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eBook (PDF): $5,000.00
{Copyright to be sold} ACTION STORY, SCREENPLAY FOR HOLYWOOD MOVIES. Joe Sam is a corporate mogul tipped off on the phone on his blackmail photograph. For the girl staring in the picture was the... More > daughter of a ruthless old friend. It was explained to him that Vause needs to deactivate the security code for them to rob his wife's bank. But he had no idea that he would be matching himself against arch friends. So the villains, called on the brilliant electronic expert, Kenny Vause Seriously tangled in the deadly battle of wits, Kenny must now find the knowledge which will lead him for a final confrontation. -Action Line- Kenny must use all the power at his disposal and try to stop all these diabolical naughty men who must stop at naught.< Less
All Business Boss By C.N Chris
eBook (ePub): $35.99
Business Ideas,Plans,Proposals,Resources,E-marketing,Online Networking,Social media promotions etc are all indispensable in this present ICT age for any successful business in the world. This e-book... More > is knowledge packed in practical terms from successful entrepreneurs. Knowledge is power and right information is wealth. This is a very competitive business eBook and resource materials you have been searching for. You can grow your little ideas into ‘A Wealth Creation Business Enterprise.’ Order this ‘All Business Boss’ Profit making in business requires strictly adherence to business plans, procedures and management principles.Don’t eat your seed, sow it. Even if you have read so many business books, why should you think that this is the same? This is ‘All Business Boss’ to grow your business with and make money while still doing your present job.It is a well packaged and marketable idea that brings cash and not the opposite.STEP OUT OF LIMIT, GET TO THE TOP< Less
Why Giving Is Better Than Tithing By C.N Chris
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Since God is love, Why would such God wish to curse people who are under grace with a curse, call them robbers and destroy their businesses just because they did not pay tithe to religious houses as... More > the law demands? The law came through Moses, not for the whole world but for the Jews only. The grace came through Jesus Christ, not for the Jews only but for the whole world. So tithe and its curses are Moses Jewish laws, not Jesus laws from God. The only law from God through Jesus is Love. God loves a cheerful giver but tithing is not cheerful. Tithing is not by cheerful giving but a command with the law of tithe as payment. Those who are afraid of devourers or being called a robber by the God of Malachi can struggle to keep the law of paying tithe yet they are not Jews since sacrifice and tithes are not accepted from the gentiles by the God of Malachi. Those who want the blessings of God through Jesus Christ are not under Malachi and cannot be cursed by God of Malachi. God loves a cheerful giver.< Less

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Genius Matters Genius Matters By Angela Maiers
Paperback: $22.00