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Men And Women of Wrestling By Steeves Volmar
eBook (PDF): $3.00
WRESTLING : The world’s oldest sport. Practiced on all continents. A sport whose adepts are men and women from all walks of life. Two noble ... More > competitors step into the ring in Sacred Combat. Thousands of years after it was first created, the ancient Martial Art continues to fascinate and thrill new generations of Wrestlers. These are their stories.< Less
Erotic Science Fiction Anthology By Steeves Volmar
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Journey into a Fantastic Realm where Science-Fiction and Erotica blend beautifully. A place where fantastic beings from a myriad worlds roam freely. They are ... More > human, superhuman and inhuman. Yet their struggles are universal : For justice, freedom, respect and love. Experience the adventures of these otherworldly entities. From lusty Vampires luring their lovers into the darkness and savagely beautiful Lycanthropes stalking the wilderness seeking kindred to Pagan Gods, Time Travelers, Space Wanderers and Aliens. Welcome to a world of infinite possibilities.< Less
Bisexual Men's Anthology By Steeves Volmar
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Whoever questions the existence of Bisexual Men and their raw, passionate and diverse desires obviously has never met these remarkable men. Embark on a ... More > journey into the amazing lives and fantastic adventures of Bisexual Men of all races. From the Urban Brothers and Latino Hombres to the Asian Studs and Caucasian Dudes. They’re all here to share their stories with you. Going on bold journeys of self-discovery, seeking truth and friendship, overcoming obstacles and finding adventure and love. Meet these fascinating men and the people who love them.< Less
Profane : Chronicles of My Erotica By Steeves Volmar
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Throughout the Ages, many different Powers have ruled the Universe. First, there was Power Arcane. The Age of Ancient Gods and the men and women who ... More > worshiped them. Then came the Power Mundane and with it, the Age of Reason. It was the Golden Age of Man. Now, there’s a new Power in town. It’s called Power Profane. Far greater than Powers Arcane and Mundane. It’s not only everywhere but also virtually unstoppable. And it’s taking over. A group of men and women have been chosen to explore the boundaries of this new Power. These are their stories.< Less
Boys Rule : A Masculine Anthology By Steeves Volmar
eBook (PDF): $3.50
A collection of short stories celebrating the men of this world, and other worlds. Gripping fiction from an unapologetically masculine viewpoint ! From ... More > Supernatural Thrillers and Futuristic Explorations to Infinite Possibilities. Rich and powerful characters from all walks of life abound. From Sexy Bad Boys and Policemen to Desirable Sociopaths, Working-Class Studs and Professional Athletes. They are truly multidimensional. The good, the bad, and above all else the undeniably masculine !< Less
Twisted : New Erotic Tales By Steeves Volmar
eBook (PDF): $3.00
TWISTED : NEW EROTIC TALES invites you to a journey into a realm where Science Fiction, Fantasy and Erotica blend beautifully. A world where anything is ... More > possible. Prowl the night with Shape-Shifters seeking their mates, soar the heavens with Gods and Goddesses battling Giants and rule the world as a technologically advanced Superhuman. From the realm of infinite possibilities come bold characters eager to share their stories with you.< Less
Confessions of a Bisexual Sociopath By Steeves Volmar
eBook (PDF): $2.00
CONFESSIONS OF A BISEXUAL SOCIOPATH takes you on a journey into the life of Jason Blackstone III. He’s a tall, handsome, Harvard-educated Black stud who ... More > aims to become Mac Ivan Enterprises first African-American CEO. Admirers describe him as supremely intelligent, charismatic and physically perfect. In the eyes of many, he’s the ideal man. Yet few know the truth about this Corporate Superstar. He’s actually a cunning sociopath.< Less
Roughnecks : Bisexual Tales By Steeves Volmar
eBook (PDF): $2.00
ROUGHNECKS : BISEXUAL TALES tells the stories of Bisexual Men and Bisexual Women living in Urban America. From Working-Class Studs and Sexy Babes to ... More > Corporate Executives, Firefighters, Professional Athletes and Street Fighters. Also included are Police Officers, Petty Criminals and Desirable Sociopaths. These are the Roughnecks, men and women leading rough-and-tumble lives in the city. They’re all here to share their stories with you.< Less
Confessions of Bisexual Black People By Steeves Volmar
eBook (PDF): $3.60
A bold and fiercely erotic journey into the lives of Bisexual Black People. The most taboo of all topics is explored : Bisexuality in the lives ... More > of men and women from the Black Community. The honest and at times pointedly in-your-face stories of Black Men and Black Women who feel romantic and sexual attraction to both sexes and dare to defy Homophobia, Biphobia and Intolerance to tell it like it is. The result is a remarkable anthology chronicling the Bisexual Black Experience.< Less
Bisexual Black Men By Steeves Volmar
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Throughout the ages, Black Men have often been misunderstood. In the worlds of Sports, Entertainment, Religion and Politics, they are seen as both Golden ... More > Boys and Social Pariahs. The objects of international Hero Worship and Social Condemnation. No one has been more misunderstood than Bisexual Black Men. Those mysterious individuals who dare to love both men and women. They who are often forced to hide their true natures from an unforgiving and intolerant world. Now, at last, here are some positive stories about these men. Black Men from all walks of life, as different as can be from one another, yet bound by common nature. Unapologetic, raw, often erotic and brutally honest, they’re all here to share their stories with you.< Less

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