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It's Ok To Be Bisexual By Steeves Volmar
eBook (PDF): $3.50
A collection of short fiction which takes you on a journey into the lives and loves of Bisexual Men and Bisexual Women. Coming from all walks of... More > life. Regular Guys and Gals who are looking for freedom, love, respect and purpose, just like all human beings. All of them step forward to share their stories with you.< Less
Boys Will Be Boys : A Celebration of Manliness By Steeves Volmar
eBook (PDF): $3.00
An anthology of Short Fiction both chronicling and celebrating the Masculine Experience. From the Ordinary Hero who challenges powerful forces in the name of ... More > Justice to the Time Travelers, Truth Seekers, Sexual and Metaphysical Explorers and Daring Rogues. In this world, and other worlds, men are on a search for meaning. They visit strange and fascinating landscapes, face myriad trials and explore all the boundaries of Power, Strength, Masculinity and Sexuality in their fantastic adventures.< Less
Strong Men At Work By Steeves Volmar
eBook (PDF): $5.00
The Strong Man With A Great Work Ethic. Since Ancient Times, he’s been the backbone of the world. The one everyone can count on in the ... More > worst of times. Yet these days, this man doesn’t feel needed, understood or appreciated by the world he built with his own hands. Now, at last, here is an anthology of fiction celebrating the working men of the world. From Teachers, Doctors, Policemen, Firemen, Construction Workers and Cab Drivers to Professional Athletes and Entertainers. Men from all walks of life step forward to share their stories with you.< Less
Sociopath : A Memoir By Steeves Volmar
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Follow the life and times of Kurt Andrew Lebrun, a good-looking, successful attorney who's got a secret lifestyle which would shock his friends and family. This bed-hopping bisexual stud is also a... More > Serial Killer, avenging the Innocent by hunting down Sociopaths, men and women without conscience.< Less
The Remasculinization Of Today's America By Steeves Volmar
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Cadmus College. A Woman’s Institution since its foundation long ago. In the 21st Century, for the first time in its history, the school opened its... More > doors to Men. Since then, it’s never been the same. First came the Football Team. They quickly conquered the campus and the nearby town. Then came the fun-loving Fraternity Boys and gifted Nerds. Suddenly, the feminist faculty and the few students loyal to them discovered that their All-Female Bastion had been penetrated by Men. And they weren’t going away ! What follows is a funny, and at times raunchy new twist on the funniest Sex Wars of all time !< Less
Black Man's Paradise By Steeves Volmar
eBook (PDF): $4.00
An anthology of fiction chronicling the lives, loves and experiences of many Black Men living in America. From Executives to Lawyers, Construction Workers ... More > and Cops. From Politicians to Pro Athletes, College Students, Entertainers and Cab Drivers. They’re all here to share their stories with you. Black Men from all walks of life boldly step forward to tell it like it is on the subjects of Religion, Education, Family and all aspects of Black Masculinity in this amazing anthology. Stories filled with universal truths and a very special human touch which people of any race and walk of life can relate to.< Less
Return Of The College Men By Steeves Volmar
eBook (PDF): $5.00
The Crisis in Boys Education grips America. A few Strong Men resist this tidal wave. Exceptionally gifted, they rise where others fall. These Men prevail ... More > where an Anti-Male Political Machine expects them to fail. Hailing from every race, background and sexual orientation. They are Gods among Men. Their common thread is an agile intelligence coupled with a grim determination to defeat a fundamentally unfair system which promotes Gender Bias. These are their stories.< Less
The Bisexual Chronicles By Steeves Volmar
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Follow the life of Titus Edwards. His parents are wealthy and powerful. He attends the prestigious Cadmus College. His girlfriend Lori is sexy, supportive and successful. He has it all. Until he... More > meets Juan Carlos, a sexy bisexual man who turns his world upside down by unlocking his hidden passions. As he discovers a whole new side of himself, Titus explores a secret, forbidden lifestyle. The day comes, however, when he is forced to choose between running from the truth or facing it once and for all.< Less
Reign of The Alpha Men By Steeves Volmar
eBook (PDF): $3.75
Stagnation plagues American Society. Fortunately, a new breed of man has recently emerged. They’re smarter, healthier, better-looking, infinitely more ... More > ruthless and decidedly more comfortable with their sexuality than the average man. They’re the Alpha Men and they descend upon an unsuspecting America with visions of conquest. Their reign has begun. Pity any ordinary man or woman who stands in their way.< Less
Men's Rights Activists By Steeves Volmar
eBook (PDF): $2.00
An honest look at issues affecting Men of all Races, Backgrounds and Sexual Orientations in the Modern World. A bold look at Men’s Rights and ... More > Men’s Issues. From Father’s Rights and Men’s Health to the Crisis in Boys Education, Criminal Justice and Politics. Topics of great concern which modern men and anyone who cares about them should no longer ignore.< Less