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A Driver's Guide To Safe Boat Racing By Bob Wartinger
eBook (PDF): $8.95
Boat racing is fun, and here's a guide that describes ways to improve the driver's safety and increase the enjoyment. Aimed primarily at the novice driver, it may also be considered a refresher for... More > the more experienced driver. A legacy of numerous driver's experinces have been boiled down to simple do's and don'ts. This guide draws attention to the "decision chain," which affects the probability of a racing incident occurring, and emphasizes that attention to these decisions early on tends to minimize the risks later. Fundamental information includes facts about personal equipment,the cockpit environment,defensive driving,the anti-doping policy, and other topics. A concerted, consistent practice of adhering to these suggestions not only lowers the risk of injury but also improves performance.< Less
Upside Down-Navigating A Personal Mortgage Crisis By Bob Wartinger
eBook (PDF): $12.99
What a year in real estate that was! It was hard to face the facts for a while, and my most trusted friends could only shake their heads in sympathy. My brand new house was worth less than fifty... More > percent of its appraised value, and considerably less than the value of the materials and labor that went into constructing it – only one year after being built! I was in a situation all too common in America today - “upside down” – with a large mortgage to pay and increasingly squeezed in my ability to make monthly payments. “Upside Down” is my story: How I resolved the predicament of the investment that wasn’t. I have written “Upside Down” to help you and other homeowners who find themselves in a similar real estate predicament. It includes tips and information regarding short sales or, at the very least, resolving difficult mortgage situations.< Less
eBook (PDF): $9.96
Correre in barca è un divertimento! Per quale altra ragione pratichereste questo sport? Questa guida contiene numerosi suggerimenti per aiutarvi a evitare possibili incidenti e a minimizzarne... More > le conseguenze, contribuendo così a farvi divertire ancora di più. La motonautica è uno sport che sviluppa lo spirito competitivo e l’uso della mente e del corpo, ed è anche un’attività nella quale non si dovrebbe mai smettere di imparare. In ultima analisi, comunque, essa dovrebbe essenzialmente conservare il proprio carattere di puro divertimento. Forse pensate che gli incidenti capitino solo agli altri. Sbagliato! Possono accadere a chiunque. Questo manuale ha lo scopo di ridurre al minimo i rischi e di aiutarvi a godere del piacere di correre in condizioni di massima sicurezza. È destinato in primo luogo ai principianti, ma può anche fungere da promemoria per i corridori più esperti.< Less
Handbuch Fur Den Sicheren Motorbootsport By Bob Wartinger
eBook (PDF): $7.00
Motorbootrennen macht Spaß! Dieses Buch beschreibt vielfältige Möglichkeiten Ihre Fahrersicherheit und das Vergnügen am Motorbootsport zu steigern. Es richtet sich vorrangig an... More > neue FahrerInnen, kann aber auch von erfahrenen Fahrern gut zur Auffrischung angewendet werden. Das langjährige Erfahrungsfeld vieler Rennbootfahrer wird hier mit praktischen Tips zur Bekleidung, Nahrungseinnahme, Bootsausstattung u.a. wiedergegeben. Die Entscheidungsketten, die vor und während eines Rennens stattfinden, werden besonders ausführlich beleuchtet. Wichtige Bereiche und Abläufe, wie zum Beispiel Anti-Doping Regeln und das Verhalten im Cockpit, die zu besseren Leistungen und gesteigerter Sicherheit für Sie und all Teilnehmer führen, werden hier mit Berücksichtigung der Erfahrungen des UIM Sicherheitskommittees beschrieben. Die Vorschläge in diesem Buch können nicht nur erheblich dazu beitragen, die Verletzungsgefahr im Motorsport zu senken, sondern auch Ihre individuelle Leistung zu steigern.< Less

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