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Traffic - H-Force 3 By George McNeur
eBook (ePub): $2.99
When the daughter of a rich Japanese businessman is brutally kidnapped and the police have few leads, the father turns to Dan Hunter and his H-Force team. From no leads, to one shadowy figure, the... More > trail takes them through Singapore to Bangkok, India and Saudi Arabia, interspersed with visit's to the kidnap victim and how she copes with her situation. Slowly the purpose of the kidnapping is revealed as their target is identified as a UN Diplomat visiting transplant doctors. From a simple hunt for kidnappers and human traffickers, the team is faced with a deep moral dilemma and wonder when does "the greater good" become "murder"?< Less
Silk Road Timewarp By George McNeur
eBook (ePub): $2.99
“Salutations to you who come after! I am Kalos Jimenez de Cordoba, cousin to Princess Himilice, daughter of King Mucro de Costula, bride of Hannibal the Great of Carthage. In the spring of 536... More > ab urbe condita I led a force of two thousand Jinetes cavalry in service of Hannibal across the Pyrenee's, into bloody battle against Rome, before circumstances set me to a new course ever east, to the courts and battlefields of the great Emperor of Qin. I have spanned the breadth of the known world and seen many hardships and wonders. This scroll is my legacy.” So reads the bamboo scroll from the 3rd century BC that leads Kalos' ancestor back in time battling the Legions of Rome, to Qin Dynasty China and the marvels there. An historic fiction tale of men forging empires and the women they loved - a love forbidden as West meets East to become immortalised in Terracotta - only to be hidden away from the modern world. Action, adventure, & romance set against the sweeping drama of the 3rd century BC world.< Less
Nuclear Autumn; HF2 - The SAS Missions By George McNeur
eBook (ePub): $2.99
H-Force – The SAS Missions H-Force Two When a small nuclear device explodes in North Korea and the team of UN Weapon Inspectors sent to investigate go missing, the world wonders how many other... More > nukes are on the loose and what will explode next – and where. As the closest special operators in the area, Dan Hunter's team of New Zealand SAS specialists are catapulted into a non-stop chase, invading the heaviest defended border in the world to find the missing inspectors and recover the nukes before they are delivered into the wrong hands. The trail takes them from the autumn cold of North Korea, through China, Pakistan, Tajikistan and finally to the end game back in the heat and cold of Afghanistan where Dan must face not only the threat of Nuclear Winter, but also his unresolved inner demons. Which threat will be the greater? As the bullets fly, and the trail heats up, the world's future is in the hands of a handful of Kiwi's led by a tortured soul . . .< Less
Armageddon Duo - Planning Armageddon & Special Package One By George McNeur
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Combining "Planning Armageddon" and "Special Package One" into one book. "Planning Armageddon" is a story of global bio-terrorism perpetuated by a pair of 'ordinary'... More > married couples: when Josh and Tom's wives discover there are people planning to ensure the 2012 Doomsday prophecies are fulfilled, they decide to take matters into their own hands and on their terms. But just how do go about exterminating the human race with a pre-emptive strike of your own, and what happens when you decide to "play god"? "Special Package One" details the back story of the militia and terrorists who seek to create Armageddon. Somali pirates, Al Qaeda terrorist groups, Aum Shin and others line against the specialists of NZ SAS and the French Foreign Legion, with "the spooks" directing from the side-lines. From New Zealand to darkest Africa, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Japan - this story charges with non-stop detail and action through the unrelenting underworld of they who deal with death daily on both sides of the law.< Less
The Torii Gate Reloaded By George McNeur
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Danny was scared – as scared as only a four-going-on-five-year old whose active imagination sees monsters and murderers lurking behind every object that swam in and out of sight amongst the... More > thick, clinging miasmic mist that shrouded his immediate world. He was lost. This "RELOADED" version provides an alternate ending to the original story - one that allows this version to move into a "horror" category! Flash fiction of 1730 words.< Less
The Hand of God By George McNeur
eBook (ePub): $1.99
A hint of Sci-Fi and religious philosophy lie behind this story of modern Hi-Tech business interrupted by a terrorist bomb... Jim is about to find out that life isn't always fair during a regular... More > business trip to Mumbai, but can he and his friends all survive the experience? A short story of about 50 pages.< Less
Hachiman Beckons By George McNeur
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Dan has lost his way - but now it's not as a small boy lost in the fog, now he's an experienced lethal instrument of death. A recent officer of the NZ SAS, who has seen too much violent death. In... More > search of some kind of answer (peace), he finds himself in Japan, ensnared with a Yakuza plot against the Japanese Imperial family. Kidnapped, beaten, tortured - but this time they kidnapped the wrong guy . . .< Less

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