, be retained by our species germ-line. Likewise we claim our consciousness (our human soul) is a male gamete of a creator being. Our objective in life is to understand and develop the qualities needed by their future progeny. If successful we will, after death, join our soul with another and be retained by the Germ-line of the Gods.< Less
God Gametes 2 - Dark DNA and Parallels Between Gender-based Reproduction and Ancient Theology By Robert Jameson
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Our body has 50 million-million cells - each with 2 copies of the 3.1647 billion nucleotides in our genome. If nucleotides are switched off, they are ignored - if switched on, they are read and they... More > code for building body parts. No one knows what does this switching off and on. Scientists call the process epigenetics yet it is referred to here as Dark DNA. The God Gametes theory argues that we have been created by an external gender-based species for the purpose of reproduction, and the way we reproduce has been modelled on the way they reproduce. And for thousands of years, we believe, our ancestors subconsciously understood our role in that process. This is why they conceptualised a variety of Fertility Gods that were gender-based and that reproduced. Our reproductive system, even at the molecular level, points to remarkable parallels between previously unknown biological processes and many ancient cultural and spiritual traditions. More simply expressed; “As above; so below.”< Less
God Gametes and The Planet of the Butterfly Queen By Robert Jameson
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What the hell is going on here? A great opening line to a telling thesis on the big questions: Why are we here? Why is there intelligent life? Why is there anything at all? We can see and touch... More > planet Earth, organic man, animals and nature’s greenery, and we are aware of our universe. Yet its creation and purpose, energy and organisation of matter and the evolution of species leave multitudes of questions unanswered. Robert for years agonised over Darwin’s inability to explain how genetic evolution works or how over vast periods of time the needs for species to change were recognised, how machinery in the evolution system for making the changes itself evolved, or for putting the changes in place. He began to compile a theory addressing the ‘how’, researching the findings of dozens of scientists over recent centuries, dissecting their theories to draw comparisons with his own to here present his compelling, logical thesis. Kev Richardson< Less
God Gametes and the Planet of the Butterfly Queen By Robert Jameson
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The God Gametes theory is a refreshing look at what may be both the meaning of life and the reason for its creation. It argues that life on earth and in fact our human consciousness, are universal... More > entities. A model is presented that assumes our universe is a tiny part of a multiverse, arguing that the multiverse is a hierarchical structure, each level a reproductive system of intelligent living systems on the next higher level. We take a fictional look at our parent species on that next higher level to find they are far more complex creatures than us but their universe is older and will soon run out of fuel, to then die. Parent species know that to preserve their life and the billions of years of heritage they created they must reproduce on a lower multiverse level. This, we believe, is why humans have developed many features such as a large brain that make our survival on earth more difficult. Yet these features have evolved because they are needed by the reproductive system of the parent species.< Less