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Dieu est la source de la vérité. Ce que Dieu dit est vrai. Ce qui est contraire à sa parole est faux. La vérité est ce qui est conforme aux... More > prescriptions et à la volonté de Dieu. C’est la parole de Dieu. La parole de Dieu est le reflet de l’Esprit de Dieu. L’Esprit de Dieu étant la vérité la parole de Dieu est la vérité. La vérité affranchit des séductions éphémères du monde. La vérité sauve de la mort.< Less
Bible's answers about THE CHURCH By Alexandre YOUTA
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The church is God's house, the column and the support of the truth. It is the body of the Messiah. The whole community of church members constitutes a single body: the body of the Messiah. The ... More > church is organized in such a way that it values the gifts of God’s Spirit . It is necessary to have spiritual gifts in a church . God acts in the church by His Spirit. The body of the members of the Church is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Church teachings feed the believers’ faith. Faith comes by hearing the word of God. Yeshoua the Messiah, the word of God was established supreme Leader of the Church by His Father. Yeshoua manifested his support to the church. Nowadays , He is still present in the church.< Less
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In the beginning ,the living soul was created by God. He was not only a soul but a living soul. he was holy just like God. He was the reflection of the glory of God and the imprint of His person.... More > He ceased to be a living soul when under the influence of greed , he turned away from the divine prescriptions and obeyed Satan. From that time he was scattered which means that the desires of the body overcame him and his body needs became in oppositon to needs of the soul which is the word of God alone. The soul elected by God is now looking for life which was lost because of carnal greeds. He becomes holy and alive if it dominates the desires of flesh.This soul cannot be sanctified by himself. He needs a rescuer. He becomes alive through the faith in Yeshoua the Messiah, the word of God.< Less
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This earth has a beginning .The earth was created by God's word . God's word carries out His thougths and His will .This word has a creative power.At the beginning, the earth was empty. The ... More > earth is the Lord’s.It is His footstool . The earth was cursed after the disobedience of the first man . The present earth is characterized from the beginning by the existence of darkness. This darkness precedes the man’s sin. It is indeed important to notice that darkness does not come from the human being’s sin. Man was created on the sixth day as the key element of the project which God had implemented to remove darkness and spread His glory. Darkness will disappear with all the evil agents.The earth will be filled with the knowledge of God.In the new earth, there will be justice and peace. God will be with men and everything will be new.There will be no more darkness.< Less
Bible answers about MAN By Alexandre YOUTA
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Mankind means man and woman. Man was created in the image of God. He was holy.He was a living soul. Yeshoua was the image of God. He has revealed the nature of the man who reflects ... More > the image of God . God has submitted the earth to man. He had dominion on everything that moved on earth. This means he had dominion also on darkness. Man had to reflect God’s will through his actions.God's will had to be his priority everywhere in His creation, even in the darkness. Man has been created for this purpose but he disobeyed God and his actions was no more guided by God’s word. He lies. He is corrupted. He is under the influence of sin. His heart is not pure. Consequently he should be cleansed. By the resurrection of man, God will restore totally man in his original holiness and will show his high power and the precarity of Satan's power. Man will become a living soul as God had planned . Darkness will disappear in this regeneration process.< Less
Bible answers about the TRUTH By Alexandre YOUTA
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The truth is what is in accordance with the prescriptions and with God's will. God's word is the truth. God's word is the reflection of the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God being the truth, God's... More > word is the truth. God is the source of the truth. What God says is true. The word which contradicts God’s word is false. The truth frees from the precarious seductions of the world. The truth saves from death. The truth is revealed through Yeshoua, the word of God . The truth intervenes in the life of the children of God to sanctify them and reconcile them with their creator. Men were created by God's word which is the truth. If he rejects the truth, he deviates from God's will and will disappear surely forever .< Less
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Personne n'est aussi saint que Dieu. Dieu montre sa sainteté dans sa doiture . Le pouvoir de sa Parole manifeste sa sainteté. Le monde renie la sainteté de Dieu. Les anges de... More > Dieu sont saints. L'homme devient saint en ce monde par la foi en Yeshoua. Tout comme Dieu est saint, ses serviteurs doivent être saints.< Less
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The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of YESHOUA is the Lord of the universe, the only true God. There are no other gods like Him . He requires from men to serve Him exclusively in... More > a total submission. He wanted to show to the whole world that He is almighty . God wants His supremacy to be recognized. Man is only a breath. Without God's power, he is lost. Yeshoua the Messiah is God but He and His Father are one since they have one Spirit . They are not two Gods. To know God , it is necessary to know Yeshoua. Through Him the nature of God is revealed. Yeshoua has revealed this name . Nowadays through the name Yeshoua the Messiah , one can communicate with God . Yeshoua the Messiah will submit every thing to His Father and then will finally submit himself to His God then glory of God will shine everywhere for ever.< Less
Bibles answers about the world By Alexandre YOUTA
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The world was formed by God's word. It has been established by God’s power. It is a creation of God. God loves it bu the world does not like the truth. It hates those who do not submit... More > themselves to its standards. The Spirit of God knows the deep things of God. He can reveal His will. The spirit of the world is blinded by Satan, the prince of the world. The spirit of the world cannot perceive God's wisdom. The Spirit of God is higher than the spirit of the world. Yeshoua the Messiah has been appointed by God to take away the sin of the world. With the word of God, the believers are focused on the heavenly things . While living in this world believers can look for God's justice through the word of God . He is so freed from the servitude of the flesh and its greeds.< Less
Bible answers about LOVE By Alexandre YOUTA
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Love is the foundation of God's action. Everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.People that the disciple should love is the one who is closed to him and who needs his help... More > whatever his race, his social class , his religion, his culture .God prescribes love but one should not forget that He firstly commands to believe in the name of His son Yeshoua the Messiah. Love is the barometer of the disciple’s relationship with Yeshoua who alone destroys death . The disciples are recognized by the love they show for one another . Love is the foundation and the essence of Yeshoua 's teachings . Love unites him with His Father . Love is the fulfillment of the law. Love covers all sins. Lust and attachment to material things destroy love . The world hates those who consider love as the main principle of life.< Less

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