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Courtesans: Sex & Society By Ian Warner
eBook (PDF): $10.36
Courtesans is a sister game to Tough Justice. Set broadly in the same period it follows the fortunes of the ladies of the Demi Monde, influencing society through their sexuality and their... More > scheming. This is a semi-adversarial, group-oriented story game uniquely suited to forum-play and play-by post Adult content and themes.< Less
Tough Justice By Ian Warner
eBook (PDF): $10.36
Tough Justice takes you back to the courtrooms of the Georgian era and The Bloody Code when even the most petty of crimes could see you dancing the Tyburn jig. The stakes don't get any higher - life... More > and death. Are you going to take the part of the prosecution, condemning the criminals to death, whatever their crime? Are you going to take the part of the defence, desperately trying to lessen the injustices of this horrifying era? The drama spills beyond the courts into the gin-soaked streets, bordellos, clubs and parlours of every class. Gentlemen duel for honour, whores scratch each other's eyes out in 'hag fights'. The filth and drama of a bygone era and the battle between mercy - and justice. 3+ Players. Educational, historical, dramatic, adversarial story gaming.< Less
Chav: The Knifing - XPRESS EDITION By Ian Warner
eBook (PDF): $12.44
THIS IS THE XPRESS EDITION A complimentary - but complete - product in the same line as Bloodsucker: The Angst, Chav: The Knifing allows you to play the arch nemesis of spooky kids everywhere, or to... More > use them as antagonists for your Bloodsucker game. What is Chavthulu? What's so special about bus stops? What are the secret powers of cheap cider and the croydon facelift? There's only one way to find out...< Less
Wizkid: The Cheapening By Ian Warner
eBook (PDF): $9.34
Wizkid is the next (Xpress version) game in the Shadow World series and this time the satirical sights are set upon wizards, witches, magical boarding schools, fan fiction, slash fiction, 'otherkin',... More > teen-witches, young adult fiction, MMORPGs and supernatural romance. Wizkid is also a fully featured game that could be taken more seriously and used to emulate many of these things - if you were so inclined. Otherwise it expands our gameworld and is fully compatible with Bloodsucker: The Angst and Chav: The Knifing. Contains no egregious references to chuffin' Atlantis either. WARNING Since we're making fun of fanfic and slashfic this book, despite being about magical schoolkids, contains adult references and fiction.< Less
Courtesans: The Weird and the Wonderful By Ian Warner
eBook (PDF): $9.34
A supplement for Courtesans: Sex and Society, Weird and Wonderful expands the game into science-fiction and fantasy settings as well as the world of 'sexy vampires'. Packed with rules and twists you... More > can bring to your more conventional courtesans, W&W lifts the game out of the historical ghetto and back into fantasy land.< Less
Bloodsucker: The Angst - XPRESS EDITION By Ian Warner & James Desborough
eBook (PDF): $12.44
THIS IS THE XPRESS EDITION "Stimpy, it hurts! Why?" - Ren Hoek Welcome to A Life of Angst, a world not dissimilar to our own but no less frightening for it. Perhaps the nights are a... More > little darker, the jeans a little baggier and the top twenty a little sparser when it comes to good tunes, but the world is as ours is. With a few little additions, like vampires stalking the land by night, nothing to be too concerned about.< Less
Bloodsucker: The Batshit - XPRESS EDITION By Ian Warner & James Desborough
eBook (PDF): $6.23
THIS IS THE XPRESS EDITION OK, so, you like watching Star Trek on occasion. Maybe you wrote in to try and stop Firefly being cancelled. Maybe you got a bit out of sorts when the reboot of Battlestar... More > Galactica had Starbuck as a woman. Maybe you even got a flash of anger when The Daleks went from being genocidal pepper pots to the Mighty Morphing Nazi Rangers. It's not like you wear a Starfleet uniform to work is it? It's not like you believe that Twilight is real and that you're going to be swept off your feet by a glittery vampire. It's not as though you honestly believe that you're the reincarnated soul of a half-elf, half-ocelot who protrudes into the collective unconcious in the form of obscure Japanese Hentai Games. It's not like you rugby-tackled David Duchovney while he was out jogging, screaming that you ‘believed' and that the smoking man was after you. You're not THAT guy. But The Batshit... they ARE that guy.< Less
Call of Chavthulu - XPRESS EDITION By Ian Warner & James Desborough
eBook (PDF): $5.46
A by-the-numbers expansion for Chav: The Knifing with new Credoz, new Talentz, new Life Templates, new game systems new fluff and advice and new things to beat up because they: "Looked at me... More > funny." All the kind of stuff that could have been put into the main book but wasn't because either we need more money or because it was too 'weak-sauce' to really engage anyone's interest. This supplement mill lark is a laugh, innit? All the gay-bashing, cider-drinking, goth-stomping fun you can handle.< Less
Bloodsucker: The Juice - XPRESS EDITION By Ian Warner & James Desborough
eBook (PDF): $6.23
A companion volume and guide for Bloodsucker: The Angst by new writer Ian Warner with new cliques, new powers, new foes, a little extra social and THIS IS THE XPRESS EDITION GMing guidance and... More > more* Wallow in satirical nostalgia with Bloodsucker: The Juice! *Not that much more.< Less

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