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Bible answers about SIN By Alexandre YOUTA
eBook (PDF): $1.64
Sin is the trangression of the law. It comes from the love of things of the world .Greed is the source of sin . One becomes a slave of sin by surrendering permanently to the impure... More > desires and to the carnal tendencies.The only way to get out of this sinful life is to be born again .The sinner is freed from the slavery of the sin when he considers God's word as the key principle of life. There is no man who does not sin. The imagination of the man’s heart is evil from his youth. If the sinner perpetuate a sinful life he remains a slave of sin. Sin plunges man into the servitude of death.The servant of God should not dwell in a sinful life. God's word warns him permanently. Through prayer, the Spirit of Messiah in him will triumph on the spirit of the world. Man is carnal, sold under sin. But in the Messiah the God’s elect has victory over sins. Without the Messiah, he can’t fight the power of darkness.< Less
eBook (PDF): $1.64
From the beginning God divided light from darkness . Darkness is a place where nobody want to live . Those who are there have only one aspiration : to get out it . Even the devils do not like... More > to be there . In darkness , wisemen pray God in order to be freed . They know that God is merciful and that nothing is impossible to Him . By His Spirit, God frees His elect from darkness. God sends His servants into darkness to spread His light because one can get out of it by only by following the light of God's word.< Less
Bible answers about the work By Alexandre YOUTA
eBook (PDF): $1.64
From the garden of Eden, work has always been a God's prescription After the man’s fall the ground has been cursed . Then the result of his hard work ha become uncertain .... More > Despite the uncertainty of their work’s rewards , men should enjoy working . God’s servants have always worked. The scriptures have never prescribed to serve God in idleness. Certainly, everybody has to work but keeping and spreading God's word should be his priority.This word alone is everlasting. This word alone reconciles him definitively with God and improves forever his life’s condition.< Less
eBook (PDF): $1.64
Life is God's word. It comes from God. In general the word of god is the source of the creation. This word frees from darkness. Yeshoua being the word of God is life. Yeshoua’s ... More > command is everlasting life. He has the Spirit who gives life. Yeshoua, the God's word gives life. Men can also restaure the life in a dead human being by the Spirit of God’s power . This Spirit raised Yeshoua from death. Man is limited in his nature. He is only a creature. Consequently , he cannot master his life by himself. Only God dominates his creation. Only God is the master of life. He kills and He makes alive . In this short life, the body dies because of sin. The human being aspires to the holiness in the eternal life by the faith in Yeshoua. Death has no influence on those who keep Yeshoua’s commandments . He will resuscitate them and they will enjoy eternal life. Man lives to serve God by carrying out His will.< Less
eBook (PDF): $1.64
Good and adversity are present in this world. Everybody has to face these two aspects of life. God is the source of prosperity and adversity. Those who fear God dwell in happiness... More > . Those who keep God’s words are happy. The wicked also enjoys happiness. But this happiness is precarious. To righteous , good shall be repaid. The eyes of the Lord will be on him. Consequently , he will be happy. Those who depart from evil and do good are happy because the eyes of the Lord are on them. It is more blessed to give than to receive.One’s life doesn’t depend on the things he possesses. The righteous aspires to an eternal happiness. He accepts the present sufferings in this perspective. If wealth is not used in the service of God, it becomes unfruitful .< Less
eBook (PDF): $1.64
Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. God's power which has risen Yeshoua is the foundation of faith . The disciple believes that the God of Abraham, of... More > Isaac, of Jacob is the only true God and that Yeshoua is His son He has sent in this world to save the sinners . Through faith in Yeshoua, one is reconciled with God and saved. Only faith opens the way to righteousness .Through faith , one can overcome the limits of the human perception. God's word is the source of faith. At any time , by faith people have served God. Abraham, David, Noah, Abel and many others were great believers. The believer shows his faith : by constant prayers. by the preaching of gospel. by relying on God's protection. by keeping God's word by a total submission to God . by an attachment to Yeshoua’s teachings. by a total confidence in God's power.< Less
eBook (PDF): $1.64
Justice is one of the weapons that God uses to fight the world of darkness and to show His sovereign power in all His creation. The aim of justice is peace and safety. Justice leads to eternity... More > which means the victory over death God delights in justice. He prefers justice to sacrifice. Justice is to the way of God. God rejects the prayers of those who deviate from justice. Whoever does not practise righteousness is not of God.The word of God is the supreme standard of justice.< Less
eBook (PDF): $1.64
The Holy Scriptures identifies angels, archangels, seraphims, cherubims, thrones, principalities, dominions.They assist men to serve God . They fight the enemies of God.They fight he... More > wicked men who reject God.They fortify disciples during hardship and distress.They watch over the righteous when they die. They transmit God's messages to men.They rejoice when a sinner repents. The angels desire to look into the Gospel. The fallen angels know that they will be judged and destroyed in the fire of the hell. A fire is prepared for them.< Less
eBook (PDF): $1.64
God’s strength is supreme. Through His power , God reveals to the whole world that He is the highest authority in the universe. He is God in heaven and on earth. God is... More > almighty . Nothing is impossible to Him. God knows everything. Only God possesses the immortality. He is not affected by time. He wants His name to be declared in the whole world . Yeshoua is the Wisdom and the God's Power. Men can get the power only from Him.He is the Son of God , the source of everything .< Less
Bible answers about THE RESURRECTION By Alexandre YOUTA
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Many people have always rejected the principle of the resurrection which means that God will save the souls of the righteous. Several prophets have announced the resurrection of the ... More > saints in general. God will raise up those who have fallen asleep and and the righteous will enjoy eternal life. The corruptible physical man will be transformed and become holy. A body will be given to the dead people. They will be like an angel. There will be neither woman nor man but beings having an incorruptible body, full of force, glorious and immortal. These beings will be living souls just like Adam. This is the principle of the resurrection< Less

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